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  1. Evans vs Liddell
    I was just watching MMA Live Ep.5 in the video section and they were breaking down the LHW top 10 and they were talking about chcuk being injured and fighting again in Sept. and yup his opponent is...
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  2. Is the UFC talent pool deep enough?
    Are there enouigh of the world's best in the ufc to keep it intresting? I'm not saying that most of the top tallent isn't threr cause it is. But with so many new Orgs. and so much talent will some of...
  3. UFC’s Welterweight Division
    In the past week, a major change of guard occurred in the UFC’s welterweight division, when Matt Hughes was dismantled and knocked out by Thiago Alves. With Alves establishing himself as the top...
  4. Cote vs. Almeida
    Interesting fight because it's for a MW "Title Shot"(confusing). Should be interesting because it's a striker vs. grappler matchup. I got Cote as of now but I'm thining about changing to Almeida....
  5. if forrest wins
    will it be a bigger upset over the shogun victory? i think the quick answer is yes, as he is fighting the champ, but i think the shogun win was a huge suprise to the mma world, as shogun was...
  6. Will UFC 88 Be A Good Card?
    Rumors so far only include 2 fights Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans Tim Boetsch vs James Lee My question is, do you think this card will be good or even stacked? maybe the main event will change (or a...
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  8. The 5 best UFC fights you've ever seen...
    Huerta vs Guida Diaz vs Lawler Lidell vs Silva Mayhem vs GSP Fisher vs Stout 2 What are your favs?
  9. Knees to the head of a downed oppopnent in the UK?
    I was thinking....when the UFC comes over here to the UK it isn't sanctioned under any athletic commission etc.. So would it be an option for them to allow knees to the head of a downed opponent for...
  10. Top 5 Favorite Ufc Fights of the year so far
    Being that it's half way through the year what are your top 5 favorite fights in the UFC. mine are 1.Anderson Silva defeats Dan Henderson 2nd rd sub 2.BJ Penn defeats Jope Stevenson 2nd rd sub(great...
  11. 86 or 87?
    You pumped for UFC 86 or UFC 87 and why? Im like the main event more in 86 cause im a Forrest fan, but 87 seems to be the better card.
  12. UFC Quick Quote: Matt Serra on elbow injury and Matt Hughes fight in fall
    Former welterweight champion Matt Serra talks to TheGarv.com about an elbow injury that he sustained in his loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 83: “Serra vs. St. Pierre 2? back in April, as well as...
  13. Possible names for the July 19th UFC.
    Serious or funny both will do. Smoke screen Quickie Summer Fling UFC 86.5
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  14. Who would you like to see fight next 2?????
    i would love to see Chuck Liddell vs Mauricio Rua
  15. What fight would you like to see most????
    All of them and on the poll for the 7th fight would be Josk Koscheck vs Jon Fitch
  16. Proof that UFC has come a FAR way!!!!
    This is what Rogan used to look like... Rogan looks like a skinny little baby in that picture...See what weeds does to a person...lol Rogan early Years!!
  17. Wanderlei vs. Vera???
    I read on a topic that this fight is possible if Vera accepts and cuts weight. I am not excited about this fight if it happens because I am a huge wanderlei fan and i don't want to see Vera lose...
  18. UFC should come to Arizona
    MMA just got regulated in Arizona...Dan Henderson just donated an undisclosed amount of money (in the millions) to get the ASU wrestling team back. CB Dollaway, Cain Valasquez, Ryan Bader, Aaron...
  19. is today when
    dana is making his annoucement cause i remember it got put back to tuesday. and if im correct today is tuesday
  20. UFC in the UK
    Any idea when the UFC will be coming to the UK again and were it will be, or if not the UK in Europe?
  21. July 19th event confirmed Vera to move to 205
    MMMAmania has learned today that the UFC will indeed go forward with a Spike TV event on July 19 despite some recent reports that claimed it wasn’t going to materialize. As we mentioned in our...
  22. July 19th Now Featuring Anderson Silva Move To LHW
    Completly free on Spike. This is huge. http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/mma_experts/post/Anderson-Silva-to-fight-on-Spike-TV-on-July-19;_ylt=AsQrhbGRZfvakCorQ9ACjMA9Eo14?urn=mma,88428
  23. Anderson Silva vs James Irvin @205 lbs
    July 19th free on Spike! Awesome. I Favor Anderson Silva, but I think this would be a good gauge as to how his power matches up at 205 pounds. This would give more insight as to how he may matchup in...
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  24. Who do you think shogun will fight next?
    Since Chuck is getting rashad, rampage is fighting griffen, & Wandy said hed fight thiago or machida next, whos left for him to face. That leaves him Jardine, Sokoudjou, and the opponent wandy doesnt...
  25. Training camps
    The only thing that worries me about kendall grove vs tanner is kendall mved back to hawaii and claims to be more dedicated and working with BJ, (im picking tanner) this made me think about how much...
  26. Tanner??? Beard or noe Beard??? That is the question....
    So I personally think it will be way cooler if Tanner KO Grove with a full dirt bag beard But are there rules against the full Dirt bag look??? What do you guys think??? I can hear the chants now!!...
  27. Is Matt Hamill a UFC success story yet?
    ::pops out of hiding to ask this question.:: I've been keeping up with the guys from The Ultimate Fighter (each season so far), and have been categorizing them. Well, in my categorizing, I...
  28. Dana's 315lbs Bench (link)
    Link I found this on sherdog. Pretty Impressive bench press i'd say, especially when you look at his form. He out lifts me by alot. Fair play to him. ps. If you intend on replying to this thread...
  29. Question - What Time does TUF start?
    I live in the UK and I want to watch it live online, what time does it start? Thanks.
  30. Exclusive Dan Hardy Interview with mmahitpit.com
    Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy is one of the newest fighters on the UFC roster. With his record standing at 19-6 with 1 no contest he has established himself as one of the top fighters in Europe, fighting...
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  32. AMIR
    PULLED IT OFF WITH THE ARM-BAR IN THE THIRD ROUND. YES I HATE CB AND AMIR PULLED IT OFF. but in all seriousness i have to give my respect to cb for controling that whole fight until that point. but...
  33. New UFC 86 Promo
    just saw the promo and now when they talked about the cote-almeida fight the voice over said "With the winner moving up the ranks to the middleweight title" something like that. so im pretty sure the...
  34. 29-28 TIM
    i personally had the fight scored 29-28 for tim and was pissed when CB won, just curious if i missed something what did yu guys have the fights scored???
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  35. TUF 2 Finale
    Anybody know the official attendance of this event? I just got through watching my season 2 boxset and im watching the finale while ill fall asleep, but i cant help notice how small the place where...
  36. Amir vs. CB who wins and how
    i think cb controls a decision, similar to the semi fight except he stays out of the arm bar.
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  37. Where have all the TUF 7 Fighters gone?
    Seriously though, every season finale they usually have the majority of the cast fighters fight eachother for contracts. So I expected a bunch to be announced right after the last episode. Instead,...
  38. TUF 7 Finale FOTN, KO-OTN, and SOTN?
    FOTN- Stephens vs Fisher-has all the makings of a great fight and I think will look very similar to Stout-Fisher 2. KO- McFedries over Eastman SOTN- Sanchez over Fioravanti
  39. props to anderson silva
    im impressed with silva's desire to step up to the plate and make a statement for the UFC. I personally think its hilarious what dana has done to put one in the eye of the affliction event. Silva...
  40. July 19 UFC Poster Revealed
    A bit of a bold statement, don't you think?
  41. UFC Video Game Fans Unite!!!
    Here you go guys and girls....Lets just hope that it isn't Rampage vs Chuck on this one! LINK!!
  42. Am i being naive to be so confident in tanner
    i ve been a fan of the sport for a while now, and can remember tanner f'in people up in the old days...but looking at his record he's 1-3 in his past four fights, with a wwin coming from Justin...
  43. Arroyo vs Brown TUF
    Does anybody see Matt Brown winning this fight? I cant, Arroyo is solid on the ground and it didnt look like matt brown is.. Arroyo takes it to the ground early and will make mb tap.. Line is...
  44. UFC dream match ups...POLL
    With Anderson Silva moving up a weight class, it opens the door for alot of potential "superfights".....which one would you most like to see?
  45. will dante rivera retire after sat?
    the article wa already pst in the news share, but the part i totally forgot, was on TUF7 when it looked like riddle and dante might fight, dante claimed he'd retire if riddle ever beat...
  46. James Irvin Fans
    I am 100% Sandman for his next fight. I want him to be the first man in MMA to KO Silva.....It sounds impossible but believe me it can be done. He just needs the right strategy and tactic. He needs...
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  47. is there a more likeable fighter than forrest?
    now forrest isnt my favourite fighter but i always find myself rooting for the guy to win. He is such a down to earth humble guy. he wears his heart on his sleave and allways tends to end up in these...
  48. McFedries vs Eastman
    I like Drew Mc in this fight to win by ko.. it should be a fun an exciting fight and i hope they'll show it at some point in the night.. Mcfedries is the favorite and the betting line has gone up to...
  49. Which Series of TUF Should I Get?
    Ok so summer is here, and i feel like spending money. I'm looking to buy a series of TUF on DVD (i've only seen series 6 & 7) so which series should i buy on dvd? aka. Which series is the best and...
  50. 2 potential fight of the year candidates!!!!
    i think possibly the rampage forrest fight and the melendez thompson fight could be.
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