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  1. who fights thiago silva now??
    i got an idea, Dan Henderson, he is the only big name guy that doesn't have a fight slated, that is if he doesnt stay at 185. thiago vs. hendo is a good fight for both.
  2. UFC Fighter Salaries
    I have some serious issues with the fighter salaries in the UFC. To start with lets have a look at the announced salaries for UFC 82, I do understand that this does not cover sponsors and bonuses....
  3. UFC Fight Club
    Just wanted to ask is the Ultimate UFC Fight Club worth joining? What are the benefits? The UFC website is not very informative. Also to save me from having to start a new topic where is the best...
  4. ed herman vs damien maia being moved off the card???
    after i saw that the cain fight was added, my first thought was i bet the ed herman fight will be moved to a future event, and with the ufc not confirming the fight in canada it looks more than...
  5. Two New Heavyweights for UFC 83
    http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=5857&zoneid=13 Cain Velasquez vs. Brad Morris, who wins?
  6. Alves vs Parisyan
    I don't understand why Alves is the underdog against Parisyan. I see the styles matching up much better for the pitbull. I think 2 or 3 years ago Parisyan was a top guy but now I think he's...
  7. Carneiro vs Chonan- Can't Decide!
    Who are you guys taking? Ryo has a win over Roan already but it was due to a cut. Roans coming off a big win, while Ryo faltered in his last fight. Need some opinions here.
  8. UFC: mmafacts.com
    Why is Matt Lindland the only none UFC fighter being a focus on a websight run by Zuffa to legalize mma in New York? Any hints on this anyone?
  9. Pete "Drago" Sell to the WW division!
    Looks like Pete Sell is going to drop to the Welterweight division. I guess he was in Long Island at a wrestling show and confirmed he will be dropping to 170lbs....
  10. will ufc 85 in june be a pay per view or free one???
    i have heard rumors that the ufc in june might be free, i have been looking at different mma sites all don't say if it will be a pay perview like the rest, they usually say they will but not this...
  11. when will stevenson return?? and who will he fight??
    i see joe stevenson fighting in july or aug, leaning more toward aug, i don't know who he would fight him vs tyson griffin would be good, but knowing that forrest and tyson are in the same camp, and...
  12. tito vs machida
    Who and why will win ?? Im picking machida by tko, the reason is because he's fought loads in the last two years, tito has had a long break since his fight with evans. Tito has looked his worst in...
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  13. UFC's Greatest Knockouts Of All Time!
    Hey guys. As most of you know, I write a weekly MMA column on scrubsports.com and I normally ask you for help with certain things. This month, I was looking for some nominations for UFC's Top Five...
  14. Hardcore Sports Radio wants the MMA in Ontario
    Hello, My name is Bryan and I work for Hardcore Sports Radio. Currently, we have a petition with over 1000 signatures and have been told that if we reach 10,000 signatures, UFC Vice President Mark...
  15. where do you think Arlovski will end up?
    After his tiff with Dana do you think Arlovski will come back to the UFC
  16. who is best tuf winner so far?? worst winner??
    i know a 7th season is upon us, just curious to see who your best tuf winner is season one diego sanchez, forrest griffin season two joe stevenson, rashad evans season three kendell grove, michael...
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  17. Bj Penn on Sean Sherk vid interview
  18. Dana White on Arlovski
    http://www.mmanews.com/ufc/Dana-White:-Im-Trying-To-Fix-My-Problem-With-Arlovski.html I hope it all gets worked out
  19. Din Thomas vs Josh Neer Do you think Neer in underrated in his odds?
    I think Neer has a very possible chance of beating Din Thomas, does anyone agree? I'm pretty sure Neers height will take away Thomas' boxing specific striking and I don't see Neer being submitted...
  20. DREAM the new PRIDE
    Judging from how good the first event went, i would say that Dream will probably be around for awhile. Its basically a mirror image of Pride FC with same rules, ring, same gloves, and some of the...
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  21. who wins Chuck or Rashad
    I think chucks take down defense and counter striking is to much to handle. Chuck ko 2nd round
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  22. Couture doesn't want to fight Fedor in the UFC vid
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  23. Franklin vs. Lutter
    Interesting style match-up, everyone knows that Franklin wants to keep it on the feet and Lutter wants to take it down, overall i think Rich is more well rounded, but Lutter is a master on the...
  24. Best tuf runner-up?? Worst??
    Alright, so we've established the best winners, but out of the runner-ups, whose done the best for themselves? 1. Kenny Florian- has fought for the title since dropping down and looks better with...
  25. Jess Liaudin vs. Paul Taylor at UFC 85
    Jess confirmed this via his MYSPACE, props to Ben_hutch for this information should be a good fight
  26. Anderson Silva Question.
    Before the Henderson fight, I had always heard that Silva does not cut weight. Recently, I have been reading he cuts from 214. I know not to believe everything I hear, but there are/were so many...
  27. Funniest TUF Moments
    imo, the funniest was probably the fighter selection on tuf 5 when bj told the fighters to raise their hand if they wanted to be on his team and have nothing to do with jens' team. i also like when...
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  28. Good article on Aderson Silva boxing
    Poke Me
  29. TUF
    we all know that their are some things that are set up for a reality show that will make for better tv. what are some things in the TUF series that u think are set up?
  30. Injury Knocks Fisher Out of Aurelio Bout
    "Spencer is the kind of fighter who has fought plenty of fights with injuries and Marcus Aurelio is not the kind of fighter you want to fight at 80 percent," said the native North Carolinian's...
  31. Karo speaks on Alves, TUF, a tile shot..... and Manny???
    link Title says it all...he no comments when asked about Manny, but otherwise an interesting read.
  32. GSP Serra Ruling
    I had no idea until recently that George St. Pierre was actually tapping when Matt Serra mounted him dropping bombs, not that its a huge deal or anything, but I can't tell if that'd be ruled TKO or...
  33. Letter to the UFC fighters
    This is what the UFC fighters recieve before each event: Fighter must bring 2 pairs of shorts to the event. Shorts must not match in color OR coordinate at least 3 weeks prior with the other camp to...
  34. Koppenhaver vs Yoshida UFC 84
    http://mmajunkie.com/news/3953/koppenhaver-vs-yoshida-added-to-ufc-84.mma The Ultimate Fighter 6" cast member John Koppenhaver (5-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) will face UFC newcomer and Shooto vet Yoshiyuki...
  35. Jim Miller vs. Marus Auerellio
    this miller guy is tough, i was reading a frank trigg blog and he is touting him as the next big thing, the guy has one loss to frankie edgar and it was a close one according to trigg. this guy could...
  36. Top 4 Fights That Should Have Never Happened
    One mans opinion of the top 4 that should have never happened. (if you dont wanna read the whole article, here's his rankings) #4 Shamrock/Ortiz Part III #3 Fedor/Circus Freak Choi #2 Sakuraba/Wandy...
  37. Up And Comers You Think Could Be UFC Champs
    people who could come over to the UFC or are already in the UFC who have the potential to be champions to be clear they can be people who have been in the UFC for a long time but preferably the...
  38. Anyone picking Forrest?
    I know this fight is a ways away and they have to do the TUF first but I would really like to see Forrest win against Rampage, does anyone think he can beat Rampage? I want to think so but after...
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  39. Whts to come of drew?
    Has anyone heard of anything with drew McFeddries after his last loss? i thought he was lookin good up untill the pont of defeat and would love to see more of him
  40. Irvin vs Alexander
    Im still amazed at the general MMA fan base picking Alexander for this fight. Irvin is a huge and strong guy with better striking than Alexander. Houston has yet to prove he is even anything BUT a...
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  41. a little early to say?
    so i was looking at the UFC sight and i see where it is prty much calling for lightweights and heavweights for TUF after TUF 7? how do u think that show will go with the smallest guys and the biggest...
  42. Fighters most NOT afraid to get hit
    BJ Penn Anderson Silva Dan Henderson
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  43. best fight night ever?
    on paper this looks like the best fight night ever with 3 big fights. we never know if the fights will turn out to be exciting but with this line-up it looks promising. props to the ufc a real card...
  44. Unhappy with UFC 84 lineup? (POLL to Change)
    Im just finding this card a bit weird, the overall quality cant be complained about, im just a bit miffed as to why there are 4 LHW fights on the main card, and also why guys like Silva and Gouveia...
  45. CANADA?
    so the GSP serra debate goes on and on , but i havn't read much about how you guys think them facing each other in Canada will have an impact on the fight. The thing Gsp has begged the ufc for the...
  46. chris lytle to fight big known opponent at ufc 86?? but who??
    i saw that on your website it said lytle might return to action in july, also stated in could be co main event " i hope not" but it also said it would be a big name opponent. got me thinking who it...
  47. The Terror's real fight record?
    I have a question I'm a little confused on. On UFC.com, they have Serra's fight record at 16-4, and on SherDog. com, they have him at 9-4. Does the UFC count all fights from all orgs? I would just...
  48. when will hughes fight again?? against who?? how many fights left??
    i am a big matt hughes fan, always have been. would pick him to beat anyone in division besides gsp. it did sting a little when I clicked that button to pick gsp instead of him but the sting wnet...
  49. Lesnar vs Coleman in Minneapolis??
    Does anyone know if it will FOR SURE be in minneapolis come August? I'm actually going to be in Minnesota around that time and if it is, I'M GOING!!
  50. Danny boy going the way of CC?
    I'm SURE that this has already been discussed at length, however my short search i couldn't find a straight answer. Will Dan Henderson be fighting in the UFC again? Or will the CC factor get on him...
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