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  1. Who should replace bonnar?
    I think tim boetsch should step up and fight matt hamill, I want to see if tim is for real, I think we could see if he for real by his second fight in the octagon who do you think should replace...
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  2. joe lauzon
    i just dont understnad why dana wants to give him a main event fight. personally i dont think the kid is that good and dont understand why he gets the fight?
  3. dana a hypocrit?
    if the news is true and dana is going to make cro-cop sit or fight for less than the agreed amount in his contract it would really make dana look like a hypocrit. dont know how you guys feel but if...
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  4. Roman Mitichyan Vs. George Sotiropoulos (UFC Fight Night April)
    Added, I say Roman takes it.
  5. Whats going on with soko and who should he fight next?
    I was wondering if anyone has heard any news on soko?? well I think he should fight luiz cane next because they are both coming off of losses and soko would take that guy out What do you think??
  6. thoughts of the nightmare
    wat do u think about diego sanchez? is a potetnial title holder one day?
  7. Dont we love Tim Boetsch
    This bloke, who on 10 days notice took his first fight in the UFC, and not only beat David Heath, but threw him round like a child, has once again stepped in to another fight for an injured fighter....
  8. jardine fighting on pride of a champion??
    was this a mistake or am i not seeing straight i was just watching WEC when the pride of a champ commercial came up and they advertised jardine as if he was fighting??? how come they havent named an...
  9. Kongo comments on CroCop situation
    Wow, so I'm pleasently surprised that I haven't seen anyone really bashing crocop on these forums for leaving the UFC to return to fight in Japan, just goes to show the level of respect playground...
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  10. Fedor's reputation/standing?
    I know there are posts with how Dana feels about him and how he feels abou dana. Then there is Joe Rogans opinions on the whole situation. I am wondering how us the general public the MMA fan feels...
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  11. UFC: The Savior/The Destroyer of The Sport of MMA
    There is no doubt that without the UFC that MMA would be unpopular and more demonized than it is now; but are they going to far with their commercialism and franchising? If you were to ask a random...
  12. Meet and Greet Rich Franklin - Feb. 16th
    If you are located in the Tampa Bay area, here is a good opportunity to meet Rich Franklin. He will be at the Fighter Warehouse in Tampa, Florida this Saturday at 1:00. Feel free to ask questions,...
  13. ......what should UFC do with boring fighters...?
    A) Release them from their contracts B) lower their pay C) Keep them on prelims until they show some fire! D) ......forget about them..... ....don't know about u guys, but when I watch a UFC event,...
  14. Who should Mir fight next?
    I'm thinking Eddie Sanchez or maybe GG, although i think style wise Sanchez is a better opponent for Mir
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  15. the 5 main cards in canada are??
    on mmaweekly.com they all ready posted the 5 main slot fights serra vs gsp franklin vs lutter now for the other three i have problems with and i think i am not alone on this one bisping vs mccarthy...
  16. tito vs lyoto off????
    I read on mmanews.com that babalu said tito is not going to fight machida now, so what happens next? I think this should set up a fight for tito vs. vitor belfort if vitor comes back. I have no clue...
  17. Iceman vs Shogun. Does the winner deserve a title shot?
    Should the winner of Liddell / Rua get the next title shot after Rampage vs Griffin is over? that would give Liddell 2 big wins in a row or Rua a huge comeback after his loss to Forrest.
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  18. Who should be Rich Franklins first fight at 205lbs?
    do you think that Franklin will get a easy opponent or will he get matched up with Evans, Machida, Jardine or Tito?
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  19. which Pride GP tournament was the your favorite??
    What was your favorite Pride FC Grand Prix tournament? i added the champions to help anyone to know what grand prix i added on there. Sorry I couldnt add the Lightweight GP or the Other Welterweight...
  20. If Serra Loses, does he fight Hughes, next?
    If Matt Serra loses to GSP at UFC 83 does anyone else see him fighting Matt Hughes next. Because really when you think about it they never did get a chance to fight after the ultimate fighter, so I...
  21. Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira vs. the UFC, Part II
    Well, it's seven months since my first thread on the topic, and Minotauro has the bling around his waist. So now what? A fight with Randy Couture is a dream match for those of us who aren't obsessed...
  22. Who should Cro Cop fight in Dream.1 on 3/15
    A couple of HW's that are in contact with Dream are Roman, Stefo, Aerts. All i really know is that Cro Cop is really motivated and pissed about his UFC losses and is going to be very...
  23. Every One Read This UFC Fight Night 13 Lets Get 3 Hours
    Every one check this out I don't know if it will work but i want the 3 hours and It doesn't take much to do...
  24. What if Wanderlei Silva moves to middleweight??
    I think if Wanderlei Silva moves to middleweight the following will happen: Jardine will fight lyoto if tito pulls out which I really hope he does so they can bring in vitor to knock tito out. and I...
  25. Nate Diaz = Minature Noguiera Type
    I think Nate Diaz is the future of the lightweight division and share the same skills as Minataro Rodrigo Noguiera which Nate has better standup then Noguiera . But u just wait and see Nate Diaz can...
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  26. WAR Tanner! Recent photos of him training
    Okami better look out! Tanner looks to be in good shape, I hope he is able to shake off the ring rust and put Okami away! I'm still unsure on this fight though, yet I have a good feeling were going...
  27. diaz-pelligrino in april
    thats right i read yesterday that even after the april 2nd card couldnt get any better a possible nate diaz vs kurt pelligrino might be goin on does anybody have anything to back this?
  28. diaz vs pelligrino
    id really like to see diaz win this one. what are ur thoughts?
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  29. Keith Jardine vs. Wanderlei Silva
    This fight just got added to the fantasy section so I just noticed it, who is going to win? I think Jardine will pull this one out.
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  30. Vera vs Werdum
    i think vera takes this one, his stand up is way to slick and crisp for werdum and he is good enough to defend on the ground against werdum
  31. Tanner VS Okami - WHO WINS AND HOW?
    I find this pick so damn tricky! Evan is just an unknown quantity, who knows what kind of shape he is??? Okami is a similar unknown quantity due to how he fights, he fights so passively i dont see it...
  32. Will Hendo Stand With the Spider?
    So who thinks Dan Henderson will give Anderson Silva, what I see as, his only chance to beat him? Who thinks he'll stand and trade shots with him instead of going straight to the clinch or the...
  33. Has Lesnar been given a can??
    vs so according to the news lesnar will fight mccully at 85 who will take this? i think lesnar is way to strong for mccully and he will take him down quickly and hurt him bad, first rd tko
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  34. What happened to J-rock??
    ever since he had that great fight with war machine, he has been unheard of, has anyone heard of any recent news on him??
  35. Where is Soko??
    Highly regarded light heavy weight fighter Therry Sokojdou seems to have gone missing after his lack luster showing against machida. Does anyone have any news on him??
  36. My toughest fight to call on the UFC 82 card, Leben vs Legionarious
    This ones killing me, I see Leben winning by a second round desecration but then again against the really big Terry Martin he was besicly out. I see Leben winning but it's still like 60/40 to me....
  37. Dome Brimming, Diesel Hurting and Bas saying I told you so
    StrikeForce at the Dome broke all record for Combat Sport attendance in Washington even though it was a lackluster event. Most of the prelims were decisions with a few fluke finishs like a ko via...
  38. Spencer Fisher vs Marcus Aurelio
    interesting clash of styles...who wins?
  39. Matt Lindland denied by UFC!
    I guess Matt Lindland asked Dana to fight in the UFC and Dana said no. Linkage: http://www.ufcdaily.com/2008/02/23/ufc-declines-to-offer-contract-to-lindland/ The UFC has declined to offer...
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  40. 145lb and 135lb
    id really like the ufc to bring these divisions
  41. What will be Upset of the night at UFC 82
    i used the 6 lowest vote getters...
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  42. Davis vs Swick, Who Wins
    for me marcus davis is way too good for swick on his feet and swicks best bet is to take it down to the ground, and after swicks performance against burkman i dont even give him a small chance
  43. Josh''The Punk''Thompson
    Why UFC dont bring him back he is the total package
  44. After hendo vs silva
    who gone a have the title shot after hendo vs silva Cote:Tha can be a great striker matchup Okami:most likely to have hif he beat tanner Tanner:same thing than okami Franklin:PLEASE NO Almeida:i like...
  45. Nelson Talks about training Lesnar & Sherk!
    Greg Nelson talks about training Lesnar, Sherk, and the CSAC.... PDG: How do you think the fight with Frank went? Greg: Personally I thought the fight went well. Obviously, I thought the stop by the...
  46. The most stacked year for the ufc??
    I have to admit that all the ufc events are are lining up to be the most excting year for the ufc and I give kudos to dana and joe silva for great matchmaking. from ufc 82 through ufc 85 all the...
  47. Frankie Edgar
    I was listening to Sirius tuesday fight show and they had Edgar on as a guest, he said he is getting married 10 days after the fight with Gray. Did anyone else hear about this and do you think it...
  48. Rule changes you'd like to see in the UFC
    Specifically in the UFC, what rule changes would you like to see? I would personally like to see headbutts. If you are willing to pound your opponents head with yours, then by all means.
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  49. Is ufc 84 seriously named Ill Will?
    NAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol really though thats too funny...
  50. Will Kongo VS Herring be a terrible fight? Also POLL who wins and how?
    Ive just seen and heard alot of people hating on this fight, like its going to be boring LnP fight from Herring, maybe people havnt realised but Kongo has fast strikes with crazy straights and crazy...
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