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  1. Possibility of Tito fighting Forrest Again?
    what does everyone think about this? seems kind of dumb, because both are coming off of losses. I dont get it. But the last fight was close. Tito round 2 TKO Source: www.mmaweekly.com rumors section...
  2. Diego vs Koscheck, what's your thoughts?
    I'm looking forward to this fight. I think Kos is a better fighter than when he faced Diego on TUF. He is still a better wrestler and has gotten better in the other aspects of fighting. I still have...
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  3. Never judge a book by its cover....
    ...does this look toughtest man on earth? http://fedor.bel.ru/pics/gallery2/29b.jpg
  4. Liddell rumored to fight at UFC71
    stumbled onto this when i got to work this morning.. source who do you think they will have him fight?? rampage said he doesnt feel he is ready for chuck.. i dont think three more months will be...
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  5. Anderson Silva not %100 for lutter
    Anderson Silva had knee surgery on both knees just 11 weeks ago. That was why he was so easy to take down, and that was why he couldn't squeeze 100% when he had Lutter in the triangle. I ran into his...
  6. GSP New Interview.
    Click here to listen (or read) George St. Pierres New interview with mmanews.com He talks about: David Loiseau Matt Serra his injuries Matt Hughes. And more. Hope you guys enjoy.
  7. Is Sean Sherk injured?
    uhhhh, the subject pretty much sums up my question.....
  8. fishman interview
    here's a sherdog interview with ed fishman discussing him buying pride its long but worth a read: A report surfaced last week that gaming industry stalwart Ed Fishman was in negotiations to purchase...
  9. Lil' Nog vs. R.T.S and Hansen vs. Ireland confirmed!
    Antonio "Minotoro" Rogerio Nogueira vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Joachim Hansen vs. Jason Ireland have been confirmed! Source: www.prideofficial.com
  10. travis Lutter interview
    I don't know if this has been posted but it's a good interview http://www.nbcsports.com/ufc/1010414/detail.html
  11. The biggest fight in Matt Hughes's career???
    Matt Hughes was a great champ and a utterly dominant WW, but has the game passed him? Hughes relied on his strength and superior wrestling to win most of his fights, and it seems that the rest of the...
  12. What if UFC buys PRIDE?
    What does everyone think would happen if the UFC ends up buying PRIDE? Would they keep the two entities separate, and make money off of both? Or would they pretty much dissolve PRIDE and absorb all...
  13. Rampage's paycheck
    Rampage got what, $170,000 for his first fight? As far as I know, Rampage is still under contract with the WFA. UFC bought the WFA, and has Rampage for one more fight. Here's my question. Was the...
  14. Which rematch would you like to see the most?
    Just curious. Tough question for me, but seeing Fedor and Cro Cop go at it would be a hard rematch to beat...
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  15. Future LHW CHAMP???
    Chuck is the greatest champ of all time...NO question...But when is the time gonna come that he is defeated and who will it be??? The UFC has a bunch of good young talent....Without a doubt in my...
  16. WHich upset Do u see happening???
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  17. can you say awkward.?
    http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/rumors.asp?articleid=2568&zoneid=14 Joe Lauzon maybe learning from Jens Pulver. Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather not learn from someone I just beat....
  18. UFC / PRIDE Champions
    UFC Lightweight: (146lbs-155lbs) Jens Pulver def. Caol Uno via decision, UFC 30. Defended 2X - title vacated - (contract dispute) Sean Sherk def. Kenny Florian via decision, UFC 64. Defended 1X...
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  19. UFC + Kurt Angle = Retarded
    It is rumored Kurt has been talking to Elite after Dana White showed no interest in him due to his continuing wrestling career. Now Dana is interested in Kurt because Elite is considering him. In my...
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  20. Rich Franklin vs. Jason Mac
    I think this fight is going to be a good match up for Rich, but if it goes to the ground, which I do see it heading, I think Jason might have an edge over Rich. But I do see Rich coming out on top,...
  21. The Booing in the Cote vs Smith fight.
    I just watched Cote vs Smith because I missed it at first. I personally thought it was an OK fight definitly have been alot more boring fights (Gonzaga vs Jordan cough cough). The crowd was just...
  22. Does UFC need a change in thinking?
    Everything i have read from Dana and others with the UFC is that they want to get to a point of weekly fights, like boxing had. At this point in time i dont think they have the fighters to pull this...
  23. GSP as MID or LHW Champ?
    Check out this interview with GSP, about third story down the page http://ufcjunkie.com/page/3/ If you don't want to listen basically GSP says that his goal is to beat everyone in WW and then move up...
  24. Who will be commentating on pride 33?
    with mauro gone, and frank fighting who will be commentating? two newbies? cuz i didnt like the new guy from last time.. hopefully they bring bas back
  25. Cung Le= overrated????
    So I was a huge fan of Cung Le after I saw his crazy flying scissor heel hooks and crazy leg catches. I was telling my trainer about how Crazy Cung Le is and that I think hes going to rip it up in...
  26. I can't believe Brandon Vera....
    OK, I know that Brandon Vera has been pretty impressive in the UFC heavyweight division, but he is not worth 1.5million per fight imo. He would have to be a 3 time HW champion to even come close to...
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  27. Drew McFedries
    Who here is excited to see this guy fight again? Good standup. GREAT CHIN, and all around exciting to watch.... I can't wait to see this guy fight again and see what he can do in the 185 division.
  28. OFFICAL Pride vs UFC thread
    i love the ufc and buy most of the events on ppv. it just seems to me that the pride cards are far better matchups with better talent in many cases. can other ufc fans look at it objectively and come...
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  29. will diaz slug with gomi
    he better not . if he does its a gomi knock out. is that what you think?
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  30. Should UFC pride open a featherweight Division?
    I think this would be good for the sport, especially if they both did it. Kid Yamamoto would be the prize for whoever signed him IMO. Here's my manifesto and why. 1. Adjust all weight classe to make...
  31. What fighter's not in Pride/UFC do you think could make an impact in Pride/UFC if they signed with either this year?
    I'd have to say Chris Horodecki-LW Mike Pyle-WW Melvin Manhoef-MW Mikey Patt-LHVY Antonio Silva-HVY
  32. On Keith Jardine.
    Y'know, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Keith Jardine getting a title shot. Chuck Liddell would obviously be the favorite against Jardine, but I think Keith might be a tougher...
  33. Stevenson Vs Guillard At UFN?
    According to MMA weekly Joe Stevenson and Melvin Guillard will face off April 5th on Spike TV. I'm really looking forward to see what Joe Stevenson can do against a very dangerous striker. I guess...
  34. Whos got the best chance to stop Cro Cop??
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  35. Brandon Vera ~ Most Overrated in sports history
    Who has the guy beat to demand a Million dollars a fight??? die hard Ufc fan and i could care less if hes goes somewhere else and fights..he hasnt proved anything to me yet by beating C class...
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  36. edgor
    whos next for edgor
  37. melvin
    whos next for guillard if he beats stevenson
  38. Josh Barnett will fill in for trigg at pride 33
    I think Barnett will do a good job, any thoughts??
  39. Total fight card for fight night 9
    UFC Fight Night 9 — April 5 on Spike TV The Palms in Las Vegas, Nev. Joe Stevenson vs. Melvin Guillard Kenny Florian vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima Wander Braga vs. Kurt Pellegrino Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs....
  40. Heath Herring Takedown defense!!!
    I know its been a couple of weeks but the more i think about it the more if confuses me. Heath Herring was going into a fight with a wrestler and he expected the wrestler to bang?? If he doesesnt...
  41. Whos the best TUF fighter yet??
    With all the great talent that has come from the TUF reality show ..whos going to be the first to hold a belt???
  42. Who would you like the UFC to get next???
    Who would you like to see fighting in the UFC ASAP? and why? i know you want all of them..but just 1 :D for now.. i didnt put Fedor on this list since it would be a dominating Fav. since everyone...
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  43. Diego's first loss will come to?
    I really have no idea what do you think.
  44. Mir vs Hardonk - UFN
    source frank mir vs antoni hardonk at ultimate fight night 9.. is anybody else not wanting to see this fight? im glad they are bringing hardonk back, as he is a good heavyweight striker, but against...
  45. Whats the most exciting way to win a fight..
    Poll **mods/admin** you should allow us to add more options to a poll :) Also can something be added so we can edit polls? If something else tell us about it.
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  46. Lindland Fedor official -from MMA weekly
    Lindland's nuts, but has giantic testes IMO - LINDLAND VS. FEDOR SET FOR APRIL 14 Tuesday, February 13, 2007 - MMAWeekly.com BodogFight announced today that the bout between the MMAWeekly.com #1...
  47. Whos a few fights away??
    Who in the UFC...with a couple more wins deserves title consideration?? Jake o' brian, Gabriel Gonzaga, Kendall Grove, Michael Bisping, Melvin Guillard
  48. Who will be the next to lose their title...ufc/pride??
    Who will be the first MMA star to lose their belt....other than the 2 belt fight between wandy and hendo?? ufc and pride?
  49. Who is the most exciting fighter to watch in mma?
    IMO, an exciting fighter must have one or more of the characteristics i'm about to name. High energy, explosiveness, and unpredictability. What makes a fighter exciting to me is when they are always...
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  50. Whats happened to the PRIDE topics?
    Too many UFC topics the PRIDE topics are dying.Too many people posting UFC topics. haha PRIDE>UFC
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