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  1. UFN 11
    Shaping up to be one hell of a night of fights on spike tv for free. To lead into TUF 6. Chris Leben vs. Mike Swick Spencer Fisher vs. Din Thomas Thiago Alves vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka Luke Cummo vs....
  2. Silva-Franklin@UFC77, but...
    Silva - Franklin 2 will be nice but why do we have to sit through Tito - Rashad 2 so quickly. you can't tell me that joe and dana actually thought that was a fight that we wanted to see again so soon
  3. Pics of Mach at UFC 73
    One with Dana in the background ...and one of him watching Ortiz Vs. Evans:
  4. UFC nothing but stacked cards
    I think UFC will have nothing but stacked cards for the rest of its life what do yall think about it?
  5. Frank Mir at UFC 74......
    He is scheduled to fight , but the UFC has not annocned it yet becasue they are waiting for his oppenent to sign the contract. Anthony Hardnock is the first one that was offered so lets see if he...
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  6. Babalu arrested in Tampa this weekend for tresspassing and battery???
    here is the link...... http://ufcmania.com/2007/07/15/report-babalu-arrested-in-tampa-for-battery-trespassing/
  7. Kenny Florian Fighting again at UFC 78.
    I wonder who they are going to put infront of Kenflo this time. Every time kenflo looks more and more impressive. So kenflo will be fighting on the same card as sean sherk again as he defends his...
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  8. Stop the snoozefests!!
    Stop the Snoozefests! The UFC needs to make a few rule changes. The current rules just don’t do enough to guarantee action and in some cases do the exact opposite in practice. The current system...
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  9. RUMOR: Evan Tanner vs. Terry Martin?
    http://www.mmanews.com/?vo=21 It says this under hot discussion. I have no idea what my password is and it won't e-mial it to me. If someone is a member on there can you post the article for...
  10. Too many 170Lbs. in UFC Middleweight Division
    After reading the forum on UFC's Middleweight division I'd like to know what you guys think about the over abundance of 170 Lbs. fighters???
  11. Anderson Silva: Best Pound for Pound fighter in the UFC!
    http://ufcmania.com/2007/07/16/anderson-silva-best-pound-for-pound-fighter-in-the-ufc/ Read it before you start bitching. I agree for the most part.
    source is from Link CANT WAIT!!!!
  13. Eastman Vs. Mcphedries
    http://www.sherdog.net/forums/showthread.php?threadid=606034 Hopefully this isin't bs. It would be a great fight if Eastman went to 185 since both guys are intense and come to fight. Who takes it?
  14. Swick; bad career move
    Appearantly, they have yet to determine the weight for Swick vs Leben 2 because both fighters want to move from 185 down to 170. In my humble opinion, aren't they crazy??? The Middleweight division...
  15. Georges St. Pierre Vs Josh Koscheck
    I can't wait to see GSP back in action. He should win this fight, but Kos is no Joke. Thoughts?
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  16. UFC Champions
    Before UFC 73: Stacked, none of the UFC Champions had a title defense. Anderson Silva and Sean Sherk now each have one title defence. Which UFC Champion do you believe is the toughest and will have...
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  17. Nate Diaz to Return at UFC Fight Night 11
    Nate Diaz (6-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC), fresh off his win over Manny Gamburyan at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale, will put his recently won UFC contract to good use at UFC Fight Night 11 on Sept. 19. His...
  18. No Swick-Leban
    http://www.mmanews.com/ufc/Swick-Claims-Leben-Pulled-Out-Of-Rumored-UFC-Rematch.html Why can't you ever just click on my links?
  19. Shoguns new opponent
    On Frank Triggs radio show, it was announced that Shogun will most likely face Forrest Griffin and not Machida. Although this will be a less exciting match-up, now Jardine vs Liddell should be...
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  20. do you think that bisping could beat.....
    rampage jackson...? i dont but that looks like an exciting fight to me? what do u think?
  21. Anyone know the song Guida used at UFC 72?
    Anyone know what song Clayton Guida came out to at UFC 72? Thanks.
  22. Title Unification - is it a good thing for MMA
    The "Title Unification Bout" on Sept. 8th's UFC 75 "Chanpion vs. Champion" card with Dan "Hollywood" Henderson vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Is it a good thing for MMA? I Think it is a huge event...
  23. Machida: Should he get his day in the sun?
    I most definitely think so. He is an incredibly disciplined and balanced fighter. A lifer in the world of martial arts if you will. He has proven himself against very different and excellent fighters...
  24. Anyword on if Babalu is still goign to fight at 74
    I know he got released from jail but can't you get deported for getting arrested
  25. Aurelio VS Guida Not on Televised Card
    http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=EventDetail.FightCard&eid=760 This is a bummer because it looked to be an exciting fight. This probaly is to make room for Babalu VS David Heath.
  26. Who should Karo Parysian fight next?
    I think Karo Parysian is unfortunate to be in such a strong division, but he is good enough to get a title shot sometime soon. He seems to have matured as a fighter recently, and realises how...
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  27. Does Rich stand a chance at 77???
    Yeah he does not have that great of a Resume, his last 2 vicotries have been kind of boring and not really exciting, nothing that impressive to say yeah, he has a great chance next time he fights...
  28. gilbert melendez?
    does anybondy have any info on where gil melendez went? he was pretty much the hottest pride lightweight coming up along with aoki. it seems like he's always involved in the fight of the night. i...
  29. Thiago Tavares interview "THE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT'S PLACE IS IN MY HOUSE!"
    C: Congrats on your win over Jason Black at UFC Fight Night 10. TT: Thank you. I really worked hard for that fight. PC: How do you feel about your performance? TT: It couldn't have been better. All...
  30. Should Sherk be stripped of his title, if so who should Penn fight for vacancy?
    Since Sherk and Franca both tested positive for steroids, should the title be vacated, if so who should BJ Penn fight for the title. Joe Stevenson? Din Thomas? Gomi? Huerta?
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  31. UFC 74 Fight Card
    The Guida/Aurelio fight and Babalu/Heath fight are not being televised which in all likely hood leaves the Huerta/Crane fight which is stupid in my oponion....
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  32. Better Pay-Per-Views
    I am tired of the UFC having no big names for the pay-per-views, and we are stuck watching fights that go nowhere with no action! They should put big names in the pay-per-views. That way we get our...
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  33. Jardine vs. Liddell(ufc76)
    who does everyone think will win? i personally think Liddell, there are both coming off horrible performances, bur i think Chuck is more motivated Liddell wins by Knockout in Round 1
  34. Suggested rules to stop boring stand-up
    The UFC has addressed the issue of stalemates on the ground with stand-ups after a period of inactivity. But there is nothing preventing a match like Sanchez-Koschek II or, even worse,...
  35. Terry Martin vs Chris Leben UFN 11
    Chicago Sun Times Terry Martin says that he's gonna fight Leben. So now we know why he turned down the Swick fight. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/modrowski/476635,CST-SPT-fite20.article
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  36. This steriod issue... UFC and pride.
    Before I start... Keep in mind I'm STRONGLY against steroids usage, and I think fighters should even get banned longer for using them. I've seen quotes like: "We want to know if the sport is legit,...
  37. Fence Grabbing
    Hey guys, I haven't been on in awhile. I'm glad that the UFC is starting to deduct points for grabbing the fence with your hand. IMO grabbing the fence to avoid a takedown is like giving a grappler a...
  38. Incredible Read on UFC/Steroids
    Steroids are Bad I know that there has been multiple posts to other pages with people telling their reasoning behind why steroids are bad for MMA, and I think Kevin Iole does an incredible job...
  39. Should Manny get a rematch?
    I think he deserves a rematch, if not even after a couple fights, but sometime he should....He came off as the underrated fighter then ended up getting to the finale. Maybe have a fight or two in...
  40. Best Champion in the UFC?
    Who do you believe it is? Think about not only how they are as a fighter, but how long they will be able to stay a champ.... I think either Silva or Sherk (that is if he is a champion anymore)...
  41. Dana White Responds to Gross
    Link I didn't put this in news because I'm not sure if it's authentic, but here it is. Mods can move it if they think it's authentic.
  42. serra's future
    what do you guys think matt serra will do when he eventually loses his belt? i dont mean for this to sound at all disrespectful to him, as he is a fighter that i really like, and find easy to root...
  43. Tomasz Drwal vs Thiago Silva
    I honestly don't know who to pick in this one, they both like to stand and trade, but I think Drwal has the better striking. I don't know a whole lot about Drwal but after seeing his video, I know...
  44. What Fight Would Be The Bigger Upset?
    Shogun vs Griffin? Kongo vs Cro Cop?
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  45. Rampage Sirius radio interview
    Talks about dana, sean sherk, and lots of stuff pretty good interview. http://www.mediafire.com/?3xuxj2zpmvk
  46. *vid* Mach watching Silva v. Marquardt
  47. newton vs hughes
    when i saw grey maynard knock himself out recently it reminded me of the hughes/newton fight. i tried to search but couldnt find any results so i thought id ask what you guys thought, even though i...
  48. Thoughts on Couture/Gonzaga
    In about 1 month, Randy "The Natural" Couture a great legend inside of the octagon, and an embassador of the sport we all known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship is defending his belt against...
  49. UFC-ESPN deal!
    Link That would be good!
  50. Redemption: The Sean Sherk Story
    It still has been less than a week since we learned that the Lightweight Champion of the World Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk tested positive for steroids. We have seen multiple fighters test positive...
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