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  1. Which Champion Will Retire A Champion?
    Which champion will retire a champion in the next 5 years?
  2. TUF 5 Finale Discussion. *Spoilers*
    So I wanna make this thread so that everyone can talk about the Event before it starts and during it. This Card's gonna be so badass, here's what I got for it... Matt Wiman Vs. Brian Geraghty In...
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  3. tim sylvia
    does anyone now wats up with sylvia and who his next fight is
  4. In the year of the upset... (TUF 5 Finale)
    In the year of the upset, which fight on the Finale of TUF 5 card do you guys see as a possible upset waiting to happen? I am going with Sword over Leites... just a hunch.
  5. gray won
    gray won emerson tapped.
  6. Was Gray Maynard out?
    What do you think? I think he was out, and that he was kind've being a baby about it.
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  7. gamburyan \ diaz
    damn that screwed me. he dislocated his shoulder i would have won if that didnt happen. there will be another one.
  8. BJ Penn.com???
    After the fight instead of doing the interview, BJ said just to go to his site if you wanna know his plans. I have a sneaking suspicion that he will ask for a rematch with Hughes, and will go back to...
  9. Joe Rogan
    That was the funniest/best post fight interview I have ever seen. Rogan was telling Maynard he was out and then he is like oh you don;t believe me check it out. Maynard was so out and Rogan gave him...
  10. There were no decisons at TUF 5 Finale
    UFC hasn't had this happen to them since UFC 40.
  11. Right Forum: Pride FC slipping away?
    with the lack of any pride promtions as of late, UFC signings of pride fighters and rumours of looming signings i.e. fedor/ shogun...where does this really leave Pride? i for one was a huge fan of...
  12. gray/emerson= hughes/ newton?
    hughes got the decision when, he may have been out on hius feet and ko'd carlos when they hit the mat...falling.....emerson taps yet gray is questionably out...yet its a no decision...should it...
  13. Pulver vs. Penn 3???
    well now thier even 1 and 1 with each other but should there be a third???
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  14. any vids of the tuf finale
    i missed it
  15. Joe Rogan
    is it just me or did Joe Rogan look like he wasup for like two days straight and was just coked out of his mind?
  16. What are your UFC 73 upsets?
    I put $1000 on Hermes Franca, and $44 on Bocek (might get lucky). Are you predicting/betting on any upsets at 73?
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  17. Doug Evans?
    Not sure if someone made a thread about this already. Anyways I was just wondering what all of you thought of him. Personally I was impressed and I can only hope that the UFC keeps him, as this guy...
    Now that jens is going back to his natural weight class at 145 what do you think will happen with his career? do you think he will beat proven as too old or do you think he will challenge Faber for...
  19. UFC 74
    where the **** is UFC 74 gonna be my dad and me are going to vegas but we didnt know where the hell the event is going to be its go annoying, and on MMAweekly it says Mandalay Bay, but theres some...
  20. The state of the UFC's Welterweight division.
    18 months ago, the UFC's 170-lb division was the most exciting in the sport. A trio of matches featuring 3 of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport were lined up, and a few young studs were...
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  21. UFC 73: Fickett Vs. Lytle
    Who do you think will win?
  22. Loazon, Penn
    did anyone else notice that joe beat penn to his own move...lol...joe used the leg on the are in the rear naked to sub, then b.j. uses the leg to hold pulvers arm back then sub, guess joe really did...
  23. TUF 5 Finale salaries???
    on UFC junkie i just saw the salaries payoff's and bj penn got 50 grand for the show and 50 grand for the win and pulver only got 30 for the show and would have got another 30 if he had won... why is...
  24. Will UFC bring a 145lb wieght class in???
    Seeing as how the 155er's are so exciting do u guys think that the UFC will bring in the 145 lb wieght class? Pulver said he was going to drop back down to 145 and alot of the guys and the LW...
  25. The UFC All Access curse is back!!!!
    Just read that Leah Rachelle has confirmed that the upcoming episode of All Access is on LW champ Sean Sherk for UFC 73... will the curse continue???
  26. help Randy and vote for MMA
    Randy is nominated for an ESPY award. Help him, and MMA as a whole, by voting for him for best fighter for 2007. http://espn.go.com/espy2007/#
  27. Jackson and Henderson. Who is gonna win?
    Who do all you guys call between Quinton Jackson and Dan Henderson?
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  28. UFC 74 Tim Sylvia Vs TBA (Who Agree's It is FEDOR)
    Not 100% sure but lets say Very sure it will be Fedor. when Tim had the belt both organizations wanted to see this fight but Tim dodged Him?
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  29. Did the UFC take a black eye Sat night?
    First you had the crazy ending to Gray/Emerson. Then the horrible ending to the TUF championship. Then Nate Diaz basically blasts the UFC for treating his brother Nick like a chump. Then BJ refuses...
  30. Best Card
    What does everyone think is the best ALL-AROUND card you've ever seen in PRIDE/UFC for a single event?
  31. UFC announcement
    UFC is going to make a exclusive announcement tommorow on ESPN news's the hotlist it will start at 3pm eastern time...any ideas?
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  32. Sherk or Franca?
    Who is everyone calling on Sherk and Franca?
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  33. UFC 75
    PPV or Free on Spike?
  34. Brandon Vera
    does anybody else not like Brandon Vera i think the kid is too cocky i mean he's only had eight fights and he thinks hes the best going as far as saying he'll b there wen Fedor slips that kid is way...
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  35. BJ Penn Title Shot
    Bj Penn granted a title shot after beating jens pulver. I don't really agree with that, Roger Huerta 4-0 should get the next title fight. And Penn should go up to 170 and get the rubber match with...
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  36. UFC 74 Respect Fight Poster
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  37. Shogun on Babalu, Sokoudjou, Hendo and Fedor...
    link Mauricio Rua (Pictures) won't stop. As the Brazilian sits on the sidelines eagerly awaiting a return to the ring -- or a debut in the cage -- the young light heavyweight keeps training hard....
  38. Drew Fickett off UFC73 card
    source: mmanews.com Drew Fickett is off the UFC 73 "Stacked" card set for July 7th on pay-per view. He was originally scheduled to fight Ultimate Fighter season four runner-up Chris "Lights Out"...
  39. Travis Lutter vs Ryan Jensen - UFC74
    source: ufcmania.com The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season four middleweight winner Travis Lutter (9-4) has signed a bout agreement to fight UFC newcomer Ryan Jensen (11-1) at UFC 74: “Respect” on August...
  40. Mazzagatti explains Maynard-Emerson Ending
    http://www.mmanews.com/ufc/Steve-Mazzagatti-Explains-Maynard-Emerson-Stoppage.html Copy and paste it on the address bar
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  41. Wanderlei Silva?
    What's up with him? He's my Favorite fighter, but i havent heard any news from him or what's going on, in a long time. Anyone know when his next fight is, if he's gonna come to the US any information...
  42. The effects of consolidation
    I was thinking over the whole UFC/Pride consolidation thing. I think it will be good but also bad. The reason why it is good is pretty much common knowledge. But why will it be bad? I think the main...
  43. Gomi at UFC 76?
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFC_76 Is there any evidence to support Takanori Gomi signing with the UFC?
  44. Cote and Grove to fight at 74!!!
    I read it on UFCjunkie.com that they will fight at UFC 76. but the fight is still in the works and i hope it goes through i really want to see Grove fight again and see if he's improved. If Corry...
  45. Shogun to debute at ufc 76
    Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (16-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC), who recently signed with the UFC, will make his Octagon debut at UFC 76 in September. His opponent is not yet known. link
  46. Mike Swick UFC 76
    One-time top middleweight contender and potential welterweight newcomer Mike Swick (10-2 MMA, 5-1 UFC) is the first rumored fighter to be added to September’s UFC 76 event. link
  47. Manny Or Diaz
    I think manny would have won that fight if it wouldnt have been for his shoulder injury...I just dont think nate is all that great, he didnt look very good to me...I liked how he always tryed for...
  48. Shogun INJURED :( may not debut at 76 now :(
    FROM UFCJUNKIE.COM Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (16-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC), who recently signed with the UFC, may be scractched from his upcoming debut with the organization because of a knee injury.Rua, who was...
  49. Drew Fickett out INJURED - Lytle awaiting replacement
    FROM UFCJUNKIE.COM Drew Fickett (29-5 MMA, 4-3 UFC) has been scratched from next weekend’s UFC 73 event and his opponent, Chris Lytle (22-14-5 MMA, 2-6 UFC), is currently awaiting word on a...
  50. Joe Rogans thoughts on drugs and steroids..
    Joe Rogan interview on Beatdown (awesome interview) What are your opinions on the issue and Joe Rogans arguments? I personally can't help but agreeing with what he's saying about steroids. It's...
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