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  1. UFN 10 Prelims
    I really want to see Spratt vs Tamden. The barn cat is an intructor at my gym. If anyone finds any of the prelims please let me know. I tried UFC ondemand, and they aren't available.
  2. GSP talks about facing Kos. & other CDN. content
    [b]GSP SAYS HE’S READY FOR JOSH KOSCHECK[/b] “I have fought all the top guys in the UFC and beaten them. But, when I am a 12 to 1 favorite I go and lose. Koscheck is one of the best guys in the UFC...
  3. Randy and fedor nearly fought in 2000
    In rings, do you ever wonder that if TK hadn't cut Fedor with an illegal elbow Fedor would have faced Randy in the Rings finals ????
  4. Cro Cop V Kongo
    Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Cheick Kongo at UFC 75 Who will win?
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  5. Any new news on Vera???
    Just wondering if anyone heard if the contract thing is figured out or if we'll get to see him fight any time soon?
  6. Colin "Big C" Robinson VS Eddie Sanchez
    Eddie Sanchez got thrown to CC his last match and now he has to fight a guy from Northern Ireland in Belfast. If this is anything list UFC 70 the they are going to give the home town guys people they...
  7. Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill at UFC 75
    Here's Bisping's original statement about the Hammer http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=news.detail&gid=4770 What are your thoughts about this fight? Is it a step down for Bisping? Does Hamill have a...
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  8. LIDELL V.S. WANDERLEI almost confirmed!!!
    Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva is almost confirmed Chuck Liddell has confirmed in an interview with the Boston Times that his next UFC fight will be against Wanderlei Silva. UFC president, Dana...
  9. Is Forrest Griffin mentally prepared for his next fight??
    in the last few interviews i have read of his he seems to be doubting himself and his chin a lot after the jardine fight. what are your thoughts on this?
  10. Nate Diaz vs Manny Gambaryan
    Who's gonna win this one?
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  11. The Ultimate Fighter 6 : Team Hughes vs Team Serra
    THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 6 Past TUF Winners TUF 1 : LHW - Forrest Griffin (vs Stephan Bonnar) MW - Diego Sanchez (vs Kenny Florian) TUF 2 : WW - Joe Stevenson(vs Luke Cummo) HW - Rashad Evans (vs Brad...
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  12. TUF 5 finale sideline fight???
    ok now that the finale is set between nate and manny what will happen when they get to the octagon between thier training camps(nick and karo) ??? i didnt get to see what happened between nate and...
  13. TUF Finale Fights
    Brandon Melendez Vs Joe Lauzon and Brian Geraghty Vs Matt Wiman. Should be some interesting fights.
  14. Does Nick Diaz want a(nother) piece of Karo Parisyan?
    After seeing last night's TUF 5 (melo-)drama between Nate Diaz and Karo Parisyan, I couldn't help but imagine Nate's older brother Nick throwing things at his television screen. For those who don't...
  15. What happened, Joe?
    i thought that Lauzon was going to make the finals of this show, as I think a lot of people did... And I'm not sure what happened in that fight with Manny... I don't mean to take anything away from...
  16. Official Weigh In Results For UFC 72
    Rich Franklin (185) vs Yushin Okami (185) Forrest Griffin (204) vs Hector Ramirez (204) Jason MacDonald (185) vs Rory Singer (186) Tyson Griffin (155) vs Clay Guida (155) Marcus Davis (169) vs Jason...
  17. Okay, seriously... 700 people think Okami will beat Franklin?
    This is all just a warm-up for the rematch with Anderson Silva. You know that, right? (Yes, Marquardt is screwed too, but I'll save that thread for later.) See, I have a special camera that takes...
  18. TUF 5 Finale.. No Hill?!?
    Is Corey Hill going to be fighting? anyone know?!?
  19. How Okami will beat Franklin
    1.Okami is deceptively strong. His strength in the clinch is reminiscent of that of Anderson Silva. Kaleb Starnes and Mike Swick both talked about their surprise in regards to his strength during...
  20. Jon Fitch vs. Marcus Davis?
    I have a feeling that they still won't give Fitch Karo Parisyan so how about Marcus Davis? That guy is on a tear right now, just like Jon Fitch, and it would be an interesting fight. Marcus is a...
  21. Final poll, up for 24 hours... season 2 name, 2 choices... VOTE!
    We had a 2-way tie as of the stats update for UFC 72... so we're having a sudden death 24 hour poll... may the best season 2 name win
  22. I just talked to Terry Martin and Shonie Carter
    They were guests at the bar where I watched the payperview in Chicago. Some notable comments from Shonie... 1) I still have some fights left on my contract with UFC... I want to fight Serra, beat him...
  23. Did anyone find Forrests comments offensive?
    "I cant loose in the homeland to a Hispanic dude." I was once a fan of his. Particularly for his down to earth/professional attitude. I'm all about the pre fight hype, but I thought that comment was...
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  24. Clay Guida wuz robbed, yo.
    No, really. I was genuinely shocked when they gave it to Griffin. Clay took the 2nd and 3rd rounds, I thought. I just dunno sometimes...
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    Do you guys think the UFC should show more fights for their fight nights. They take out 5 and put 4 on tv. It makes me mad becuz they show another fight anyway if the schedule isn't running at the...
  26. andy wang
    As much as I dislike this guy I'm going to pick the huge underdog in this fight if anyone wants to bet against me. While I know he has terrible standup and believes he is a boxer, I don't think Cole...
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  27. MMA poll on fox sports
    The poll asks if you would rather watch the Pulver vs. Penn fight or the boxing match..... Hatton vs. Castilo on the 23rd. Click and vote. Let's show the sports community that MMA is a real sport...
  28. If Anderson gets by Nate...
    Does anyone think Rich is a real threat to the MW crown? From his first destruction of Ace, and how unimpressed I am with Rich in his two fights since Anderson I would have to say, no. I think Rich...
  29. Thales Leite vs Floyd Sword
    This saturday thales wil fight againts floyd, who you guys pick? I pick thales by submit
  30. UFC 72 Video
    I got the entire PPV up on my blog. UFC 72 Videos
  31. Nate Quarry?
    Anybody know what is going on with him? He hasn't fought since 2005 when he got KTFO by Rich... His website says he had back surgery and is going to be back "soon" but does anyone have any other...
  32. Poll: Does Anderson Silva put too much faith in his defensive grappling?
    Anybody who has followed Silva's career knows that there have been times were he seemed to let his opponents put him on his back and relied on his hip movement and defensive BJJ to set up subs off...
  33. The reason Fedor hasnt arrived at UFC yet?
    http://www.mixfight.ru/en.html Perhaps Zuffa don’t want him associated with any other MMA brand at all?
  34. Whats Hendo's fighting weight gonna be???
    Since Hendo is gonna fight Rampage what will his wieght be??? when he faught Wandy his wieght was 195, but since he fight's at 185 i see why but will he go to 205 or just come in a little light???...
  35. Corry Hill With MFS?
    I was just watching Bad blood on spike and when it got to the part about Jens' training they were going through some of his work out routines and i could have sworn i saw Corry Hill training with him...
  36. UFC 75 : Bring the Champions
    Fights : Jackson vs Henderson Cro Cop vs Kongo Bisping vs hamill Rumored Fights : Alessio Sakara vs TBA Jess Liaudin vs TBA Dennis Siver vs TBA Not bad at all... Any thoughs on who should fight...
  37. Should UFC have PRIDE shows or should be just one show ?
    Asking i think alot of people think it should stay the way it is seens if everyone comes to ufc some people wont get fight time . And others think it should be one show so the best fight the best ....
  38. Should the UFC award draws in close fights?
    I don't know if they're explicit about it, but it certainly seems as though the UFC judges have a policy of not awarding draws, even in the closest of contests. Clay Guida-Tyson Griffin. Forest...
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  39. Serra vs. Hughes in November, not on TUF6 Finale
    Serra vs. Hughes to Headline New Jersey Show in November Guess UFC realized not to put a title fight on SpikeTV
  40. Pride sets date for return
    Pride sets date for return Japanese newspaper announces event for August 18 The information is still preliminary, but the Japanese newspaper Nikkan Sports announced in yesterdays issue that Pride has...
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  41. Who do you want to win. Serra or Hughes?
    Who do you want to win? Do you want Serra to retain the title or Hughes to destroy him. I honestly dislike Serra, i dont think that he even deserved to face GSP in the first place. Hes 9-4 with loses...
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  42. Fedor and UFC have possible deal?
    http://ninjashoes.net/ Scroll down a little to you see it. It's like the second topic. Hope it's true. The link don't work, but paste it in the address bar or re-type it or something.
  43. "The Truth" Vera article
    I found this on another site, it's not bad... Quote: NEW JERSEY – Unbeaten Fil-Am UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) rising star Brandon (The Truth) Vera hasn’t seen action in the octagon lately...
  44. Action Packed Fights?
    I enjoy MMA on the whole. I like the sport, be it UFC, PRIDE, K-1 Hero's, Shooto etc. etc. I have however also always maintained that PRIDE has higher-paced fights more consistently than any other...
  45. Who do u want Fedor to fight first?
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  46. fedor interview
    Many of the questions focused on Fedor's recent fight in the BODOGFight "Russia vs. USA" tournament, held in Saint Petersburg on April 14. Q: Lindland admired your armbar in his last interview. He...
  47. Who should Shogun fight at UFC 76?
    Evidently, Dana White has confirmed that Mauricio "Shogun" Rua will be making his Octagon debut at UFC 76 on 22 September, but hasn't set up a match for him yet. Let's help them out and find a good...
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  48. babolu
    were does renato babolu sobral go from here
  49. LW Title fight
    Does anybody know why Sherk got 9 months before his first title defense? Usually a champ defends his title every 5-6 months, why did Sherk get so much more time in between fights?
  50. Dana's sick revenge
    Does anyone else think that matching Berube up against Garcia was his way of getting revenge on Berube for antagonizing the fight on TUF 5? Berube and Weems both showed that they were nowhere close...
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