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  1. Top Ten - The Fighters 2014 (UFC)
    This is it – the Highly Unofficial awards season is coming to a close, and all that’s left is to determine the top fighters of 2014. Will your favorite be here? Read on to find out. Link
  2. Jones and Anderson have trained together...just once
    link Thought it was a cool short read.
  3. UFC Trilogy Fights
    Intersting numbers I came across on the UFC website about trilogy fights in the org. Link
  4. Where does DC go?
    He has done a great job selling this fight but if in the end he loses and at 30 something does he want to stay at LH or go back to where he made a name for himself ??
  5. Fights to Make After UFC 182
    Jon Jones - Alexander Gustafsson/Anthony Johnson winner Daniel Cormier - Alexander Gustafsson/Anthony Johnson loser or Rashad Evans/Glover Texeira loser Donald Cerrone - Khabib Nurmagomedov (If the...
  6. First Hand Account of Jon Jones' Douchiness
    Don't know the etiquette of posting another forums stuff here. I apologize in advance if this is frowned upon, if so let me know and I'll try and get this deleted. Otherwise, enjoy the story: Me and...
  7. Unfortunate Nick Diaz Timing
    2/4/12 - UFC 143 - After fight with Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz tests positive for marijuana metabolites in his urine at 25 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter) while the NSAC used WADA guidelines allowed...
  8. Pick a Card (Superfights Edition)
    A Anthony Pettis vs Jose Aldo Jacare Souza vs Lyoto Machida Matt Brown vs Kelvin Gastelum Mark Hunt vs Andrei Arlovski John Moraga vs Ali Bagautinov B Cain Velasquez vs Jon Jones Rory MacDonald vs...
  9. Rank the fights of UFC Fight Night 59!
    Rank the fights you are most excited for from first to last! 1. Henderson vs. Alvarez 2. McGregor vs. Siver 3. Tibau vs. Parke 4. Hall vs. Taylor 5. Howard vs. Larkin 6. Lipeng vs. Wade 7. Rosa vs....
  10. UFC in Stockholm
    Just got my media credentials confimed for the above event. I cant wait.
  11. Chris Leben coming out of retirement?
  12. Jon Jones T/E levels were 0.29:1.00
    According to Kevin Iole Jones had a T:E level of 0.29:1.00. Link
  13. Dana White on FS1 re: Jones test fail
    Dude he is spinning this whole deal like it's nothing. This guy is calling him out and I've never heard Dana stumble and tip toe around the actual question, and answer like this before. What train...
  14. Roy Nelson Versus Alistair Overeem UFC 185 Who wins?
    Alistair Overrem versus Roy Nelson who takes the fight at UFC 185? Will Alistair's reach be too much? Will Roy Nelson prove to durable? Will his chin prove to hard? What will the outcome be and who...
  15. Ed Soares talks Nick Diaz versus Anderson Silva UFC 183
    Who wins? Nick is +300 and Anderson Sliva is -400 so who are you picking? Is Vegas right about the ods? Should Silva be a big favorite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1JMO-AKNbM
  16. Explained: Jon Jones and the Drug Test Scandal
    Interesting article, especially the missing blood test. link
  17. Video MMAVines: Hypocrite
    link Interesting little video of Dana saying one thing at ufc 160 and another after 182.
  18. Did I miss something? McGregor vs. Siver...on a Sunday?
    I've kind of backed off of following MMA so closely so I may have missed it. Why on Earth is McGregor/Siver happening on a Sunday?
  19. Benson Henderson vs Donald Cerrone III
    Does anyone else feel like the third meeting between Donald Cerrone and Benson Henderson is a much better Main Event than Conor McGregor vs Dennis Siver for UFC Fight Night 59? I mean far from being...
  20. Tweet of the Day: Reebok rewards 'other' Jon Jones
    A different Jon Jones was getting a lot of the heat from the real Jon Jones' cocaine debacle, so Reebok rewarded him with a shirt for being a good sport. bloodyelbow
  21. Video: Anderson Silva knocks out sparring partner
    Another video has surfaced of Anderson Silva training for his upcoming UFC 183 bout against Nick Diaz. sherdog
  22. Michael McDonald - where is he?
    I was wondering. Havn't seen Michael 'Mayday' McDonald fight since Dec 2013 when he lost to Faber. Full year out? Nothing about a fight in the future. He is a name in the 135 division. Does anyone...
  23. 2015 WADA/USADA Code Changes (Olympic Level, Nothing Confirmed Changed in MMA)
    Since NSAC follows many of WADA's guidelines, we could see the NSAC implement something to these effects as well eventually, or never implement any of them. Who knows. 1 - If you are in the RTP...
  24. The Makings of a Spoiler
    Is it just me, or does McGregor vs. Siver have all the makings of a big spoiler? Not to mention a huge embarrassment for both Connor and the UFC. They're hyping this guy so damn much. He's hyping...
  25. Took over my daughter's roku 2!!!!
    Downloaded ufc fight pass. I'm currently watching ufc 24 in a pink room watching on a 19" screen.
  26. Henderson vs. Cerrone FightMetric statistics
    Here are the FightMetric statistics between Henderson and Cerrone for those interested. LINK
  27. Should they get more or a new UFC matchmaker?
    I don't mean to come off the wrong way but a couple of fights on the last 2 cards has me scratching my head. Like how the hell did Tavares and Marquardt make the main card of "the biggest PPV of the...
  28. Rank the fights of UFC on Fox 14!
    Rank the fights you are most excited for from first to last! 1. Gustafsson vs. Johnson 2. Davis vs. Bader 3. Henderson vs. Mousasi 4. Erokhin vs. Pesta 5. Musoke vs. Tumenov 6. Taisumov vs....
  29. Conor McGregors pass to mount
    Slick BJJ on his part.
  30. Any news on Brad Scott?
    Have not heard anything on him in a while.
  31. Anderson disappointed in Lyoto and Jacare
    Anderson Silva disappointed in Lyoto and Jacare
  32. Question about tomorrow's fight time
    I know the event locks at 1pm EST on Saturday. And I know the event is in Stockholm which usually means an early start time for the fights for us in the states. Having said that, the fight times for...
  33. Aldo posts video of McGregor running away from him
  34. Live Play by Play
    I will be doing a live play by play on my twitter account tonight from Stockholm. Im pulling an all nighter. If any wants to help keep me awake by interacting with me then follow me @mmamental
  35. As the biggest Jones fan
    I think Rumble is the man to take the title!!
  36. Weird Question: What IF Rumble...
    I just looked at the Light Heavyweight Rankings. Hypothetically speaking, What If Rumble fails his test for Steroids after the Gus Victory Or What If Rumble get a serious Injury(A torn ACL or...
  37. Rank the fights of UFC 183!
    Rank the fights you are most excited for from first to last! 1. Silva vs. Diaz 2. McCall vs. Lineker 3. Mein vs. Alves 4. Woodley vs. Gastelum 5. Lauzon vs. Iaquinta 6. Brandao vs. Hettes 7. Boetsch...
  38. Video appears to show headbutt hurt Gustafsson
    At this past weekend's UFC on FOX 14, Anthony Johnson stopped Alexander Gustafsson in the first round, but was it due to an illegal headbutt? Some may dismiss the idea of a Johnson (19-4 MMA, 10-4...
  39. Rumble makes Gegard does the unthinkable at Press Conference
    Got from another forum site...brace yourselves!!! LiNK
  40. Deflategate - Patriots's Coach Bill Belichick vs UFC 183's Nick Diaz
  41. Rank Most Anticipated Fights
    Yes, I stole the concept from FastKnockout, but I think no one will mind if you are as excited about the great fights in the coming months... 1. Zingano/Rousey 2. Esparza/Jedrzejczyk 3. Pettis/Dos...
  42. Nick Diaz Making us Nervous Again
    He's not in Vegas yet and didn't participate in open workouts today. I imagine he's getting a very decent payday for this so he can absorb a fine for missing open workouts no problem. I get the that...
  43. 2015 upcoming Title Fights
    what are your most anticipated 2015 upcoming Title Fights IMO These fights below will happen in 2015(some are for sure, others are my opinion but I think they will for sure happen. Aldo Vs McGregor...
  44. Anderson Silva-The Return
    This is a video i made for the return of one of the greats.I hope everyone enjoys it.
  45. UFC PPV prices raised permanently....despite promises otherwise
    http://www.global-mma.com/t11719-ufc-permanently-raises-ppv-prices In an effort to provide UFC fans with the best possible matchups and highest quality programming, we have maintained the same...
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  46. Rare pics from first UFC event (awesome for die-hard fans!!)
    More cross-forums stuff..but really cool for MMA history buffs and fans alike. Link
  47. Rumor: Iaquinta trashes hotel room in anger of not getting bonus for POTN
    Absolute rumor based on some detective work. Cross forum stuff again. link
  48. Fights to Make After UFC 183
    Anderson Silva - Gegard Mousasi Nick Diaz - Retire or Johnny Hendricks/Matt Brown loser Tyron Woodley - Demian Maia/Ryan LaFlare winner Kelvin Gastelum - Tim Boetsch Al Iaquinta - Gleison Tibau Joe...
  49. Pic: Donald Cerrone Hooks Benson Henderson Up With Super Bowl 49 Tickets
    With Donald Cerrone defeating Benson Henderson -- albeit controversially -- at UFC Fight Night 59 this past January, "Cowboy" opted to purchase his good friend "Bendo" Super Bowl 49 tickets with a...
  50. Rank the fights of UFC Fight Night 60!
    Rank the fights you are most excited for from first to last! 1. Henderson vs. Thatch 2. Holloway vs. Miller 3. Makovsky vs. Elliot 4. Skelly vs. Alers 5. Prazeres vs. Lee 6. Borg vs. Kelades 7. Magny...
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