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  1. Prediction for this weekend !!!
    Mighty Mouse will finish it.
  2. Wanderlei SIlva Wants Contender Bout; Eyes Title Shot in Future (MW)
    ‘The Axe Murderer’ Wanderlei Silva only fought once this year, back in March, but displayed more in that one fight than most MMA veterans do in an entire year. Silva showed that brutality was still...
  3. Dana wants Belfort vs Kennedy in Brazil?
    just seems like a fight to keep Belfort busy, but imagine if Kennedy got the upset?
  4. Choose your side: Rory Mac vs. Jake Ellenberger Edition!
    Who will you be rooting for in tonight's co-main event?
  5. Bonuses: FOTN Herman/Smith, KOTN Guillard, SOTN Mighty Mouse
    From the UFC's Twitter: @UFCONFOX: #FOXUFCSaturday Bonuses: FOTN Herman/Smith, KOTN Guillard, SOTN Mighty Mouse ($50K each)
  6. What if...A Change In UFC Bonuses
    What if the UFC gave a bonus to every stoppage on a card? Improvement of action in a fight? Can the UFC afford to?
  7. Fights to make after UFC on FOX 8 & recap of experience
    Fun night!! Had a blast being there and meeting a bunch of fighters again! Feel like a kid on Christmas when I go to UFC events haha. Unfortunately I missed the first 2 fights and Herman/Smith fight...
  8. No, Moraga and Ellenberger Are Not All-Americans
    On UFC on Fox 8, UFC broadcasters referred to John Moraga and Jake Ellenberger as collegiate wrestling All-Americans. This does not comport with reality. Link
  9. Velasquez vs Dos Santos 3 poster... getting me excited!
    Can't wait for this one!
  10. Why The Zombie Can Win
    Jose Aldo is one of my favorite fighters, and is at least the #3 P4P fighter on everybody's list. No argument needs to be made for his chances of victory, but I feel no one has made an intelligible...
  11. Fighter to hold 2 UFC Championship belts
    So here's my question, the UFC has yet to have one champion put his balls on the line go up or down in weight class and strip a UFC Champion of his crown all whilst being a champion in a separate...
  12. I was thinking...
    Just for fun sake, if the UFC had no rounds what so ever and adopted back the no round or time limit rules... i think absolutely the ruler of the lighter weight classes (LW & FW) would have to be...
  13. Why do people say only reason Brock did ok in ufc is because of his size?
    I hear alot of people saying Brock only got as far as he did because of his size, while there are lots of other fighters just as big or significantly bigger than he was and they never even got close...
  14. Cool UFC 163 open workout video
    Jose Aldo, Chan Sung Jung, Lyoto Machida, Phil Davis, Cezar Ferreira, Thiago Santos, John Lineker and Jose Maria put on a show for the fans as the band Tihuana performed. Thought this was pretty...
  15. Chael on fighting Shogun Rua, Changing Camps
    Chael on fighting Shogun....changing camps, Mark Munoz, etc. Voice of Reason
  16. Rank the fights of UFC 163!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Aldo vs. Zombie 2. Lineker vs. Tome 3. McCall vs. Santos 4. Leites vs. Watson 5. Machida vs. Davis 6. Nunes vs. Gaff 7. Yahya vs....
  17. Fights to make after UFC 163
    Jose Aldo - Ricardo Lamas or Mendes/Guida winner - Obviously Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson are right up there as well Chang Sung Jung - Mendes/Guida loser - Hopefully his shoulder doesn't need...
  18. Machida vs Davis - who won?
    Lately, it seems like the judges only have a 30-second memory when scoring a round...even more so than normal. Although I thought the judges might give Phil a round or maybe even end up as a split...
  19. Anderson now bringing in Chuck Norris to help train for the rematch!
    Weidman better watch out cause a roundhouse is coming for his head! link
  20. UFC 168: The Spider Rises by MikeFightPromo
    Checks its outs brahs! UFC 168: The Spider Rises by MikeFightPromo
  21. Fox 1 Card - Boston August 17th - Where are Open workout and Weigh-in
    Anyone know where the open workouts are for this event - Location & Times? Also - where are Weigh-in's on Friday? time and location?
  22. attn Chael_Sonnen
    Come on dude. There's a ton of money ridding on you. You need to get on the their ass to hurry up!
  23. Lyoto Machida and female reporter swap urine samples and drink each other's pee
    Former UFC Lyoto Machida went public with his family's practice of drinking their own urine in 2009. In this video he and a female reporter swap urine and both have a taste of each other's pee. Link
  24. Rumoured: Swick vs Kennedy @ UFC Fight For The Troops 3
    Just a rumour a saw on facebook but the Fight for the troops card on the 6th of November might be lining up Swick vs Kennedy. If this is true it's a step down as Kennedy was gonna be fighting Belfort...
  25. Khabib Nurmagomedov Interview
    MMA Opinions Facebook status: Bloodandsweat.ru recently had the opportunity to interview Khabib Nurmagomedov. Here are a few things I took away from the interview that you might find interesting....
  26. NEW Anthony Pettis!
    Hi there, This is a short compilation of footage as a tribute to Anthony Pettis, providing insight to his life and the struggles he's surpassed. Please let me know what you think, and if you like the...
  27. Rumor Has It: Vitor Belfort vs Lyoto Machida will go down in November
    Saw it on "UFC "LIVE"" on bookface. Doesn't make sense to me but what does these days?
  28. UFC 168 promo
  29. Chael Sonnen just tested positive......
    For having too much blood in his testosterone. Link
  30. Uncle Creepy on the Joe Rogan Experience (Video)
    Here it is. I haven't listened yet but it's Ian McCall and Joe Rogan. It has to be good. LINK
  31. Sonnen will apply to referee Weidman vs. Silva 2
    My mesage box was flooded with 'Hey Champ, when are you gonna educate us Chael Grounders on the Voice of Reason of MMA....and life.....' You ask >>> you CHAEL receive. Chael Sonnen talks...
  32. ufc in fox sports 1 rank the fights
    1. Browne vs reem 2. Shogun vs sonnen 3. McDonald vs Pickett Least Vick vs nijem The spotlight is on conor McGregor Make a statement sat
  33. Pick your sides!
    Who are the fighters you'll be cheering for the most on tonight's card?
  34. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - Chael_sonnen
    So many of us were hoping that a Sonnen loss would mean we would not have to hear much from Chael_Sonnen anymore. Well, we did not get a loss, we got a nice sub victory instead. So here you go Mr....
  35. Fights to Make After UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Sonnen
    Wow! A lot of surprises tonight, and great fights too! Can't complain after a night of fights like that one. Here's a list of fights I think will happen for each fighter/want to see happen and my...
  36. Gabe Gonzaga Exclusive Interview by MMA Outsiders
    http://universalcombatnews.com/2013/08/18/mma-outsiders-exclusive-interview-gabe-gonzaga/ Nice interview!
  37. UFC online betting website? Real money
    Does anyone know of any online betting websites for the UFC? to bet real money. I'm looking for something that has the whole card - not just betting on main card or main event
  38. No UFC, Chael Sonnen Is Not An Olympic Alternate
    Nobody should doubt that Chael Sonnen had a great Greco-Roman wrestling career, but the time has come to set the record straight about his status as an "Olympic alternate". Link
  39. Check Out Fox’s Phantom Cam Super-Slow-Mo Fight Replay Video from UFC Fight Night 26
    Technology tends to leap forward on a daily basis, and the broadcast production of sporting events is not immune. And if you were watching Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 26: Shogun vs. Sonnen, you...
  40. Miller to appeal UFC Fight Night loss
    Miller to appeal UFC Fight Night loss The way Cole Miller sees it, he won his Saturday night UFC bout against Manny Gamburyan twice. Once by knockout, once by decision. One mistake he can live with....
  41. Powerful, but a little misunderstood: UFC matchmakers Joe Silva and Sean Shelby
    At first I thought the UFC matchmakers were just being paranoid. As soon as they showed up for their USA TODAY photo shoot in the bowels of Winnipeg's MTS Centre before UFC 161 in June, Zuffa...
  42. Quick Twitt | Belfort, Machida & Davis All Ask For Shot At Sonnen
    After his one-sided destruction over former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, Chael Sonnen has drawn the attention of several elite level fighters. In his post-fight speech...
  43. FightMetric Stats for Sonnen v Shogun
    There's more Zero's for Shogun than a typical Brazilian high school equivalency test.... 0% = Vandalay, Veetor & Macheetah will accept without getting "injured" 100% = Chael Sonnen has replaced Crime...
  44. EA Sports UFC pre-alpha gameplay
    Here's the EA Sports UFC pre-alpha gameplay previewed at Gamescom. The gameplay footage isn't all that long but it shows off the Jones/Alexander models and some gameplay mechanics. They still have...
  45. McGregor Slams Entire 145lb Top 10, Throws Diego Sanchez Under The Bus and Sanchez Responds
    There is no stopping this hype train! Conor McGregor continued his campaign towards greatness and against all his fighting peers today with a quick spot on Fox Sports followed by some twitter posts....
  46. Wanderlei sends video message to Chael, says he will break his nose!
    for those who said wand was scared of chael, watch this video!!! he looks pist and says he wants to fight chael and he will destroy him! WAR WAND!!! Video
  47. Ben Henderson to compete in ADCC 2013
    I just read that Ben Henderson will compete in the -77kg division at this year's ADCC championships. I think he's one of the favorites to win the division.
  48. Chris Weidman on Silva Rematch: ‘It’s Going To Be Easier’
    Chris Weidman defied the odds by dethroning Anderson Silva and claiming the UFC middleweight championship at UFC 162. If his confidence was high going into that fight, it is even higher as he...
  49. Rank the fights for UFC Fight Night-Condit vs Kampmann 2
    Rank the fights that you are most excited for. 1. Condit vs Kampmann 2. Cerrone vs RDA 3. Mizugaki vs Perez 4. Elkins vs Hioki 5. Edwards vs Thatch 6. McGee vs Whitaker 7. Gastelum vs Melancon 8....
  50. Michael Bisping says he could have 'easily' KO'ed Anderson Silva
    Michael Bisping thinks it "stinks" that he wasn't the one who knocked out Anderson Silva, a thing Bisping thinks he could have easily done. Link
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