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  1. Chael on SportsCenter
    UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has an unusual request at the end of his interview with Sage Steele. Check out the GUN SHOW on yours truly.....got your Tickets?? - Link -
  2. Chael on DLHQ
    One more for the bad guy - Link -
  3. 35 facts about UFC 159
    A light heavyweight championship contest will serve as the featured bout of the evening in "The Garden State" as reigning champion Jon Jones puts his title on the line for the fifth time against...
  4. The Wrestling of SONNEN and Jones in Perspective
    As the showdown between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 approaches, we hear more and more discussion about their accomplishments as wrestlers before they were fighting. In an effort to...
  5. How Cheal Sonnen got where he is today
    With an apperance from Dana White
  6. CHAEL talks with Jim Rome
    The King of Smack chats with the Pimp in the Box...... L I N K Scroll down and hit the (P)lay button to listen to (P)erfection
    So Mitrione's suspension was just lifted, but what exactly was he suspended from? My guesses: I think Mitrione was suspended from_______________. 1. partying with his Blackzilian brothers in Ft...
  8. SONNEN v Jones Presser Highlights
    T-Minus 2 days until the Boy-Blunder ducks ANOTHER fight against the West Linn Gangster...still time to pull out Bonesy. *** UFC 159 headliners Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen discuss staying focused,...
  9. Nate Diaz talks about his loss to Josh Thomson, Gray Maynard's title chances, and a lot more
    Warning: Explicit Language When one of the Diaz brothers talks, it's hard not to listen. Nate appeared on BJPENN.COM Radio, for an interview following his loss to Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 7. He had...
  10. The MMAPLAYGROUND would like to wish
    Chael_Sonnen luck tomorrow. All I gotta say is I never see Jon Jones posting on here. Also. Don't disappear after you lose. This was a poosting
  11. UFC 159 Best Value
    While I was looking through the lines available for tonight one really stood out to me Michael Bisping -180. I think Alan Belcher is a good fighter, but he’s not better at anything than Bisping....
  12. 30 Days of CHAEL....pion
    Slide over Tony Soprano, only a wannabe gets whacked at a Restaurant while listening to Journey...no fade to black here, only a fade to $$ (P)erfection $$ While you are eating onion rings waiting for...
  13. Post UFC 159 BS thread
    So here's the place to BS about the things that went down last night. Here's my take on the evening. 1. Weird ass stoppages all night. it was a little bad luck and a little bit of bad refereeing that...
  14. Fights to make after UFC 159
    Weird ass night of fights lol. It could have been ever worse had the ref let the fight go to the second round and the fight would've been stopped due to that gruesome toe of Jones so thank god that...
  15. Sonnen expected to face Silva in Boston....
    August 17th, the UFC travels to Boston for their first FOX Sports 1 event and near the top of the card, you can expect to find Silva and Sonnen’s name. Fans, get ready, as the Gangster from West...
  16. FS1 compared to FX
    Seems like FX shows finally gain some steam in ratings and now the UFC will be changing schedule and channel agian. Personally I think it will be better in the long run to be on FS1. What does...
  17. Rumored female cast revealed for 'Ultimate Fighter 18: Rousey vs Zingano'
    An early look at the rumored female cast of the upcoming 'Ultimate Fighter 18: Rousey vs Zingano' Link
  18. UFC on FOX 7 Phantom Cam
    Following UFC on FOX 7 earlier this month, FOX Sports has released highlights from its "phantom cam," a high-speed camera that shows MMA action in superb detail. Link
  19. Pick a card, any card!
    Which of the following three main cards would you prefer to watch? Card #1 Cain Valesquez vs. Mark Hunt - HW Championship - Main Event Urijah Faber vs. Frankie Edgar (FW) Michael Bisping vs. Rich...
  20. Favorite TUF fighter?
    Any of you guys have a favorite fighter (or just someone you can't help but root for) from The Ultimate Fighter? Forrest Griffin? Rashad Evans? Michael Bisping? Andy Wang? I've enjoyed Mike Swick...
  21. UFC President Dana White reacts to Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero
    UFC's Dana White attended Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero live, and ended up disappointed on how the fight played out. Link
  22. Dan Hardy to appear on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast on Wednesday (May 8)
  23. Miguel Torres disoriented after 2011 knockout loss to Michael McDonald at UFC 145
    Former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres suffered memory loss following his KO defeat to Michael McDonald at UFC 145. UPDATE: Like clockwork, the UFC removed the video. Below are some rough...
  24. Todd Duffee Calls Life Outside the UFC ‘A Nightmare’
    In an interview given to AboveandBeyondMMA.com, UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee dexcribed life outside of the UFC and used a few choice words to dexscribe how much worse he felt after he was released:...
  25. Shane Carwin just retired
    no link to the news just seen it on tweeter
  26. A brief history of UFC point deductions
    Over the past 12 years of Zuffa run UFC events, only 20 fights that went to a decision have included a point deduction. Link
  27. How have Strikeforce fighters fared in the UFC?
    Since Strikeforce was shut down earlier this year, a total of thirty fights featuring 'forced crossover' Strikeforce fighters have taken place. How have they done so far? Link
  28. Nick Diaz cornermen shit talking opponents during the fight
    You already know what to expect. Link
    So yeah here's my newest promo for the superfight, go get your freak on. Enjoy!! SILVA VS. JONES - TRAILER
  30. 7 Fighters removed from UFC.com
    Likely they've been cut: Leonard Garcia, Bart Palaszewski, Issei Tamura, Justin Lawrence, Reuben Duran, Sam Sicilia and Kurt Holobaugh.
  31. Dan Hardy is live on the Joe Rogan Experience in the next few minutes
    Here's the LINK
  32. ufc 162 tickets. anyone going.
    Just bought my fight ticket. Wasn't gonna get sucked into a 600 dollar ticket like last July. But Fuck 1200 for a Silva vs weidman and Edgar vs Oliveira co main is pretty pricey. So is anyone...
  33. How deep is the division - Lightweight May 2013
    For a long time the Lightweight Division has been referred to as the deepest division in Mixed Martial Arts and for a long time it has been clear to see why. However I believe the division is...
  34. UFC, The Wire-Style intro
    A Ufc intro inspired by the Wire. Made by me :) UFC, The Wire-Style
  35. UFC fighter contract details revealed and analyzed
    Long shrouded in mystery former Bleacher Report has managed to get an in-depth look at the UFC's fighter contract. Link
  36. Daniel Cormier cautioned Luke Rockhold about the 'UFC jitters'
    Daniel Cormier is coming off a successful UFC debut, but it wasn't without his hiccups. His teammate Luke Rockhold is making his own debut this weekend at UFC on FX 8, and Cormier relayed his issues...
  37. UFC 162: Is Chris Weidman talking too much?
    UFC middleweight title challenger Chris Weidman seems to be doing a new interview every day for his UFC 162 bout with Anderson Silva. But when does a lot of promotion turn into too much? Link
  38. Chris Weidman supporters/People who want him to win
    He is returning soon! LiNk
  39. UFC announcer Bruce Buffer recounts elevator fight with Frank Trigg
    UFC cage announcer and new author Bruce Buffer is finally dishing the goods on one of the more intriguing fights in UFC history. Link
  40. Jimmy Hettes
    Does anyone have any news or updates on when Jimmy Hettes' next fight is?
    Roger Gracie is training hard for his UFC debut. The fighter who will make his debut in the biggest MMA event in the world is in England, Roger is strengthening its striking with the English fighter...
  42. Rank the fights of UFC On FX 8!
    Better late than never, right? Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Lineker vs. Gashimov 2. Belfort vs. Rockhold 3. Dias vs. Lentz 4. Souza vs. Camozzi 5. Anjos vs. Dunham...
  43. Michael Chiesa isn't a fan of the 50/50 guard
    From his Twitter: If I was in Brazil, I'd hop in the cage and bitch slap these guys for scissoring each other. If Vitor was playing 50/50 guard with these guys, he'd start licking their feet...
  44. Rumor: Hunt has only 12 hours left to get his visa
    It's just a rumor right now but Because of an incident that happened more than a decade ago, Mark Hunt is still trying to get his visa for his fight against Junior dos Santos, and he has about 12...
  45. Vitor = living legend
    When i was 10 years old my uncle introduced me to mma when he showed me a VHS tape of a hulking Brazilian monster steamrolling a young Wandi... 15 years later that Brazilian monster is still...
  46. TJ Grant WAR WAGON !!!
  47. UFC 160 Best card in a while?
    Is it just me or is this the best card in a while? I mean UFC 158 was pretty good but this just looks awesome Squash match main event... 2 Heavyweight Bangers as the Co-Main Lightweight Number 1...
  48. Is it just me or...
    Are the fan made posters 10x better than anything the UFC can come up with? Here's the Aldo vs. Pettis fan made poster. And here's some others
  49. The Truth About Culinary 226
    Looks like Zuffa has a new website Link
  50. vs. Jones
    Who do you want to see Jon Jones fight next?
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