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  1. Rampage and Teixeira at the weigh-ins
    If you were wondering what Rampage was saying at the weigh-ins here it is. Link "I'm? in the best shape of my life and i trained hard as fuck for you. And i don't like when people say they gonna...
  2. Anik and Cruz awkwardness
    Gotta love it.
  3. Things I learned from going to my first ever UFC event.
    So I went to UFC on FOX today and it was my first ever UFC event. I would like to take the time to recognize all the things I "learned" today from the fans who were around me. - Drunk people like to...
  4. Fights to make after UFC on FOX 6
    Great card last night! So many fighters looked awesome including Ricardo Lamas! Grant, Pettis, and Bader all looked awesome as well and I was pretty surprised at how well Dodson was doing in the main...
  5. Bruce Buffer
    I have just booked an interview with Bruce Buffer next Monday, is there anything the PG would like me to ask?
  6. My day keeps getting better
    Ive just received confirmation from the UFC that I can have a press pass for UFC on Fuel TV 7.
  7. Edgar moving down to 135?
    I just got around to watching UFC Tonight and Chael mentioned Dominik Cruz training for Edgar. Cruz said he heard from "good authority" that Edgar isn't planning on sticking around 145. Anyone else...
  8. rank ufc 156 fights
    I'm flying out after work tommorrow gonna be a very long day still hasn't hit me yet for excitement.Been a rough week at work with super bowl and Valentine's coming. Awesome card gotta say. The fact...
  9. Uncle Creepy or Joey B ?
  10. Reem and Bigfoot square off with threats
    Alaistair Overeem and Bigfoot Silva squared off for the press shoot and Bigfoot Silva was claimed to have said " You better respect me" to what The Reem replied, "Im gonna F***in destroy you" This...
  11. Choose your side!
    Who will you be rooting for in Saturday's main event?
  12. Aldo vs Edgar
    I'll take Aldo if anybody wants Edgar for AV bet
  13. UFC 156 Predictions
    I've been working on an algorithm to predict UFC fights over the last year and a half or so. Here are my picks and bets for UFC 156 (I will be mocking these in the MMA fantasy on here): Aldo over...
  14. Bas Boon - “If Overeem does not knock Silva out in the first three minutes of this fight, I think Silva wins.”
    Just some of the picks for UFC 156. Bas Boon - “If Overeem does not knock Silva out in the first three minutes of this fight, I think Silva wins.” Ryan Couture (6-1, Son of UFC Hall of Famer) – “Aldo...
  15. Edgar weigh-in
    I thought he looked good coming in at 144. He pretty much ran on stage and looked in his element. Can't wait for tonight. Anyone change their picks after the weigh-in?
  16. the fights tonight
    Enjoy the fights. I got a lot of decisions Been a hell of a day walked about 2 miles all around Vegas Got some newbie geek that is sitting next to me. Doesn't know that much about Ufc. I am sitting...
  17. Aldo v Pettis
    Dana said in the post-fighter presser that Pettis texted him and wants to move down to 145 to fight Aldo. To my mind that is as exciting a fight as could be made in MMA. What do you guys think about...
  18. Fights to make after UFC 156
    Alright guys so I'm going to try explaining my choices for fights to make, and discuss more n stuff, so tell me what you think,,, just trying to change it up lol. Jose Aldo - Apparently Anthony...
  19. who won Aldo or Edgar ?
    I think Aldo won clear enough. I gave him 1,2 and 5. Rnd 4 for edgar and the 3rd was close.
  20. Big night for the Brazilians
    4-1 Brazilian fighters won last night. The only loss being Tibau's on the undercard.
  21. Dethroning GSP
    Alright guys, you decide. Who will be the Welterweight that finally defeats Georges St-Pierre for the WW title? Or will he remain the Champ until he decides to retire?
  22. Cain Velasquez and Joe Lauzon Career Highlights
    Joe Lauzon Cain Velasquez - Rise Brand New Higlights made by me! Next project: Frankie Edgar.
  23. Some Of The Best Fights In The UFC
  24. My interview with Bruce Buffer
    This is my favourite interview Ive done, let me know your thoughts. Rabi with Bruce Buffer
  25. Promised title shots
    Does anyone else think Dana needs to stop telling guys they're next in line for a title shot after a fight? Not only does the guy tell it to more than one guy who is fighting (sometimes even on the...
  26. Herb Dean's reaction to Bigfoot knocking out Overeem.
    Herb looks like he just walked into a spider's web FastKO reminded me that his needs an: Of course Airkerma beat me to it I knew I should have checked the funny picture thread
  27. Gunnar!!!
    Excited to see Gunnar Nelson fight again on Fuel. This guy is scary, scary good. A ww who can submit Monson... c'mon. His standup is like a Machida/Liddel hybrid too. WW contender for sure. Anyone...
  28. Tonight's episode of TUF
    I won't post any spoilers here, but I do just want to say HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! That was crazy.
  29. This should get you ready for next week's TUF
    link Yes that's Spencer Pratt in the background, Casey has street cred from The Hills.
  30. Just booked another massive interview
    Most of you will know that this week I interviewed Bruce Buffer, Ive juct booked another great interview for next Friday. If any one has any questions they would like me to ask him then let me know....
  31. Pick a card, any card!
    Which main card would you prefer to see? (No real events) Card #1 (Main event) Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett (Main Card) Jon Fitch vs. Carlos Condit Joe Lauzon vs. Donald Cerrone John Dodson vs. Ian...
  32. Tweet of the Day: Maynard thinking about FW move
    Gray Maynard is easily one of the best lightweights in the world, but is he contemplating a potential drop to featherweight? Link
  33. Searching for Uriah Hall commercial
    I heard that Hall had his own solo commercial for NOS during one of the early episodes. Unfortunately I deleted them off my DVR already, and I can't find a clip of the spot anywhere online. Can...
  34. Rich Franklin
    Hey Guys I'm a huge Franklin fan and I just wanna get your viewpoints on where he stands atm, what you believe his future entails? Personally I think he should fight on, I believe he has quite a bit...
  35. Alistair Overeem Eats Punches Like A Cat - UFC 156
    Alistair Overeem Eats Punches Like A Cat - UFC 156
  36. Anderson Silva: Greatest Athlete of All Time?
    He's 1 of 16 athletes you can vote for in ESPN's Sport Science bracket. Pretty stiff competition...I'm curious to see how it pans out. Vote
  37. You asked for it, NOW YOU GOT IT!
    Out of high demand from CHAELnation (you are welcome) LINK
  38. Watch episodes of The Ultimate Fighter 17 for FREE on Hulu!
    Looks like TUF is on Hulu basic, so feel free to catch up if you missed any of the episodes. It works in the US, but I'm not sure about other countries. Link
  40. Rumor: Cain/Bigfoot & JDS/Reem in May
    @arielhelwani @danawhite just told us in The Temple Bar.. Cain v Big Foot and JDS v Reem in May! You heard it here first! #DanasInDublin Link
  41. Who you picking at UFC on Fuel TV: Barao vs McDonald?
    I only have 4 picks on this card. Barao over McDonald. 1 unit at 1.34 to 1 (-275) Poirier over Swanson. 1 unit at 2.04 to 1 (+104) Riddle over Mills. 1 unit at 3.04 to 1 (+204) Sass over Castillo. 1...
    A promo i made for this unbelievably talent rich bout between two beasts Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo for the fearherweight title! UFC 163: Aldo vs. Pettis PROMO
  43. UFC on Fuel 7 weigh-in results: Barao vs McDonald
    The main event is a showdown for the UFC interim bantamweight title, with champion Renan Barao defending against 22-year-old Michael McDonald. Main Card: Renan Barao (134) vs. Michael McDonald (134)...
  44. Dustin Poirier vs Cub Swanson - FOTN ???
    Hey guys, This event is a good stacked card, I am most excited for this fight. I think both these guys are out to get their names in the title contention with a victory in London. This could easily...
  45. James Te Huna's Men In Black entrance to UFC On Fuel 7
    Before picking up the decision win over Ryan Jimmo, Te Huna made his way to the Octagon in style. He and his entire team came out dressed in black suits and did a little dance number on their way...
  46. Fights to make after UFC on FUEL TV 7
    Renan Barao - Great performance by Barao, he looked as good as ever, even got hit hard and survived, I don't see him losing for a while. I want to see him fight Dominick Cruz next seeing as there is...
  47. Barao v. Aldo
    After watching Aldo and Barao back-to-back with Dantas vs. Galvao in between, I can't help but wonder what would happen if Renan and Joes put their camp loyalty aside and fought each other. They have...
  48. Rabi Lines Up Coaches on TUF Smashes 2
    At the post-fight presser our very own Ray Thompson asked Dana about a possible match between James Te-Huna and Jimi Manuwa for the TUF Smashes 2 season. http://youtu.be/KbZoMIdCcmw?t=7m48s Hell yeah...
  49. By the numbers: UFC on Fuel TV 7
    Renan Barao looks like he’s going to be around for a while. The interim bantamweight champion did his best to shed the “temporary” label at the UFC on Fuel TV 7 headliner on Saturday night,...
  50. The Man who choked Chuck Norris unconscious, fights at UFC 157!
    Seems legit. We could be seeing a new era in MMA come Saturday. Video
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