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  1. UFC on FX 7 poster pic for 'Belfort vs Bisping' on Jan. 19 in Brazil
  2. Nick Diaz goes off on GSP's methods and toughness
    video link
  3. Diego Sanchez tweets he might be fighting Gomi on Japan card
    @DiegoSanchezUFC Might have a fight lined up for march 2nd... Just waiting on the man Joe Silva to see if Mr. Fireball kid takes it? #japan #yesyesyes
  4. Silva -210 over GSP
    Silva and GSP odds link
  5. MacDonald Dishes Out Words for War Against BJ Penn
    The anticipation continues to rise as we approach the December 8th return of “The Prodigy” BJ Penn. Standing opposite of Penn in the UFC octagon on that upcoming December night will be the rising...
  6. Pat Barry at LHW?
    Via Twitter "FUCK YAHHH!!!MADE 208lbs THIS MORNING!!!I CHALLENGE @rosenamajunas TO A BACKOFF!!!@horsepowersc" -Pat Barry
  7. Got my UFC on FOX 6 tickets today!
    My UFC cherry is going to be popped on January 26th. Anyone else going?
  8. Rank the fights of UFC on Fox 5!
    Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last! 1. Swick vs. Brown 2. Henderson vs. Diaz 3. Penn vs. MacDonald 4. Rua vs. Gustaffson 5. Siver vs. Phan 6. Edwards vs. Stephens 7. Jorgensen...
  9. Ahead of UFC on FOX 5, FOX airs 'Road to the Octagon' special on Sunday
    The FOX network's "Road to the Octagon" pre-fight special returns on Sunday ahead of next week's UFC on FOX 5 event, which features a lightweight title fight between champion Benson Henderson and top...
  10. bendo or nate diaz
    so me and my cousin made a bet and its a big 1 im siding with bendo hes going with nate diaz to win whats some of ur guys opinions?
  11. Chael Sonnen tweets "TAPPED JONES IN PRACTICE TODAY..."
    14 minutes later, he replies, "Not JON Jones. My friend STEVE Jones. Don't start rumors, not cool."
  12. UFC Road to the Octagon on Fox
    Anyone else watch it this evening? Was pretty good, Rory looks like Patrick Bateman with his slicked back hair now.
  13. Who Are You Rooting For? Team Penn or Team MacDonald?
    Simply, who are you rooting for, not who do you think will win. Team Penn Team MacDonald
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  14. Ripped Leben is ripped
    Seems like he might be serious about turning his life around.
  15. UFC 157 Rousey vs Cyborg?!?
    UFC Mistake, Rumour or What, something fishies going on LINK
  16. ufc main event will be for 157 anaheim ...
    It's official Rhonda rousey vs Chris cyborg for first ever female title I have mixed emotions But rousey vs cyborg is better than rousey vs Tate Being their live for first ever female championhip And...
  17. Silva Camp Ready to Move on: GSP Showing no Interest in Super Fight
    The super fight between the dubbed GOATs (Greatest of All Time) George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva may take a while. Ariel Helwani reported on Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight that Silva’s manager doesn’t...
  18. UFC 156 Poster
  19. UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Diaz Press Conference (link)
    Starts any minute now. LINK
  20. Forrest Griffin Out of UFC 155
    With Forrest out, looks like Phil won't be fighting either. Link First Weidman now Griffin... Who's next?
  21. Less Deserved Title shot
    Sonnen or Diaz ? Both coming off losses and Chael's being in a different weight class.What your opinion? Lately doesn't seem to be much logic behind title shots....But regardless both of these fights...
  22. Choose your side!
    Who are you rooting for in tonight's main event?
  23. A Lighter Side of Anderson Silva
    Cabbie (Cabral Richards) is one of my favourite sports personalities/interviewers because he steps outside the box for his interviews. He treats every athlete like their buddies instead of the...
  24. Ufc On Fx Benson Vs Diaz Thread
    Ufc On Fx Benson Vs Diaz Thread
  25. The Toothpick
    Did Bendo seriously fight last night with a toothpick in his beak?? Here's the pic and a video of Dana talking about it. Crazy. Dana Interview LINK
  26. Norman Parke
    Does anyone know his official record? According to Tapology he's 8-2 but on Wikipedia he's 16-2.
  27. Fights to make after UFC on FOX 5
    Great night of fights, enjoyed it very much live! Here we go.. Benson Henderson - Pettis/Cerrone winner or maybe Gilbert Melendez Nate Diaz - Diego Sanchez Alexander Gustafsson - Rampage/Teixeira...
  28. Scott Jorgensen Cured of His Skin Condition
    I don't know what he did, but it looks like Scott Jorgensen doesn't have that skin condition anymore. Good for him.
  29. How's about them fights?
    Since I had to work last night, I turned off my phone and waited until like midnight to start the fights. If Nate weren't fighting for the title, I may have checked up on the play by play, but I...
  30. Nate Quarry Interview
    I try to plug my podcast to a minimum here, but we had Nate Quarry on last week and he spent 90 minutes with us talking about a wide range of topics. He chatted about his early life, being in a...
  31. Boxing/MMA on ESPN
    Is anyone else annoyed by the amount of publicity the pacquaio fight is getting on the same weekend as a UFC title fight on FOX? I have heard most of the ESPN shows plug the fight at least once while...
  32. Sherdog Rankings
    LINK I think Gil Melendez sticks out like a sore thumb on that list.
  33. Bendo should be disqualified!
  34. Daron Cruickshank TUF facebook page
    If you were not already a "Detroit Superstar" fan AKA Daron Cruickshank fan and liked his performance over Henry "overweight" Martinez. would you do us a favor and go to his Facebook TUF page and add...
  35. UFC on FX-6 weigh ins (live in 5 min)
    So many toss ups on tomorrows card. The weigh ins should help out a little with picks! Who else is tuning in??? WEIGH IN LIVE ON JUNKIE
  36. Me and Ulysses
    I have signed my first UFC fighter up to do fight diaries, Ulysses Gomez is going to do Fight Diaries on the build up to his fight in February in London. Also, the day after the fight we are going to...
  37. Fights to make after UFC on FX 6
    Now that was a sick night of fights! Great wars in th smashes finales, Lombard decided to show up and Pearson had a great finish and showed us why he's still a scary mofo. Ross Pearson - I think he's...
  38. UFC 158 Poster
    Here's the poster for UFC 158
  39. Fights to make after TUF 16 Finale
    All I can say is... Finishes! 11 fights with only 2 decisions (one of which got FOTN) and plenty of clean KO's. That was definitely a successful UFC event Roy Nelson - Chieck Kongo Matt Mitrione -...
  40. Velasquez or JDS ? discuss
    I'm going with cain here. He impressed me so much in his win over antonio silva If he can just get it down early and tire dos santos out a little, then he has a very good chance of winning. In JDS...
  41. I propose a pillow fight: Fitch vs Shields
    Both of these guys fight with a grinding, top heavy bjj style that bores the hell out of me. No matter how many favorable positiins they get themselves in, no matter how exhausted their opponents,...
    Junior Dos Santos made his intentions pretty clear a little more than four years ago in his UFC debut. His giant right uppercut landed on Fabricio Werdum's chin like it was attached to a piece of...
  43. TUF: Jones vs. Sonnen Poster
  44. Pat Barry engages in productive and educational dialogue with racist fan
    UFC Heavyweight Pat Barry received a racist message from a "fan" and replied in his own inimitable fashion. Link
  45. Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre, just my 2cents
    nick is a true fighter by the definition of the word he goes out to finish (excellent bjj and boxing skills) and not afraid to put it all on the line gsp since the serrra ko has turned in to a points...
  46. Joe Lauzon vs. Nick Gullo grappling match
    Made because White's friend -- Nick "The Tooth" Gullo -- apparently was a bit overanxious in talking about grappling, White asked Lauzon to grapple with Gullo prior to UFC on Fox 5 with some cash on...
  47. ufc 155 rank the fights !!!
    Top 3 1. Jds vs Velasquez 2. Okami vs belcher 3. Pickett vs wineland Bottom Johnson vs jury
  48. Nick "The Tooth"
    Who is this guy exactly? All I know is he is an old friend of Dana's who challenged Lauzon to a grappling match. But Dana's mentioned him a lot these past few days and wore a Nick The Tooth t-shirt...
  49. "I finish fights"
    Remember when Florian used to grab the microphone and brag about how he "finishes fights"? Well take a look at how many of J-Lau's wins ended in a decision. I'm leaning towards MIller right now, but...
  50. Serious dilemma with tonight UFC 155
    Who is going to interview the winners? When Joe Rogan comentates he does it and when Jon anik comentates he does it too!
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