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  1. Which Champ has faced the toughest challengers? With MMAth
    So the point of this thread is to bring a little bit of objectivity to the P4P debate. Jon Jones, GSP, and Anderson Silva are all amazing champions. However, people disagree about which is truly the...
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  2. Chael Sonnen Is Ruining The Sport, Glover Teixeira Can Save It
    link It's an interview, the title gives the general gist
  3. Mike Winkeljohn: Jon Jones isn't far from 'that Anderson Silva place' with his striking
    UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been undeniably dominant in his UFC run thus far, but one thing he hasn't shown is thunderous power with his striking. Trainer Mike Winkeljohn thinks it's...
  4. US and Canada are only countries who have PPV
    In this article I was surprised that Brazil UFC events are also on regular TV link
  5. Another Octagon girl? Yes please, meet Ryann Bader
  6. Who does GSP think Pound 4 Pound Best
    Of all the debates on who is Pound for Pound best.. IMO its so not Silva...He has the best streak of title defenses but has a glaring hole in his game... IMO a best Pound 4 Pound is well rounded in...
  7. UFC heavyweight champ, Junior dos Santos recently told Sports Illustrated that he thinks he can KO boxing’s heavyweight king
    “I could beat [Wladimir Klitschko], man. Maybe not easy, but I could knock him out. I watch a lot of fights with Wladimir, and I see a lot of holes. Wladimir, the Klitschkos, they’re amazing. BJ...
  8. UFC 154 Poster (Halloween Style)
    Not sure if its been posted yet, sorry if it has. LINK
  9. St-Pierre or Condit: Who are you voting for this November?
    GSP - Campaign Ad Condit - Campaign Ad Do your homework and choose wisely!
  10. Schiavello: Jones/Sonnen "Cheapens the title"
    This week on The MMA Podcast we welcomed Michael Schiavello, and he chatted with us for a good 45 minutes talking about his career in kickboxing & MMA, the future of K-1, and current topics in MMA...
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  11. Which champion has the toughest challenge ahead of them?
    Which champion has the toughest challenge ahead of them? - JDS vs. Cain Valesquez - Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen - GSP vs. Carlos Condit - Ben Henderson vs. Nate Diaz - Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar -...
  12. UFC 154 in theatres
    I'm thinking about going to see the fights on the big screen. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this yet and how they felt about the experience. Also, will the theatre only show the main card...
  13. UFC on Fuel TV 6
    Saturday morning will be the first time the new live international broadcasts will be an inconvenience to the U.S. viewers. Will you still watch?
  14. The Undefeated Streak is on the line... But...
    He's got no chance. First it was James, Who limped from the beast, Drywal's fate was similar, He left deceased. Houston was unconscious, Gone had his spirit, But Mendes was spared, left capable to...
  15. Watch the UFC on Fuel TV 6 Weigh-ins on MMAWeekly.com In Less Then 20 Minutes
    They will be starting in 12 minutes or so if anyones up. LINK
  16. The Night I Found out Jon Jones is an A**Hole, by Jazz Singh Gill
    It was Saturday night in Las Vegas and after a week in Sin City which had left me emotionally, physically and financially drained, I was hoping to have an epic final night of my holiday. So, when I...
  17. Korean Man Blowing Kisses
    To the person in charge of which camera shot makes it on the air, Please stop showing man 1 of 3 holding the Korean flag while blowing kisses at the camera/me. He is quite creepy and I am certain I...
  18. WOW.
    cung le.
  19. Fights to make after UFC on FUEL TV 6
    Cung Le - Lombard/Palhares winner Rich Franklin - Retire or someone like Mark Munoz Thiago Silva - Matt Hamill or James Te Huna Stanislav Nedkov - Igor Pokrajac or Diabate/Griggs loser Dong Hyun Kim...
  20. Happy Birthday, UFC!
    UFC 1 went down 19 years ago today. Gotta say though, the UFC doesn't look a day over 15...which is the way Kpro likes it. Happy Birthday, UFC!
  21. ufc 157 will be in anaheim feb 23rd
    Kind of shocked didn't see this coming Usually Ufc has los Angeles Anaheim events in the fall Main event I wouldn't be shocked if the hendo vs machida Is the main event Title wise Barao vs Cruz maybe...
  22. FUEL TV debuts 'UFC Roundtable: Welterweights' tonight with GSP, Serra, Penn, Gracie
    FUEL TV returns with a welterweights-only edition of "UFC Roundtable" tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET (7:30 p.m. PT). UFC-FUEL TV broadcaster Jay Glazer hosts the series, which includes the first part...
  23. UFC hacker sentenced to probation, limited from using Internet
    A teenage hacker who helped reroute the UFC's website and take down several high-profile websites has been sentenced to six years of probation, according to a Wired report. The hacker, who is...
  24. Playground Judges: UFC on FUEL TV 6 (Macao)
    Thought this might be fun to do after each event to see how others score fights for those that do. Only listing fights that went to a decision. Also only listing the score you had watching live right...
  25. Rank the fights of UFC 154
    Super stacked event this saturday with 13 fights! 1. Hendricks vs Kammann 2. Ring vs Philippou 3. St. Pierre vs Condit 4. Cote vs Sakara 5. Carmont vs Lawlor 6. Carvalho vs Damm 7. Siler vs Elkins 8....
  26. Ashamed to admit....
    lets share something MMA related that you are ashamed to admit. I will start and I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen the Griffin/Bonnar fight.
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  27. Chael Sonnen Says Rampage Jackson Can’t Beat Ronda Rousey
    “I’d like to congratulate Ronda Rousey on becoming a pioneer in this sport. It’s well deserved and overdue. Looks like Mitt Romney has a new favorite fighter and Rampage Jackson has another opponent...
  28. Tom DeBlass Announces Retirement through Facebook
    After a lot of talk with my family and Coaches. I have decided to retire from fighting and focus on my family, my Academy, and helping my students to achieve their goals. I have had the opportunity...
  29. Movember on display at 154
    I heard at the start of the month my boy Nick Ring & his team mate will be sporting a moustache So don't you boys be saying I didn't know about it War Siler & Ring
  30. GSP on Mandy Moore Rumors, Rory MacDonald’s Style and Dinosaurs
    link (video) Georges St-Pierre says if he ever dated Mandy Moore, critiques Rory MacDonald’s attire and discusses time machines.
  31. UFC 154: Darren Elkins epic street fight in the men's room
    "The last street fight I got into was a bar fight. I don't really go out to bars anymore. Anyway, there was this guy, and he was trying to fight one of my buddies. They ended up having some words. I...
  32. Azamat Gashimov
    tonight you will all learn and remember the name Azamat Gashimov
  33. If Carlos Condit Comes out with....
    Chaffed nipples GSP is in trouble!
  34. Silva vs. St. Pierre?
    Who thinks this fight will happen or SHOULD happen? I really was surprised. The whole fight it showed Anderson Silva's reactions and yet he never challenged GSP. I really think it would be smart for...
  35. Anderson Silva's takedown defense
    I am just curious what the majority of people think about Anderson's takedown defense.
  36. Forrest's chin?
    Arguing with a friend about Forrest's chin, so I decided to run a poll lol
  37. Fights to make after UFC 154
    Pretty good night of fights, GSP is back and looked awesome tonight. Here we go... Georges St. Pierre - Johny Hendricks or Anderson Silva I guess Carlos Condit - Josh Koscheck or Martin Kampmann 2...
  38. Sakar gives Cote a gift at UFC 154
    Does anyone else think that Sakara basically handed Cote his contract back last night? Sakara was definitely going to end that fight one way or the other and just used bad shots to do it, the clinch...
  39. GSP or Silva - Which Champion has a tougher fight stylistically?
    So supposedly the blueprints for beating Anderson Silva are to take him down, hold him there and avoid the submissions. The supposed blueprints for GSP is to land a clean power shot and make him...
  40. Pookie's post - 11/18/12
    Yesterday my base had the priveledge of 5 ufc fighters come down and work out/watch the fights with us. The fighters were Ulysses Gomez, Reuben Duran, Francisco Rivera, Jeremy Stephens, and Ian...
  41. Hendricks, What else does he have?
    Besides that massive overhand left he has used to great effect recently, what else does Johny really bring to the table? I've personally not seen enough of his wresting (although, it is supposed to...
  42. Does Johny Hendricks deserve a title shot?
    -5 fight winning streak -3 finished by KO/TKO -2 in under 60 sec Kampmann Koscheck Fitch Pierce Waldburger Personally.. I wouldn't have complained if he was given a title shot after he beat Fitch....
  43. Diego Sanchez attacks Diaz via twitter
    link To me he sounds drunk, but it is amusing.
  44. CBS Sports' Seth Davis goes off on 'homoerotic' MMA, doesn't want his sons watching
    Popular CBS Sports basketball analyst Seth Davis went on a Twitter rant this weekend decrying the pictures of 'two muscular bloody men in homoerotic fighting pose' and saying he didn't want his sons...
  45. Nick Diaz Is “Not Impressed” With GSP’s Performance
    link Really he just tweets I am not impressed by your performance, but I found it amusing
  46. Dan Henderson vs Lyota Machida moved to UFC 157
    Link The UFC has decided to move the Light Heavyweight bout between Lyoto Machida and Dan Henderson to UFC 157 on February 23, 2013 in Anaheim, CA. The fight had initially been targeted for UFC 156...
  47. UFC Tries To Prove It's Capable Of A Knockout
    Pretty interesting article i just read about some of the inner working of the UFC. Well worth a look Blurb (via Bloody Elbow): Fast Company, a monthly magazine that examines what's hot and what's...
  48. Silva/St Pierre size comparison picture
    Sorry to flog a dead horse, but I saw this on FB, and thought it looks quite realistic. I'm sure its not real, but it gives us an idea.
  49. Anyone hear anything about Eddie Alvarez contract yet?
    I am guessing Alvarez isnt in the greatest spot right now... I think all Dana White can think about is a superfight and Rhonda.... Wheres Eddie?
  50. Alistair Overeem vs Bigfoot Silva?!
    via Overeems Facebook/Twitter...he says, and I quote, "Bigfoot silva febr 2nd, and gentlemen, I can't wait :)" facebook twitter
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