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  1. Chat function
    Is there a chat function we can include when there is an event on? Might be a good idea. The discussion threads are alright, but you have to keep refreshing, and I think that keeps people from...
  2. Franklin vs Wanderlei
    Thought I'd open a thread so we could talk about the fights I don't know about anyone else but i love it when Franklin and Wanderlei fight. These guys love to scrap and it was a nice change of pace...
  3. Words of wisdom: Don't do the Hioki
    Hatsu Hioki didn't think he was ready for Jose Aldo, and now he knows he wasn't. In April, the highest-ranked Japanese fighter in mixed martial arts turned down a shot to fight for Aldo's UFC...
  4. The difference between avoiding damage and running away in MMA
    So somethings been bothering me since Guida vs Maynard on Friday, besides the fight itself. Guida and his fans have been defending his strategy by saying things like "what am I supposed to do Dan...
  5. Franklin improved speed?
    Is it just me or did Franklin look faster than ever last night?I always considered him a good striker but more of an accurate striker than a speedy one.To me he looked faster last night than when he...
  6. From Rafael Palmeiro To Rafael Feijao: Why UFC Needs To Begin Testing Their Own Fighters
    From corked bats to loaded gloves, there have always been ways for unscrupulous athletes to tip the odds in their favor. MMA is no different from any other sport in this respect. The reality of the...
  7. UFC 14: Showdown
    Once again this event had two four man tournaments, one at HW and one at MW. Also, the HW title is on the line in the main event. Before the main card starts there is two alternate bouts, one for...
  8. UFC rookies of the year (so far)
    Okay so we're almost at the half way point of 2012 & there have already been 15 UFC events so far this year!!! Gone are the days where UFC only held a handful of events per year (with Ken Shamrock...
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  9. UFC 148: It's Personal
    Video I don't remember the last fight I've been this excited for!
  10. UFC App for iphone with Notification
    Hi! i'm looking for an iphone app, witch shows the upcomming UFC fights and alerts the date they start. Like u can do with football, basketball..??
  11. UFC 148 Primetime Trailer
    Holy Christ. This fight is going to be so epic. UFC Primetime will have no problem promoting this rematch. This may be my favorite UFC 148 promo video to date! UFC 148 Primetime Trailer - LINK
  12. Poll:who do you want to win Silva vs. Sonnen 2
    just curious as to which fighter has more fans on this site
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  13. Who do you "THINK" will win Silva vs Sonnen II
    Just seeing if there is a difference between who you WANT to win and who you THINK will win
  14. Silva vs. Sonnen and Five of the Greatest Rivalries in MMA History
    There have undoubtedly been some famous and infamous rivalries in mixed martial arts history, but none may top the main event at UFC 148. Anderson Silva is arguably the greatest mixed martial artist...
  15. UFC 148 Silva vs. Sonnen II Primetime Episode 1
  16. Optimistic Overeem doesn't seem to get it
    Alistair Overeem has grown accustomed to squashing things. For the past five years, Overeem has stomped unabated though the heavyweight landscape of both mixed martial arts and professional...
  17. Silva’s long journey to the breaking point
    Anderson Silva finally let his words do the talking, rather than his sharp appendages. What a rare moment. So rare that it could more accurately be called a “never” moment. Silva aired his bad...
  18. UFC 15
    UFC 15 marked some major changes with regards to illegal moves. From this event the fighters were not allowed to headbutt, strike to the groin, strike to the back of the head and neck, kick downed...
  19. UFC 148: The Stat Line
    Thought this was worth sharing. Video
  20. Middleweight Championship: A Linear History
    Sherdog popped-up a pretty cool infographic tonight, thought I would share.
  21. UFC 148 Pre-Fight Press Conference Video
    Live press conference with Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen in Las Vegas for UFC 148 at the Lagasse Stadium at The Palazzo. The UFC 148 pre-fight press conference will stream live at 2pm ET...
  22. Prior to UFC 148, has Sonnen already won?
    Pretty interesting opinion piece from ESPNs Chad Dundas about the upcoming Silva/Sonnen rematch & the position Chael has put himself in. ESPN
  23. ESPN Hot Button Issue: Which is better for the UFC?
    Which outcome is better for the UFC? An Anderson Silva win or a Chael Sonnen win? Link
  24. My UFC 148 Predictions, Previews and picks by yours truly Dirty Blue
    I am so excited for UFC 148 it is some kind of sick joke I have to wait till Saturday to watch it But here are my picks and my own personal preview for the event in order of increasing excitement for...
  25. Mauricio Rua vs Wanderlei Silva
    who would win
  26. Today’s Silva vs. Sonnen Staredown Got Very, Very Uncomfortable [VIDEO]
    I think its officially "on like donkey kong" Another link Andy tries to kiss him
  27. What did Anderson whisper to Chael?
    According to BJPenn.com : You're gonna die
  28. Michael Bisping needs to get his ass whooped out of the UFC...Who should end his misery and give joy to the UFC fans?
    who takes this trash talking d-bag out?
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  29. Pros Pick: Silva vs Sonnen 2
    Daniel Cormier: I’ll pick Chael. He can almost incorporate the same game plan. In two years, Anderson shouldn’t be able to have developed his wrestling enough to prevent Chael from taking him down,...
  30. Hypothetical Bisping vs Belcher [POLL]
    So in case you haven't been paying attention, Alan Belcher (one of my favorite fighters) has been picking a fight w/ Michael Bisping (one of my least favorite fighters) via Twitter & has even gotten...
  31. Chael Sonnen's violent past
    I feel for the guy. It will be a comeback story for the ages if he can pull off the upset against Silva given his childhood experiences....
  32. Joey Karate's Parlay of the Year for UFC 148
    Get his predicitons here!!
  33. UFC 148 Weigh In Results
    Main Event: 185 lbs.: Anderson Silva (184) vs. Chael Sonnen (185) Main card (pay-per-view): 205 lbs.: Forrest Griffin (204) vs. Tito Ortiz (204) 185 lbs.: Patrick Cote (185) vs. Cung Le (185) 170...
  34. Ricardo Funch dropped from the roster
    Ricardo's profile has disappeared from the official UFC website... surprise surprise
  35. Bisping vs Sonnen 2
    im not a fan of both. They are good fighters but i dont respect them!
  36. Anderson Silva's Aggression
    I am not exactly sure why Anderson is suddenly trying to talk shit and get all aggressive with Chael. I'm thinking there are a few options: 1.) Anderson thinks he can actually intimidate Chael....
  37. Interesting Tibau facts.
    Takedown Defense: 88.9%(Second best in the UFC to Arlovski) Takedowns Landed: 59(Second best to GSP who has 68) I knew Tibau has been around the UFC for awhile and has some great fights, but at the...
  38. What OTHER ufc 148 match are you excited for?
    anyone else notice how... UFC 148 has extremely interesting match ups that are being overshadowed by the astronomically awesome main event ..... SILVA VS SONNEN TTWWOO TWO TWo Two two (echo)! So for...
  39. AVBET Cote vs Le
    Ill take Cote send it if you want Le
  40. Machida at Middleweight
    Would he run right through? Or would he fail vs the wrestlers?
  41. Silva vs Sonnen Thoughts?
    Spoiler Alert: Now that Anderson defeated Chael_Sonnen, what are your thoughts? Silva made it look easy. I just am trying to figure out who Silva fights next.
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  42. forrest vs tito 2...sloppy !
    what do you guys think about this fight ? i thought it was horrible and not entertaining in the slightest. tito gassed after about 3 mins and they both looked like complete amateurs on the feet the...
  43. Anderson Silva's next opponent???
    After the fight of the night defeating his toughest opponent in the ufc, Chael Sonnen. What is next for the spider? He is unbeatable
  44. Easton's codpiece
    is it just me or did they design it after david bowie's from labryinth
  45. Forrest's post fight antics
    After watching the post fight presser, I was thinking it was kinda messed up for Forrest to run out, then give an awkward interview after Tito's retirement fight. Kinda took his final goodbye away...
  46. Silva grabs Sonnen's shorts (pics)
    I personally thought it was weird. Silva didn't need to pull that. Still, happy with the result. I hope Chael fans can be humble. I thought Silva asking Chael to a BBQ was pretty humble.
  47. Fights to make after UFC 148
    Anderson Silva - Lombard/Boetsch winner Chael Sonnen - Munoz/Weidman loser Forrest Griffin - Alexander Gustafsson or Rogerio Nogueira Tito Ortiz - retire Cung Le - Okami/Palhares winner Patrick Cote...
  48. If he came back to the UFC for a superfight who should it be?
    I think he should come back so we can see him get whooped! He didnt live up to the hype if you ask me
  49. Stipe Miocic vs Cheick Kongo
    i think this would be a pretty good fight. Both heavy strikers.
  50. 1st Randy then Chuck and now
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