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  1. Sicilia vs. Marcello - Early Stoppage?
    All this Albert/Perez and Ellenberger/Kampmann talk has us distracted from the real issue at hand.
  2. UFC on FX 4 Event / UFC 147 Weigh-Ins
    FX 4 is Friday night in New Jersey. 147 weigh-ins are Friday night in Sao Paulo, Brazil. How are they planning to do the Brazil weigh-ins on Friday? Fly Dana, Lorenzo, Arianny or Brittany, etc. there...
  3. UFC 13: Ultimate Force
    UFC 13 saw the debut of two future UFC legends. Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz started there amazing UFC careers at this event. UFC 13 followed the same format as UFC 12 with two four man tournaments,...
  4. Handful of fighters removed from the UFC website
    The following fighters profiles have disappeared from the UFC website. I haven't heard any official reports but come on, it's obvious these dudes are DONE!!! Steve Cantwell Middleweight 4–6 Jeff...
  5. TUF Brasil Final
    There is 1 week left and ive seen no mentions of when the finale is and there is no event up for us to pick for our fantasy picks, does any one no when the finals happening?
  6. EA Sports teams up with the UFC
    I'm watching the live E3 coverage on Spike TV and Daddy Dana just announced a new partnership with EA Sports.
  7. Cleaning out a Division
    What is your definition of a division being cleaned out? I ask this, and you may think it's dumb, but because in the Jon Jones/JDS news thread someone referenced that JDS had all but cleared out the...
  8. Discuss
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  9. Travis 'Hapa' Brown
    Well..he's currently on a 13 win streak with no losses in his MMA career.. I think for one he is a high level of competition that should get better opponents.. thoughs?
  10. Penn vs. MacDonald! It's on!
    BJ accepted! I'd post the article but I'm on my PS3.
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  11. Is Silva vs. Sonnen II the Most Anticipated Fight in UFC History?
    When you talk about the greatest rivalries in the history of the UFC, a few different match-ups come to mind. B.J. Penn vs. Matt Hughes. Urijah Faber vs. Dominick Cruz. Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans....
  12. Why UFC dominance can be a bad thing...
    Why UFC dominance can be a bad thing Hi all, here is my latest article on why stronger competition for the UFC can improve the product. Hope you enjoy. Alex
  13. Piece of wood from Jon Jones' accident fetches $110 on eBay
    Well, I've heard people sell & buy crazy things, so I'm going to test that theory now... This is a piece of telephone pole wood that was knocked off when Jon Jones crashed into it w/ his Bentley on...
  14. Choose Your Side!
    Who you got? Uncle Creepy? or Mighty Mouse
  15. Charlize Theron is ‘Completely, Completely, and Utterly Obsessed’ with UFC (Video)
    She’s an Academy Award winning actress, an active member of PETA, and, oh yeah, Charlize Theron is also “completely, completely, and utterly obsessed” with the UFC. “I was originally introduced to...
  16. I'm excited!
    I've seen a lot of fans voice their disapproval for this card in the last week but I'm pretty excited! Not a lot of big names, but almost every fight on the card has the potential for excitement and...
  17. Did anyone else know this happened?
    Hey so am I completely out of it or did anyone know that Tyson Griffin got cut from the UFC in November? LINK I would have put this in the MMA news forum but I did not know if this was made public...
  18. Chances Kim Winslow....
    next time finds herself in a postion where there could possibly be a broken arm lets the fighters arm break instead of stopping the fight :P Since there was the whole controversy with Albert not...
  19. one judge scores 30-27 for rocha over pierce !!??
    i really dont understand what the judge was thinking here, pierce had top position for the ENTIRE fight, was landing ground strikes and right at the end of the fight pierce nearly finished with some...
  20. Fights to makes after UFC on FX 3
    Solid event, most of the main card winners should be getting closer to fighting top guys Demetrious Johnson vs Joseph Benevidez Ian McCall vs Tim Elliot Erick Silva vs Kim/Maia winner Charlie...
  21. Benoist vs Baczynski
    It was like watching my favorite basketball team trailing by 20 points with 5 minutes to go. I picked Bacynski and I'm grateful for this gimme but I actually thought Benoist won. I felt he landed...
  22. Youtube clip Kim Winslow John Albert stoppage
    LINK I hate to bring this up again, but after rewatching this a few times the stoppage feels more justified. The dude looks like he's about to cry uncle any second, and he did one of those 'fake...
  23. TUF Brazil
    I haven't been keeping up with the season and I'd like to study up on some of the fighters before 147. Does anyone know where can I find full episodes? I've tried a couple of places, even UFC.com,...
  24. Joey Beltran returns vs James Te Huna on UFC on Fuel TV 4
    via UFC Twitter. Very excited to see Beltran back in the UFC & even more excited about the awesome match up. Who you got?
  25. JDS vs. Diaz Brothers - Boxing Technique
    Who has better boxing technique between Junior dos Santos and the Diaz brothers? I don't mean who will win in a boxing match. I mean who do you personally believe has the best overall technique when...
  26. Chael Sonnen: "Anderson, I Apologize."
    Link EDIT: Didn't realize this was from March. Never seen it before.
  27. Kenny Florian discusses his Greatest Opponents
    Two weeks ago, Kenny Florian, the man who finished fights, announced that he is finished fighting. Link
  28. Mike Pierce's split-decision win at UFC on FX 3 actually a unanimous nod
    http://mmajunkie.com/news/29189/mike-pierces-split-decision-win-at-ufc-on-fx-3-actually-a-unanimous-nod.mma Officials with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which...
  29. Keep UFC on FX 4 & UFC 147 Separate or Combine Them?
    "its either no wagers on the 2nd card , or combining it into one giant event, Which way do you guys think we should go with it?" -hippy We've always done no wagers on cards with too short of a...
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  30. Interview with Mauricio Shogun done for Portal do Vale Tudo.
    Shogun commenting on Vera camp, Wand's fight, Glover and Silva/Sonnen 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax0UUriru3Y&feature=player_embedded
  31. Great Interview With Joe Rogan
    These days in MMA, everyone has an opinion. The trick is, to find the opinions that not only carry the most weight, but the ones that consistently make sense. Joe Rogan is one of the most intelligent...
  32. UFC Nottingham Tickets?
    Hi all. I am not sure this is appropriate for this forum and apologies if not but just in case. I need 3 tickets for UFC Nottingham They have to be the cheapest ones as I want to take 2 friends and...
  33. The Could-Have-Beens of MMA
    Could-Have-Beens of MMA Was just thinking of some people who either self-sabotaged their careers or never reached their potential. Its just a handful that immediately spring to mind but I know there...
  34. UFC 147 preliminary card picks
    Since we're not predicting these 5 fights on MMAPlayground - let's post our picks here. - Rodrigo Damm vs. Anistavio "Gasparzinho" Medeiros - Francisco "Massaranduba" Drinaldo vs. Delson "Pe de...
  35. Steven Seagal Interview Snippets
    An interview with Steven Seagal seems more novelty than news, but he said some things that might create discussion. First, on the difference between Sonnen vs. Silva I and the upcoming rematch:...
  36. 45 UFC Fights Cancelled Due To Injury In 2012 (So Far)
    The UFC has been plagued with injuries this year. High-profile fight after high-profile fight has been cancelled and/or postponed due to injury on almost every single fight card this year. UFC...
  37. Rick Story vs ...... BROCK JARDINE?
    this guys jacked for a welterweight
  38. Is Rich Franklin trolling us all?
    This is not another "look alike thread" and props to grappler for the image. I'm sure that everyone is aware that Franklin is a dead ringer for Jim Carrey but I have been debating for weeks whether...
  39. Dan Hardy vs. Amir Sodallah
    Dan Hardy vs. Amir Sodallah. Who takes it?
  40. UFC on FX
    You guys excited?! One of my favorite FX events so far (at least on paper.) REALLY excited for Maynard vs. Guida.
  41. Matt Serra goes to Oregon, visits Chael Sonnen's house and Team Quest
  42. ufc mega card fx 4 and 147
    Any one goes 18-0. I got mad props for you My goal is at least 12 wins. Good luck to you all Enjoy the fights
  43. UFC on FX 4 Betting Predictions
    check us out on the web: octagonlocks.com. We have a a free play exclusively for playground members for tonight's card. Matt Brown -145....members receive full write ups...any thought on tonight's...
  44. Lamas
    whats your thoughts on Ricardo Lamas. i could have swore i picked him, told everyone i couldnt wait for Hioki to be proven he was over rated. I havent been impressed by Hioki but apparantly i picked...
  45. Maynard vs Guida
    So I'm just gonna go ahead and be "THAT guy" to get this out of the way. Who deserved the decision tonight?
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  46. The Njem vs Keith stoppage
    This was bologna *geesh I hate that spelling* Keith was in a bad position but in my eyes he was actively defending or scrambling. I know there's really no point in discussing this but if you want to...
  47. Maynard vs,. Guida post-fight
    Does anyone happen to know what was said between Maynard and Guida when Maynard was exiting the cage?
  48. Fights to make after UFC on FX 4
    Solid night of fights, witha lot of new top contenders. Main event wasn't spectacular but wasn't really Gray's fault... anyway here's what i think. Gray Maynard - Donald Cerrone Clay Guida - Edson...
  49. UFC 147: Rich Franklin Gets Stuck In An Elevator With Wanderlei Silva And His Team
    Despite the occasional heated stare-down, UFC competitors are usually fairly friendly with their opponents in the days before and after their fights. Even after some of the most brutal and bloody...
  50. UFC 147 weakest ppv card on paper ever ?
    what do you guys think ? i know if the ufc brought a show down to australia and there were only two international fighters on the whole card and the rest from home...i'd be pissed.
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