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  1. Alan Belcher War Wagon PSA
    PSA On behalf of the Alan Belcher War Wagon: We do not blame you for picking Palhares. How could we expect you to remember that Alan was in the mix over a year ago & supposed to fight Maia for a...
  2. UFC on Fuel TV 3 Scheduling Question
    1. it says May 15th, & May 15th is a Tuesday. Is that the correct fight date? 2. If it is on a Tuesday, does anyone know why they are doing an event on a Tuesday night? I'm not complaining if it is,...
  3. Who impressed you most at UFC on FOX 3?
    I'd like to add Bermudez to the poll, but since there are only 6, these are the choices. If you have another guy in mind add him in the thread. For me it's Belcher. He dominated Paul Harris in his...
  4. Fights to make after UFC on FOX 3
    Nate Diaz - Henderson/Edgar winner Jim Miller - Guida if he loses to Maynard Johny Hendricks - Rory MacDonald or Kampmann/Ellenberger winner Josh Koscheck - Kampmann/Ellenberger loser Alan Belcher -...
  5. UFC 10: The Tournament
    UFC 9 was an absolute disaster, with that in mind the UFC returned back to it popular format, a one night eight man tournament. The night started with two alternate bouts which were won by Geza...
  6. CRUZ OUT of UFC 148 Official
    Well its a official now. Cruz out with a knee injury. This sucks. Article
  7. ACL's, Cruz and Rose
    I, like many, was upset to hear about Cruz's injury because who honestly doesn't like a trilogy based around a genuine feud between two fighters. I was really looking forward to the drama unfolding...
  8. OMG Jim Miller almost BITES OFF TONGUE!!!
    The link below provides the fight video for Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller. Nate mounted guillotines Jim Miller and Miller loses mouthpiece and ALMOST BITES OFF TONGUE! Enjoy! http://bee4.biz/v/oFfIR
  9. UFC 146 Primetime - Episode 1 (video)
    If you haven't watched it yet: video
  10. Rory MacDonald gets black eye
  11. UFC 11: The Proving Ground
    After getting back on track at UFC 10, the UFC was back with another eight man one night tournament. Mark Coleman was back to defend after winning UFC 10. Also back was the UFC bad boy Tank Abbott...
  12. Nick Diaz vs Braulio Estima
    The superfight is tonight! Didn't really know which thread to put this in, UFC or Off-Topic. Figured I'd throw it into UFC because Diaz is a UFC fighter. Who else is watching it? The pre-fight show...
  13. ufc on fuel tv 3 predictions for sotn? kotn? fotn?
    After last weeks fights. Man I did so badly. And watching fight after fight losing was like someone rubbing salt in my wounds. Didn't enjoy it at all. Interestjng it being on a tues night. I will...
  14. Contendership dilemma in featherweight division
    On the cusp of tonight's main event between Chan Sung Jung and Dustin Poirier, many fans have debated how much weight the result will hold in regards to a shot at the title. I find the UFC's...
  15. UFC Prelims
    Can I watch tonights prelims online?
  16. UFC On Fuel 3 Florian Commentating
    Is it me or is Florian pretty biased in his comentary? I feel like during the Lopez - Sadollah fight every other word out of his mouth was how everything Sadhollah did was fantastic.
  17. The Zombie Horde
    This is Chang Sung Jung's official war wagon, which ive dubbed "the horde". Post if you got man love for the korean zombie I doubt he would beat Aldo but he has that X factor that makes him the most...
  18. Who is Muhammad Ali Of The UFC?
    Watch this exciting video to find out which world champion of MMA is the Muhammad Ali of the UFC. The answer will shock you! Who is Muhammad Ali of the UFC?
  19. Jon Jones On Rashad | “I definitely pray for him. I wonder how he’s doing,”
    Link I might be reading way into this but Jon Jones seems like a complete jerk off to me. Cocky or Genuine Edit Sorry ment to add a poll
  20. Nick Diaz: Greatest No Show on Earth
    http://www.mmabay.co.uk/2012/05/16/nick-diaz-the-greatest-no-show-on-earth-96325472/ Here is my latest opinion piece on the whole Nick Diaz situation. Hope you enjoy it
  21. UFC on Fuel TV 3 Review
    What an amazing main event. Korean Zombie and Dustin Poirier went to war for four rounds and left everything in the Octagon. Zombie has been on a hell of run and in his last few fights and has got...
  22. Chael Sonnen on TMZ Live (video)
    Chael being Chael...and the token Costanza defense. video
  23. Ultimate Ultimate 96
    Its fair to say the first Ultimate Ultimate was a huge disappointment, but the UFC decided to try the format again. They got eight of the best fighters on the current roster and put them in a classic...
    Pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the eddddggggge! video
  25. If the next 'big things' actually worked out
    so if the next 'big things' actually worked out who would be the champions or contenders today? Couple names I could throw out there are Karo and Vera.
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  26. 5 Reasons Why Rashad Evans MUST Move Down To Middleweight
    http://mmacarnivale.com/2012/05/5-reasons-why-rashad-evans-must-move-down-to-middleweight/ More than a year’s worth of grinding drama came to an unfortunate end for Rashad Evans last month with his...
  27. Overeem: “I’ll Be Back In 9 Months, I’m Still Going To Get That Belt”
    http://mmacarnivale.com/2012/05/alistair-overeem-ill-be-back-in-9-months-im-still-going-to-get-that-belt/ Every fighter has peaks and valleys in their career, but Alistair Overeem has certainly...
  28. Chael P. Sonnen - Who You Gonna Send?
    Enjoy! video
  29. ufc 146 predictions for sotn? kotn? fotn?
    The heavyweights have arrived. Still a great card minus overeem gonzaga. Hunt and dunham Add varner Herman lavar and miocic I will be at this live. For a one day fast Vegas trip. I couldn't wait for...
  30. **Stefan Struve Facebook Contest**
    Im on a facebook contest and I need likes on my status. I saw that this is a big forum and thought you guys could help me. If you could help and just like my status that I post it will help very...
  31. "Brown Pride" Cain's tattoo
    A guy I work with brought up the "racist" point of his tattoo. I don't know Cain from a hole in the wall, so I'm not saying anything..but he brought up the point what if someone had a "White Power"...
  32. Arianny Celeste
    Is Arianny going to be fired?
  33. Fights to make after UFC 146
    Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez or Daniel Cormier (if he heals soon enough) Frank Mir vs Antonio Silva Cain Velasquez vs JDS or Werdum/Russow winner Antonio Silva vs Frank Mir Roy Nelson vs Big...
  34. JDS
    I think that was so cool JDS brought that kid to the fight and I think it was cooler of Rogan to step all over production to get him in and get some camera time. Its moments like those after a clinic...
  35. Jamie Varner
    I know he's not a fan favorite by any means, and I'm not necessarily a fan of the guy, but he's talented as hell and I'm glad to see he's back.
  36. Cormier & Barnett - Who to bring to Strikeforce to face them?
    Zuffa promised Showtime back when the tourney began that they'd have the Grand Prix winner have one more fight on Showtime headlining a card. So Cormier is fighting his next fight in Strikeforce....
  37. Daddy Dana finally set a date for the St. Pierre/Diaz fight
  38. UFC 12: Judgement Day
    As the UFC tried to move away from being this no rules street fighting event changes were made to protect the welfare of fighters. The biggest change for UFC 12 was the format. No longer would we...
  39. Frank Mir UFC 146 "romoshops"
    Courtesy of Middleeasy via the Underground
  40. Chael_Sonnen!
    I'll just leave this here.
  41. When is the right time to retire?
    Below is a link to my article on timing of retirement and legacy. I hope you enjoy it.
  42. Rich Franklin replacing Vitor against Wanderlei
    Haven't seen a topic that covered this in particular....just wanted to get your thoughts Personally I would rather see Belcher, but I know he is hurt..so I guess this will have to work
  43. UFC Champion Jon Jones Had 2 Girls With Him At Time Of DWI
    With determination and investigative journalist work, Loretta Hunt got a big scoop in the Jon Jones Driving While Intoxicated saga. Her article for Sports Illustrated identifies the two young women...
  44. Kenny Florian retires from MMA
    It's official, Kenny "KenFlo" Florian has officially retired from MMA. The announcement was made at the conclusion of the TUF Live Finale weigh ins, complete with a video package that was followed by...
  45. Mark Munoz Explains Mayhem Miller's Behavior Backstage At UFC 146
    UFC Middleweight Jason "Mayhem" Miller was cut following his UFC 146 loss to C.B. Dollaway. At the post-fight press conference UFC president Dana White made a cryptic reference to some "bullsh**t...
  46. Perez vs. Albert
    That ending is ridiculous! I mean seriously Kim Winslow has to be one of the worse refs out there. Albert never tapped physically or verbally and Winslow calls the fight? Very sad ending to what was...
  47. Florian's commentary
    Ok... So a lot of people on here seem to really like Kenny as a commentator. Honestly I can't stand him. He's irritated me in the past a bit but tonight was awful. So many people complain about Frank...
  48. Interim Champ Carlos Condit?
    Someone help explain this to me. Diaz vs. Condit for Interim Championship. Condit win's say's he won't fight anyone but GSP.. Doesn't that make the Diaz vs. Condit fight a number one contenders...
  49. Why is there not a thread about the Ellenberger vs Kampmann stoppage?
    Ellenberger went down and immediately had both hands up to defend the oncoming barrage. The fight was called the minute the knee landed. The actual stoppage was delayed by approximately a mere second...
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  50. So just how good is Kampmann
    First, allow me to direct you to the poll above in an attempt to mock you for picking Ellenberger. Thank you, now on to more important discussion: Just how good is Martin "The Hitman" Kampmann? He's...
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