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  1. Frank Mir still a Possiblitly for Dos Santos
    Found this interesting... Article
  2. NickTheFace video for #RallyForMarkHunt
    Hope this hasn't been posted already, I thought there was already a thread for the #RallyForMarkHunt stuff put my small brain couldn't find it. Its short but it made me chuckle. #RallyForMarkHunt
  3. Choose your side!
    Who will you be rooting for in tomorrow's main event?
  4. sakara or stann ?
    who has this one ?
    Alexander Gustafsson vs Phil Davis Gustafsson is the hottest UFC prospect right now and the time has come to know if he really belong to the upper echelon. Davis beats Gustafsson badly last 2010. I...
  6. Fights to make after UFC on FUEL TV 2
    Alexander Gustafsson vs Mauricio Rua Thiago Silva vs Vladimir Matyushenko Brian Stann vs Ed Herman Alessio Sakara vs Kyle Noke Siyar Bahadurzada vs Neer/Pyle winner Paulo Thiago vs Aaron Simpson...
  7. My article on Overeem and why he shouldnt get a title shot
    LINK It's just my opinion and only my fourth ever submitted piece of writing, so be nice.
  8. Ultimate Ultimate 95
    On paper this was an awesome idea. The UFC got eight of there best contestants so far and put them all in the same one night tournament. There were four previous winners and four previous runner ups....
  9. The current state of the UFC LHW division
    This is how I have my rankings for the top 10. 1. Jon "Bones" Jones 2. Dan Henderson 3. "Suga" Rashad Evans 4. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua 5. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson 6. Lyoto "Dragon" Machida 7. Phil...
  10. UFC Quick Quote: Chuck Liddell says teammates should fight, drink beers afterward
    "If (a teammate) can beat me, they can beat me. It is what it is. They deserve to fight me then. I'm not going to hold back some guy that's in my camp if he wants to fight me. That's not my thing....
  11. The BEST PHOTOS from UFC on FUEL TV 2: Gustafsson vs. Silva
    Some great photos from UFC on FUEL TV 2. The Paulo Thiago faceplant after Siyar knocked him out is NASTY. Think it tops the all-time list for faceplant KO's. SOURCE
  12. ufc 145 predictions for fotn? sotn? kotn?
    The biggest fight of the year probably is here. I am curious how many pay per view buys it does Given the fact that Montreal card got scrapped And Cain vs big foot got moved as main event from this...
  13. UFC 145 Press Conference.. Who's Watching?
    Just about to start.
  14. Choose your side...
    is hosted by Fastknockout and brought to you by KFM. I am heavily invested in this upcoming main event...and as always - I tend to let my emotions get in the way. My hate has led me to make another...
  15. Rank The Fights Of UFC 145!
    Rank the fights in order for which you are most excited. 1. Jones vs. Evans 2. Torres vs. MacDonald 3. Browne vs. Griggs 4. Brown vs. Thompson 5. MacDonald vs. Mils 6. Makdessi vs. Njokuani 7....
  16. Jon Jones KO's Training Partner (Video)
    Video of Jon Jones knocking out his training partner. Take it for what it's worth. Video
  17. Matt Hughes does not live up to his rep
    I was at the National Rifle Association show in St. Louis this past weekend, and was surprised to see Matt Hughes hanging out at one of the booths... http://tinyurl.com/cdr2err I've heard folks say...
  18. Chael Sonnen Q & A
    This starts out slow, but had me rolling at the end. Classic Chael Atlanta Q & A
  19. AS in Hot Water with Uncle Dana
    According to many sources, Anderson Silva is demanding the Sonnen rematch slated for June take place in Brazil. Dana is to announce Tuesday that the Sonnen/Silva rematch will be moved to Vegas...
  20. Reem Back Out of 146. JDS vs. Mir Now Scheduled
    Lots of stuff from FrontRowBrian tonight. After Dana calling him out I was a little skeptical but Frank is now tweeting and it seems official. Reem is back out of the fight before the hearing and...
  21. My article about MMA History
    Hi all, just my take on how people should give those that started the MMA revolution a bit more credit. The article
  22. UFC 145: Dennis Hallman Responds To John Makdessi Missing Weight
    When John Makdessi suffered his first career loss to Dennis Hallman at UFC 140, it wasn't without some controversy. Hallman missed weight for the bout, coming in at 158 pounds for their lightweight...
  23. How Social Media Gave the UFC a Fighting Chance
    The UFC 145 combat contest happens Saturday night — and is one of the mixed martial arts company’s most-hyped fights since it was founded in the early 1990s. But the company wouldn’t be where it is...
  24. you will see me tonight on tv!!
    Tonight when you see the pay per view When the fighters walk out look on the left hand aide of them. Roughly 10-15 sec when they start walking out If u see a guy in a red silver star Jones shirt. I...
  25. Roy Nelson says he's fighting Cain Velasquez at UFC 146!
  26. Goldie screws up big time!
    If you had the FB prelims on early, then you already heard this...if not, it will be a treat. NSFW Video <--Updated Link
  27. Fights to make after UFC 145
    Great event and lots of fun fights to make after, here we go... Jon Jones - Dan Henderson Rashad Evans - Shogun Rory MacDonald - Hendricks/Koscheck winner or Shields if he stays at WW Che Mills -...
  28. Brendan Schaub KO
    I think it was Grappler who said "He's trying to catch butterflies" The overhead view at the end of the GIF is the best. Good win for Big Ben, glad to see him come out on top.
  29. Best GIF Award: UFC 145 Edition
    And the award goes to....
  30. what if... Silva vs. Evans
    What do you guys think of Rashad Evans vs A. Silva if Rashad were to drop down to Middleweight? I think this would be a fun match-up to watch.
  31. UFC 8: David vs Goliath
    After a lack lustre Ultimate Ultimate, the UFC was back with yet another eight man tournament, but with a twist. They went with a big man vs little man theme to try and spice things up. Ken Shamrock...
  32. EPICCC Photos from UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans
    Not sure how to embed pictures on this forum or if I can so I'll just post the link but these pictures from UFC 145 are nuts. Maximo Blanco's flying knee photo may be my new favorite MMA picture....
  33. For those of you who enjoy making GIFS and the sort
    I present to you... the new Rashad face!
  34. Link to Overeem Hearing
    LINK To Hearing Overeem should be coming up in a few minutes.
  35. Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson [POLL]
    Who you got?
  36. The Top 5 Beards in UFC History
    A beard can signify a number of things to a number of different people. Some hate beards and some love them. The one thing we should all agree on is that a good beard is the sign of a badass. These 5...
  37. Today's Awkward, Four-Part Staredown (Silva/Sonnen 2)
    Today, we were treated to a very interesting presser in Brazil, where Dana announced the move of the Silva/Sonnen rematch from Brazil to Las Vegas. Chael finally showed his face in the country where...
  38. Hector Lombard to the UFC!
    So, the big question is who do you give the guy for a first fight? I say throw him right into the deep end. Give him a top 3 guy, and if he wins, let him fight Anderson/Chael. Just nice to see some...
  39. My Swedish experience
    Some of you will already know this story but I wanted to share it again for those not on my FB or in my fight camp. I recently went to Sweden to watch the UFC event. I arrived on the Fiday night, it...
  40. Hector Lombard officially with the UFC
    Dana White - "Done deal!!!! Welcome to the UFC Hector!"
  41. Frankie Gets His Rematch
    News is coming out that Frankie Edgar is being granted a rematch against Benson Henderson at UFC 150. The 155 division is so stacked right now, I hate that we're spending a year on each...
  42. UFC 9 Motor City Madness
    The UFC returned and made big changes to the format of the card. For the first time the UFC had a series of one on one matches rather then a one night tournament. UFC 9 Motor City Madness
  43. Mauricio Shogun Rua vs Thiago Silva @ UFC 149
    Confirmed by MMAJunkie. I can't wait to see Shogun back in action. Who ya got?
  44. TUF Brazil - Episode 6 (video)
    Enjoy! Link
  45. Nathan Diaz vs Jim Miller
    who ya got?
  46. ufc on fox 3 predictions for sotn? fotn? kotn?
    A very good tv main card plus fx prelims. 10 fights to watch sucks that I gotta work that night. Fight of the night I will go with diaz vs miller. Should go 5 rounds winner probably won't get a title...
  47. The HW Title: Part 3 by Ray Thompson
    After pulling off the upset, Randy Couture's first title defence was to be at UFC 74 against Gabriel Gonzaga, who was coming off of a spectacular head kick knock out of the Pride Fighting...
  48. Does Jim Miller deserve a title shot if he beats Nate Diaz?
    According to Dana White, only Nate Diaz and Johny Hendricks will be awarded title shots if they win. Do you feel Jim Miller deserves a shot at the title if he makes it past Nate Diaz?
  49. My Opinion piece on a black listed fighter
    http://www.mmabay.co.uk/2012/05/02/double-standards-for-a-black-listed-fighter-96325472/ Hopefully you enjoy i. Again, its just my opinion.
  50. Hector Lombard Title Shot!!!!!!????
    In an article for USA Today Dana says if Hector beats Brain Stann in his UFC debut...... his shot at "The Shot " looks good. This is given He whoops Stans ass and Anderson is still champ. Which has...
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