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  1. BJ!
    Damn! Did anyone else catch the weigh-ins? Wonder what has him so fired up. Diaz was ready to brawl after that.
  2. Americans?
    Hey guys - specifically americans, what time does the UFC FB Prelims start for you? And how long is that (in terms of minutes and hours?) It's normally easy for us Brits to work out but the clocks go...
  3. Penn Retiring? You BELIEVE it?
    Does Penn really retire??? I say no. I say he goes back to LW but who knows. Penn looked good the first round then gassed. What do you guys think?
  4. Does Nick Diaz have a Screw Loose?
    Why was he screaming and getting pissed exclaiming he won the fight like it was called in favor of BJ Penn? The fight hadn't even been called yet! That dude is very strange. On a sidenote, when Diaz...
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  5. Marshall v Vera
    anyone else think eliot marshall won the fight?
  6. The Diaz hype....
    I'm usually not the type to start a thread like this but I hear a lot of people saying that GSP is going to be in "for a fight" against Diaz. Especially after his win over BJ. Am I alone by...
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  7. Rank The Fights of UFC 138
    Rank the fights in order for which you are most excited. 1. Paul Taylor vs. Anthony Njokuani 2. Brad Pickett vs. Renan Barão 3. Thiago Alves vs. Papy Abedi 4. Chris Leben vs. Mark Muñoz 5. John...
  8. Kongo/Meathead Scoring
    I didn't think anything of it at the time because Kongo clearly took the fight after the impressive final round. But initial reactions had some thinking maybe a Split Decision possibly or something...
  9. Video: Thiago Alves' 4th MMA Fight
    Video of thiago alves' 4th mma fight and he shows some slick muay thai skills Thiago Alves' 4th MMA Fight video link^^^^
  10. Penn vs. Diaz 29-27?
    How is this possible? Maybe there is something I didn't notice but I don't see how that score is possible for this fight.
  11. GSP Fired up vs. Diaz
    Anyone extremely excited about GSP being so fired up to fight Diaz? Anyone have the slightest hope that GSP will finish this fight, or punish Diaz like he said he would? He's destroyed Koschecks...
  12. The Perfect MMA Fighter
    Just curious on everyone's version of the perfect fighter. Here's a description of my perfect MMA Fighter: Power of Punches: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Leg Kicks: Mirko CroCop BJJ: Royce Gracie...
  13. What's next for Condit????
    Since Condit is stepping aside from the GSP fight so Diaz can step in and the fans can get the match up they want. What/WHO is next for Condit? Lets see everyone's thoughts.
  14. A Challenge to the Playground
    Josh(BlueSkiesBurn) and I talked on our last show about the hype surrounding Alistair Overeem. We made a challenge, and a proclamation, or whatever you want to call it. We want you to call in on...
  15. FYI: UFC Primetime Velasquez vs JDS on UFC.com
    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: just in case anyone missed it Sunday after the football game on FOX, you can go to ufc.com & watch it
  16. Rumble vs The Phenom 142!!!!!
    My friend just called me & told me he read it on twitter....the only sites i see that discuss it are in portuguese. Can anyone confirm the rumor? If it's true, im glad Rumble is going to a weight...
  17. UFC 3 - Pride Roster
    Check it out!
  18. ufc 138 predictions sotn? kotn?fotn?
    Huge blow today with yet another exciting fight off the card With this and hathaway vs brown scratch On paper this maybe one of the worst cards ever Do the ufc fans deserve this freebie?? Fight of...
  19. UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos
    Anyone really pumped for this fight? Who you guys rooting for? Why? I have a feeling Velasquez is gonna win... but I will be rooting for Dos Santos. One of my top 3 fav. fighters. Im not even...
  20. Manny Gamburyan vs Diego Nunes at UFC 141
    Manny Gamburyan vs Diego Nunes at UFC 141 Story at: http://www.urartuproductions.com/bloggamburyannunes.html This is gonna be exciting. They're both coming off of losses. I wonder who's hungrier.
  21. Yoshihiro Akiyama cuts down to 170-pounds (Pic)
    apanese superstar Yoshihiro Akiyama recently made the decision to drop down to the welterweight division after plenty of poking and prodding from his employers and repeated pleas from pundits and...
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  22. Ed Soares and Anderson Silva Question
    Can anyone tell me what Ed Soares did to make Anderson Silva say he wasn't acting professional? Was it the comments about Sonnen or something?
  23. What are your thoughts on FOX only showing JDS and Cain
    I can't belive they are only going to show one fight. At least give us the Henderson/Guida fight why only one fight
  24. Philip De Fries - Frankie Edgar Connection?
    Anyone else think De Fries might actually be Edgar's long lost heavyweight brother?
  25. Betting on Abedi!
    Put half of my bankroll on Abedi ... Crazy or genius? Who do you guys got and why?
  26. Which upcoming 2011 fights are you excited to see?!
    The year is coming to an end but 2011 still has A LOT of fight left in er! Looks as if Dana saved the best for last after a glance of the years remaining events. Huge names, long awaited returns &...
  27. Matt Brown vs. DaMarques Johnson needs to happen
    These guys are almost carbon copies of each other, and assuming brown loses his next fight, they should be paired up, if i was joe silva, i would strongly consider this move
  28. I will never.. (UFC 138 spoilers)
    Doubt another UFC card again.. and the main event hasn't even happened yet!
  29. UFC 138 Post-Fight Press Conference Highlights
    LINK (SPOILER WARNING) Here you guys go.
  30. Thiago Alvez - Dolce Diet
    I've been on Youtube, and everyones bashing Mike Dolce and his diet as well as Thiago. Saying they're not professional and he sucks at missing weight. Mike Dolce explained that the reason he missed...
  32. Rank The Fights Of UFC On FOX!
    Rank the fights in which you are most excited. 1. Cain Valesquez vs. Junior dos Santos 2. Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson 3. Dustin Poirier vs. Pablo Garza 4. Cub Swanson vs. Ricardo Lamas 5. Norifumi...
  33. UFC on Versus!
    Does anyone know how to view this in the UK! Is it on TV, or are we gonna have to watch it online?
  34. Who should get the next MW title shot?
    I'm assuming Chael Sonnen is going to be the most popular choice. But that last event got me thinking. I'd much rather see Munoz fight Anderson. Chael already had his chance and he lost. I'm pretty...
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  35. UFC on Fox 1: FOTN, SOTN, KOTN?
    Which fight will get these awards? KOTN: Junior Dos Santos ko's Velasquez SOTN: Henderson subs Guida FOTN: Henderson vs. Guida
  36. Dana White: Since 2006, the UFC has made millionaires out of 40 fighters (Video)
    "From 2001-2006, we were almost $50 million in the hole. Over that time, not one fighter ever got paid late, no check bounced, no employee at Zuffa, ever. The Fertitta brothers funded this thing for...
  37. Chris Leben left this for Munoz at the hotel's front desk...
    Saw this on The UG. Good stuff.
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  38. FAO The UK Fans!
    This weeks big fight is on Premier Sports 433! Im not to sure how we cat watch the rest of the card, is it on the net? Any info would be much appreciated.
  39. TUFs Kyle Watson in a contest with a Heavy Metal Band
    Kyle Watson (TUF) is doing a contest with the metal band, A Band of Orcs. He's doing a fantasy UFC battle and fans can enter to win the contest Check out the contest here
  40. Whats the deal with Nick Pace? and why does no one acknowledge Menjivar?
    Ok, so i have a bone to pick about nick pace, and its been bothering me. every site i go to, and most mma enthusiasts i talk to hype this kid up like hes top 10 bw and hes actually a favorite to some...
  41. UFC on FOX: Dana White VBlog Day 1
    Check it out!
  42. Paul Daley Interview
    Exclusive Interview: Paul Daley – “I’m Determined to Get Back to UFC; Its Where I Belong” Audio Interview - MMA Fighter Spirit
  43. UFC on Fox: Ben Henderson Says Winning is More Important Than Being on TV
    Ben Henderson is prepared for the biggest challenge of his career this weekend when he faces Clay Guida at UFC on Fox 1. Guida has already knocked one former WEC fighter off his perch (Anthony...
  44. JDS' English
    Anyone impressed by Junior Dos Santos' English? He says hes been taking English class. I like how hes willing to take these classes to improve his english, unlike A. Silva or Shogun.
  45. How much money does Georges St. Pierre make on UFC pay-per-views?
    "I learned that the UFC makes the most money on pay-per-view when I am fighting. That made me smile. For me, a fight is (worth) $4 to $5 million, and in the city where the UFC holds its events, there...
  46. CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Win a copy of the UFC Encyclopedia!
    Want to win a copy of the UFC Encyclopedia ($50 Value!)? Follow @MMAPlayground on Twitter and Retweet our posts about the contest! It’s simple… Go to: twitter.com/mmaplayground and click “Follow”....
  47. England members..
    EDIT: If you vote to see the results and don't live in the United Kingdom then PLEASE leave a comment mentioning who you voted for. Wondering which England based fighters the England fans prefer.....
  48. National biases in MMA.
    I started thinking about this a few minutes ago reading the thread about the members from the UK and their favorite fighters. JJeans stated there are a few fighters he only likes cause their British....
  49. Favorite JDS or Cain KO
    Undoubtedly the 2 most fearsome heavys in UFC today. Each undefeated in the UFC. Each with 8 KOs on their official record. Cain Velasquez ! Junior dos Santos ! Who has the best KO? I was getting...
  50. Akira Corassani
    Anyone else think that this guy is a big fan of the phantom tap? I guess it could be a coincidence, but he seems to do a single tap whenever someone gets him in a tight hold. He could just be...
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