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  1. TUF episode 1 Marcus Brimmage vs Bryson Hansen
    Anyone notice that Brimmage took control of the fight by landing a blatantly illegal knee to Bryson's face that wasn't called? He was obviously rocked by it and it led to about a solid minute of him...
  2. Boetsch vs Ring
    So why is Boetsch favored so much in this matchup? Ring is undefeated and I have not seen either of these guys in action for a long time. Boetsch is a powerhouse wrestler and he's pretty good but...
  3. UFC 135 staredown photos
  4. who do you beleive to do with camp Spy accusations
    with the emergence of the news story: Rampage names the spy; executive VP of MusclePharm resigns
  5. Holy sheep poop!!!!!
    Was hanging out downtown tonight and just scooped 5 ufc 135 tix from dana white 3 rows off the floor!! I wasn't planning on going because i bought a new laptop today and the only tix i could afford...
  6. UFC 135 FOTN bonuses?
    I woke up late & expected someone to have this question already posted. BUT wrong I was SO here it is UFC 135 is ending September with a bang! HUGE match ups & solid fighters all around. I stared at...
  7. Avatar bets
    My Picks : Koscheck Rothwell Assuncao Send requests :)
  8. UFC 135 Facebook Chat - Tonight!
    Who'll be on Facebook chat during the facebook prelims - I'll set it up later, join us all in discussion about fights, personal scorecards, the whole lot, who'll be on?
  9. Would you rather see GSP v Anderson or Anderson v Jones?
    Which fight would you rather see? I'd watch either one, but I think Anderson v Jones is the more interesting match at this point.
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  10. Matches You Want To See After UFC 135
    Jon Jones - Rashad Evans or Lyoto Machida Rampage - Forrest Griffin Josh Koscheck - Johny Hendricks or Rick Story Matt Hughes - Retire Mark Hunt - Brendan Schaub Travis Browne - Mirko Cro Cop Nate...
  11. Rank The Fights Of UFC Live 6
    Rank each fight in the order for which you are most excited. 1. Anthony Johnson vs. Charlie Brenneman 2. Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson 3. Pat Barry vs. Stefan Struve 4. Michael Johnson vs....
  12. Koscheck at Middleweight - Good or Bad?
    With his latest win over Matt Hughes there was discussion that Koscheck could be heading to the middleweight division. Though Koscheck does have good punching power & always comes in great shape, he...
  13. I've never been happier when watching The Ultimate Fighter...
    ...than I was the other night when Micah Miller got beat. Prior to the show, I didn't care one way or the other about him. After listening to him talk smack and say something along the lines of,...
  14. How Hungry was Rampage
    I was really displeased with Rampage's performance Sat. I thought he did show good head movement and improved his takedown defense but how really could he have won? After the fight it just seemed he...
  15. who would win-junior dos santos vs. alistair overeem?
    i think the entire MMA community would be spoiled rotten if we got the chance to see this fight, holy crap, probably the 2 most feared heavyweights in the game right now, it would be ridiculous what...
  16. Is Jon Jones Too Dominant for Intriguing Title Fights?
    bloody elbow article This article poses a question a lot of people have been insinuating or thinking themselves. i know he has been very dominant, but isn't it kind of funny that a division...
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  17. versus predictions sotn? kotn? fotn?
    Nice to see a free title fight. Last weekend the denver fights were great Got great pics to add to my collection, and met duane ludwig a few times He is a cool dude!!! Fight of the night Easy cruz vs...
  18. Koscheck vs Leben 2
    With all the talk of Koscheck moving back up to middleweight and mentioning fights with Leben among others, who do you think would win this sort of match up? I say definitely Chris Leben in this one....
  19. GSP’s Secret Weapon for Beating Carlos Condit: Dan Hardy… Wait…What?
    Georges St-Pierre might want to re-examine his choice of training partners for his upcoming UFC 137 bout with Carlos Condit on October 29. You would think he would be picking the brain of his friend...
  20. Great new interview with Melvin Guillard
    Melvin Guillard Unleashed I really like this interview. I'm in the group of folks who didn't really like him at first, but he has won me over.
  21. UFC Champions: By the Numbers
    Interesting look at some of the #s behind the champs in the UFC Sherdog
  22. Griffin vs Jackson Decision
    When I first watched the fight live, and all the way up until yesterday I thought that Forrest definitely won the fight. But I watched it yesterday and I actually think it could legitimately have...
  23. UFC Sports Bars
    I just got this new app called UFC Sports Bars. It's pretty sweet. I have Android and its in the marketplace. It tells you which bars are in your area that are hosting. It's worked for me. It will...
  24. Pat Barry really looks up to Stefan Struve..
    This is awesome. Can't wait! MMAJUNKIE Gallery
  25. UFC Live On Versus Weigh-In Staredown Photos
  26. Just want to say
    I love this site really..I really like everones opinions and I know I am not everyones favorite but I really feel like this is a family.. Also in my camp Im gonna start getting rid of guys that are...
  27. Fights start in just a few short hours!
  28. Demetrious Johnson sponsor
    I think that Mighty Mouse has probably had the best sponsor shorts that i have seen in, forever. Plain, one sponsor, and its XBox. Very nice!
  29. UFC on Versus 6
    I'm sure i won't be the first to post this, but weither way, lets recap a great night of fights we start off with matt wiman and mac danzig facing off in their much anticipated rematch, after wiman...
  30. Mac Danzig Wiman decision? Who won?
    I feel Danzig won the first round with flurries 2nd with better moments and wiman barely squeezed out the 3rd. Scored it Danzig 29-28. Danzig took it to wiman! FIGHT OF THE YEAR most definitely. Just...
  31. Matches you want to see after UFC on Versus
    Cruz - Faber/Bowles winner Mighty Mouse - Scott Jorgensen Streuve - Rob Broughton Pat Barry - Mark Hunt Rumble - Shields Brenneman - Siyar Wiman - J-Lau/Melvin Loser Danzig - Charles Oliveria Yves...
  32. Fight Matrix's Number 2!
    Fight Matrix's number 2 welterweight: LINK is that justified? What are your feelings on that?
  33. Size matters
    My apologies if someone already posted this one but I looked and didn't see it right away. But I have to pose the question, who wins this battle? (In this fantasy match groin shots have to be legal...
  34. UFC 136 questions?
    UFC on VS 6 was extremely entertaining & if its any indication of what we can expect next weekend at UFC 136 then fasten your seat belts!!! UFC 136 is STACKKKKEEEEEDDDD!!!!!!!!!! The first card to...
  35. UFC 136 Bonus Predictions
    I don't believe one of these has been made for UFC 136 yet. I apologize ahead of time if there has. FOTN - Edgar/Maynard KOTN - Guillard SOTN - Zhang Should we do predictions in here as well, or does...
  36. Chael at it again!
    Some will hate...some will laugh. After watching this clip, it's clear that Chael Sonnen doesn't think highly of Travis Browne
  37. Rank The Fights Of UFC 136
    Rank each fight in the order for which you are most excited. 1. Edgar vs. Maynard 2. Pettis vs. Stephens 3. Aldo vs. Florian 4. Sonnen vs. Stann 5. Guillard vs. Lauzon 6. Maia vs. Santiago 7. Phan...
  38. ufc commentators
    ok, so i know alot about the technical aspects of the 5 major mma bases, such as brazillian jiu jitsu, muay tai, kickboxing, boxing, and wrestling, and i find myself turning off the vloume when...
  39. Going to see UFC fights live
    I've been considering getting tickets for a couple of months now to go see a UFC event but I'm not sure if I want to pull the trigger and if the show is better in person than it is on PPV. Sounds...
  40. UFC 140 - Bones vs Machida!!!
    Alright Toronto!!! Dec 10th UFC 140 tix go on sale next weekend and ur main event is Bones Jones vs Machida!!! Dana via twitter
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  41. Chael Sonnen "I think I'm the most respectful guy in this sport..."
    In many ways, Chael Sonnen makes it too easy for reporters. Ask a few questions, and you have a headline-worthy sound bite, a boastful prediction, a claim that flies in the face of conventional...
  42. 23 hours and 47 minutes!
    Who else is pumped?! Haven't been able to concentrate on anything else all week!
  43. UFC 136 Weigh-In Photos
  44. michael bisping vs. jason miller
    i know its early, but im excited lol whos gonna win, how their gonna win, and why?
  45. frankie edgar
    This kid has more heart than any other fighter!! Way to go frankie!!! I will pay to see you fight live anytime!!!
  46. UFC 136: Winners & Losers - Who should they fight?
    WINNERS Mike Massenzio Aaron Simpson Darren Elkins Stipe Miocic Anthony Pettis Demian Maia Joe Lauzon Nam Phan Chael Sonnen Jose Aldo Frankie Edgar LOSERS Steve Cantwell Eric Schafer Tiequan Zhang...
  47. Was the first round of Edgar/Maynard III really a 10-8?
    really think about it. was the first round really a 10-8? was everyone just remembering the last fight and reacted too quickly by calling it a 10-8 when it really wasn't? keep in mind that two of the...
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  48. Best Dream Fight?
    what would you choose to see the most
  49. My voice is gone..
    From all the yelling I was doing during the Edgar/Maynard fight. Man, what a fight! I couldn't believe what I was seeing when Maynard rocked him again in the first, I was having flash backs of their...
  50. Multiple Title Holders
    So first and foremost let me express that I know that Dana White and the UFC will never allow for one man to hold multiple belts from multiple weight divisions, and the reason being that one man can...
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