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  1. UFC 130 Fighter Highlight Reels!
    Watch the highlight reels and get to know the fighters of UFC 130 a little better! (Sorry not all of these videos are highlight reels, guys. I'm just posting whatever I'm able to find.) Main Event...
  2. Play by Play on your phone/computer
    LINK I work overnights at a gated community and won’t be able to watch the fight this Saturday. I downloaded an app to an internet radio service that says they are going to do live pay by pay of...
  3. UFC Fantasy Card (Again)
    I enjoy taking some time out to pretend to be Joe Silva every once in a while, and see what kind of match-ups and events I'd be able to create if I had his position in the UFC. So, once again, I'd...
  4. Free Fights
    UFC.com released four free fights to celebrate UFC 130. Rampage vs. Wanderlei Silva 3 Matt Hamill vs. Tim Boetsch Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir Roy Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub LINK
  5. Weight change could make a great rematch
    Now instead of having GSP move up to middle weight why not Jake Shields? Shields IMO is more of a middle weight fighter. Now with Mayhem Miller in the UFC him vs shields would be a great rematch....
  6. Rank The Fights Of UFC 130
    ARE YOU EXCITED?! Rank each fight in the order for which you are most excited. For me it's... 1. Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story 2. Quinton Jackson vs. Matt Hamill 3. Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson...
    Everyone ready for the fights? It's been a while. haha
  8. Winner out of Torres/Johnson?
    Who do YOU think won the fight between Miguel "Angel" Torres and Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson?
  9. Nelson's gut has to go.
    He gassed agenst Mir and JDS and I would put money on it that his gut is what is hurting his gass tank. He is a Pro athelete he has to work out alot so it has to be his diet. If i was him I would get...
  10. After Last night I got Carwin KO over JDS
    I just have to say when you look at common opponents and way of winning...heres my opinion.. Too much hype on JDS...Carwin devastated Mir and Mir beat Nelson the same as JDS...JDS in my eyes is on a...
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  11. Did I miss something?
    I was just looking ahead to the pics for the next card and saw that Ken Stone was fighting. I guess I always thought they buried him after the Eddie Wineland fight. I just figured there would have...
  12. Junior Dos Santos vs Roy Nelson
    Does anyone know where I can find this fight, Google was not helping...thanks
  13. Who should Mirko fight?
    Mirko Cro Cop has one fight left on his UFC contract. Who should he face?
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  14. The ZUFFA Strikeforce UFC thing is annoying me now
    It started when they purchased. I pretty much wanted 1 of 2 things. The companys to merge. Or the companys to merge putting the good with the bad and holding strikeforce like what the...
  15. Rank The Fights Of The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale
    Twenty20Dollars thought this is something we should do for every event. So, here it is! Rank each fight in the order for which you are most excited. (I'm not going to add in any of the fights from...
  16. ufc 131 spike prelims??
    Ufc annouced in months back. That there were spike prelims for this event But now I don't know, they haven't annouced anything I honestly think if one card needs a few free fights it is this The main...
  17. Pettis vs. Guida Poll 2
    Just wanted to see predictions on this fight.
  18. Would You Rank Gilbert Melendez ahead of Frankie Edgar?
    According to the MMAWeekly Lightweight rankings, Gilbert Melendez should be considered the best Lightweight in the world, and Frankie Edgar should be slotted as number two. What does The Playground...
  19. Who has the best chance of winning the show? (TUF)
    We're now down to four fighters, and after tonight we'll be down to two. Who do you guys think has the best chance of moving on to the finale and winning the show?
  20. tuf finale predictions sotn? fotn? kotn?
    The second of 5 ufc cards in the next 5 weeks Glad to see herman and credeur back in action and on the main card Fight of the night Will easily go with pettis vs guida. Should be a war. With the...
  21. ufc 3 undisputed coming in jan 2012
    Info is on mmamania But added weight classes Over 150 fighters And pride ring and rules. Comes out jan of 2012 Can't wait for it!!!! Great news today!!!!
  22. PER UFC ON TWITTERl All prelims will stream for free on Facebook tomorrow night!
  23. Anyone going to Henderson/Fedor in Chicago? We're thinking about getting a suite
    I few of our Minnesota camp members are planning a road trip to Chicago for the Strikeforce Hendo/Fedor card July 30th. We've started to kick around the idea of getting a luxury suite. I just thought...
  24. Ultimate Fighter - I am Lucky
    Got my question asked on a Q&A With Bonnar, Griffin, Brookins and McGee! Skip to Part 2. 2:24 seconds in
  25. Dear Anthony Pettis - You have a new fan.
    Holy crap. This dude is fun as hell to watch. Since my cable provider sucks, I didn't get to see him fight in the WEC. And he's only 24? Guaranteed future champ, imo. Wow.
  26. Clay Guida does NOT LnP
    First and foremost, so I can cut off disgruntled Pettis fans right now, Pettis is going to be a future champ one day, he is only 24 and a disgusting fighter, BUT, he had one glaring...
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    LINK Gotta say I am pumped for this UFC game, hopefully it takes the bad taste out my mouth that UFC 2010 left.
  28. Where is Paul Sass?
    his sherdoug page Last fought on UFC 120. Haven't heard any news on him or any rumored fights. Even if he does get on a card, it will prolly be around a year since he fought last. Seems like a good...
  29. Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 Finale results: Clay Guida uses strong wrestling, not lay-n-pray, to defeat Anthony Pettis
    I know a lot of people were either angry with the decision or thought Guida was lay-n-praying the whole fight. This is an interesting article on mmamania that trys to prove those people are wrong....
  30. Guida brought a fight...How?
    So please inform me why people say Guida brought in a good fight? He didn't care to land any strikes standing, the only thing he did from the ground (other than almost being submitted) is throw...
  31. UFC FB Prelims
    For all of you playgrounders on facebook. I would just like to say during the FB prelims, I opened up a facebook chat on the MMA Playground FB group for both TUF 13 and UFC 130. And really enjoyed...
  32. New UFC Commentators?
    Do you guys think that the ufc should consider new commentators? Personally, I find Joe Rogan to be very biased and critical in his commentating. Also, Mike Goldberg doesn't know what the **** he's...
  33. ufc 131 predictions sotn?kotn?fotn?
    Another ufc card is here. Third in a row which is good This card took some hits, injury bug came and a lot of the matches were affected Off the top of my head. Lesnar,danzig,yahya,mcgee,perosh, now...
  34. Rumors surge regarding FTC investigation of UFC
    If the FTC is in fact conducting an investigation it is private and we are not going to hear much from their end until they have finished doing what they do and decide whether or not they have a...
  35. Rank The Fights Of UFC 131
    Rank each fight in the order for which you are most excited. 1. Dos Santos vs. Carwin 2. Stout vs. Edwards 3. Florian vs. Nunes 4. Cerrone vs. Rocha 5. Ring vs. Head 6. Einemo vs. Herman 7. Maia vs....
  36. Carwin vs JDS who wins
    who did you guys pick? I went for the underdog, i call Carwin by first round KO.... i know its not the best bet but i just think JDS is gonna be surprised at Carwins power, and he won't turtle after...
  37. Why is Frank Mir getting so much crap?
    Was that fight with Roy honestly that bad? I actually enjoyed it. Pretty decent all around fight. People really expected him to finish Roy? That's absurd after seeing Dos Santos blast at that chin...
  38. Wanderlei Silva Training For Chris Leben ( Video )
    Check out Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva as he trains at Kings MMA in preperation for his long awaited return to the cage against Chris Leben at UFC 132. WANDY VIDEO OMG I cant wait for this..!!!...
  39. 11 Questions for Junior Dos Santos
    Just a fun read for Dos Santos fans. They touch of the subject of Carwin, Junior's BJJ training, his training partners, when he thinks he will be champion, the idea of Jon Jones moving to Heavyweight...
  40. Reminder: "Countdown to UFC 131" preview show debuts tonight on Spike TV
    With a heavyweight headlining matchup of Junior Dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin, this weekend's "UFC 131: Dos Santos vs. Carwin" event marks the promotion's return to Canada. In anticipation of the...
  41. Chael Sonnen still at it..
    Well, at least he won't have a shortage of opponents when he returns, eh? Here's the latest of what Chael Sonnen has to say: "Cro Cop is a relic, a reminder from the old days. A museum of ancient...
  42. Dave 'Pee Wee' Herman@UFC 131
    I absolutely cannot wait to see this guy fight this weekend..!! His record is amazing and in a way is similar to Carwins..!! Dave Herman Interview
  43. Randy Couture predicts UFC 131 Carwin vs Dos Santos
    Randy Couture predicts UFC 131 Carwin vs Dos Santos
  44. UFC 131 Press Conference
    If any of you guys are waiting for the video of the press conference here it is: Video
  45. Nam Pham Destroys Streetfighter - Video
    Check out a young Nam Phan blitzing through some random dude. Its all over in a matter of seconds..!! I think Nam Phan is fast becoming one of my favourites..!! VIDEO
  46. Reminder: UFC 131 Weigh-In
    All 24 fighters participating in UFC 131 will first step on the scale in Jack Poole Plaza in Vancouver, BC and we'll have the results right here at BloodyElbow.com. In the main event, Junior dos...
  47. I AM PUMPED!!!!!
    That weigh in was actually pretty crazy. I mean nothing out of the ordinary happened but I just have this feeling where in for something special tomorrow. All these fights have the potential to be...
  48. Which underdog has the most potential to win?(Poll)
    Which underdog has the most potential to win Saturday night?
  49. Does Damian Maia have Staph?
    Noticed it at the weigh-ins. Is it me or does it look like Maia might have Staph on his chest? Something to keep an eye out for after the fight.
  50. Carwin Vs JDS!!
    For me personaly I think JDS is the underdog that is why I am going for JDS
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