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  1. Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami set for UFC rio
    It's been set and i couldnt be more dissapointed. I know that yushin has more than waited his turn but damn it we want GSP!!!! Silva 2nd round TKO
  2. Nick Diaz is a boss.
    I dont mean to talk trash right after his win but nick diaz is legit. Even though he went down early, nick came back to win the fight in an impressive victory. Who faces him next? Does he go back to...
  3. Just how good is Gilbert Melendez?
    His match with Kawajiri was amazing to watch, and much more one-sided than i envisioned. Where do you guys see him in the overall LW picture? Edit - i thought i took out the poll but i messed up, its...
  4. Best matchup I could think of
    The best matchup that I can see possibly happening at this point in time would be Chan Sung Jung vs Brad Pickett. I think this fight would be ridiculously amazing and would much rather see this than...
  5. Chael Sonnen wants to play poker with Keith Kizer and fight the worst guy on the UFC roster
  6. Anderson Silva to light heavyweight?
    "Nogueira also says the current climate sees Anderson moving up to the 205lb division due to the lack of adversaries at his current weight class." link
  7. IF Rampage beats Hamill
    Then who does Rampage fight? Rua or Forrest? I don't see a title shot for beating Hamill...I would say let him and Bader fight and if he wins that give him a shot...
  8. Silva vs GSP... Still Intriguing?
    I know a lot of people are sick of hearing about Silva vs GSP but now that it may happen do you even care for it now? IMO everyone would now rather see Jones vs Silva. Is GSP vs Anderson Silva still...
  9. Avatar Bet for UFC 129? Shields over GSP
    Jake Shields over GSP is the only one I will take. You gotta be a regular poster and pretty well known in the forums for me to take this. Shields by Tapout. Watch.
  10. 129 avatar bet
    I want Aldo, Machida or Makdessi bring'git
  11. best revenge match in ufc of all time??
    I was thinking of some good ones. Some were trilogy's. But the best revenge match Here are a few Gsp beating hughes for title Lidell beating couture for title Rampage knocking out silva Brock beating...
  12. Fun Night For Television
    Just wanted to remind you guys that there are some decent UFC premieres happening tonight. There are a few hours worth of old UFC Unleashed episodes leading in to a new Unleashed episode featuring...
  13. Ivan Manjivar vs. Brad Pickett (Free Fight)
    UFC released a previously unaired prelim. Manjivar vs. Pickett. Find some time to watch it. REALLY good fight. Versus.com
  14. Would Rashad ever go to 185?
    I actually really like Rashad and think really highly of his game outside of a glass jaw. But if bones handles rashad like i think he should, i would love to see him consider the drop to 185. Besides...
  15. Has Gilbert Melendez accomplished more than Frankie Edgar?
    Some Melendez article So, in short, they say that he is the best 155lb fighter. And they may be right. But, if the hype train is to start, he must fight one of the big three dogs in the UFC:...
  16. Things I would like the UFC to do
    First I would like to see the UFC take on say a fan poll for every card where they put up a fighter and we take a poll on who they face.. Call it the fans fight!! They could announce it on one card...
  17. OMG Diaz camp oout of their mind
    Seriously some of this so called boxing is ludicrous... Diaz against Mayorga he gets beat bad.. Diaz against Sergio Martinez...KO definitely by round 7...Thats just a murder... Its funny I guess his...
  18. TUF 13 Episode 3 (Spoiler)
    This was definately the best fight if the season so far, Ryan and Len both went for it and i will be shocked if Len doesnt get a wildcard slot, it seems Dana was impressed as well, it was mad to see...
  19. Who would you like to see fight Royce in Rio?
    So it looks like it is all but a done deal that Royce will be fighting in RIo which i think is pretty cool. The problem i see is who do you have him fight that is on his level? I know he is good but...
  20. Best UFC Heavyweight Champion?
    Who do you think holds the title of the best Heavyweight champion in UFC history?
    Pages: 2
  21. Best UFC Light Heavyweight Champion?
    Who do you think holds the title of the best Light Heavyweight champion in UFC history?
  22. Best UFC Middleweight Champion?
    Who do you think holds the title of the best Middleweight champion in UFC history?
  23. Best UFC Welterweight Champion?
    Who do you think holds the title of the best Welterweight champion in UFC history?
  24. Best UFC Lightweight Champion?
    Who do you think holds the title of the best Lightweight champion in UFC history?
  25. Joseph Benavidez Has Flyweight Dreams, But Happy To Remain a Nightmare at 135
    With a win over Ian Loveland at UFC 128, former bantamweight title contender Joseph Benavidez successfully made his transition from his former home in the WEC to his new home in the UFC. Now the Team...
  26. Martin Kampmann talks June matchup w/ John Howard & Diego Sanchez decision
    Martin Kampmann talks June matchup w/ John Howard & Diego Sanchez decision I want to see that rematch. It would be great to see them bang it out again. I gave the match to Kampmann the first time, I...
  27. Jake Shields expects to be taken down by GSP
    “I think it’s gonna be a great fight. I’m excited. GSP is a phenomenal fighter. I have a ton of respect for him. It’s gonna be an all out war, but I see myself winning. It’s a fight I’m going out...
  28. Aldo vs. Swanson (Free Fight)
    UFC.com will be releasing more free fights in the coming months. Aldo vs. Swanson
  29. Yasubey Enomoto Interview
    Yasubey Enomoto Interview One of my favorite up and coming fighters. Watch it, look at his fights and enjoy.
  30. Fighters on Stand by
    I think a great idea is to have 3 fighters train for a fight...with teh alternate getting paid some sort of money for training.. Why? Think if Edgar or Maynard got hurt the card takes a huge...
  31. Reminder
    Just wanted to remind you guys that new episodes of Unleashed, TUF, and Primetime come on tonight. Unleashed: Jeremy Stephens vs. Marcus Davis and Diego Sanchez vs. Paulo Thiago The Ultimate Fighter:...
  32. ufc 133 main event?? any guesses
    With brazil getting booked With silva vs okami And aldo vs ?? July has faber vs cruz for bantam Aug in philly is a mystery Won't be for lightheavy nor heavy belt And u can rule out welter,bantam and...
  33. ufc in fall events/venues/titles
    I am trying to make logical guesses which I am very good at Sept. Venue??? With be is us for sure. I bet is chicago Title. Jones vs evans Oct. Already oct 15th in england. I do think bisping will be...
  34. the UFC will show all 5 pre-lims of UFC 129 on facebook
    the UFC will show all 5 pre-lims of UFC 129 on facebook A while back, Dana White had promised that we would soon be able to see every single fight on a UFC card, and now he has kept his word. The UFC...
  35. TUF 13 Episode 4 (Spoiler)
    Absolutely shocking, this fight was awful, when you get a performance like this (Rader) you see the argument for bringing in the concept of fighting your way into the house, he didnt even fight the...
  36. How long before we see SF/UFC cards
    I know they want to run as two separate companys. But more then likely Strikeforce will merge into the ufc once the Showtime deal runs out.So my question is how long do you think it will be before we...
  37. Interesting Edgar or Melendez
    On BetUS they have Melendez as the slight favorite...I have to disagree..Melendez has looked good but I think thats just a case of the people he has fought...So with that said I would have to bet...
  38. More free fights from UFC.com
    UFC.com will be releasing past fights from the fighters who will be making an appearance at UFC 129. http://www.ufc.com/129-freefights Mike Guymon vs. Rory MacDonald - Available now Mike Pyle vs....
  39. The future of the UFC Middleweight division
    I got to thinking about the future of the UFC MW division today what with all the talk and speculation about Silva moving up to 205 or staying at home at 185. One way or another, we have to face the...
  40. Which fight are you looking forward to the most at 129?
    With UFC 129 less then a week away, I'm wondering which fights you guys are looking forward to the most!
  41. UFC 129 Fighter Videos
    Check out some of the videos and get to know the fighters of 129 a little better! (All videos are from Youtube. I try to post highlights and early MMA fights. But, if neither of those are available...
  42. ufc 129 predictions fotn?sotn?kotn?
    Can't believe it has been a month since last seeing ufc and a good 6 weeks since last pay per view Ufc can't do that too us!!!! I am looking forward to seeing a double title event And what 55...
  43. Mr. Liddell - Executive Iceman: How Chuck Made UFC 129
    Chuck Liddell brings you UFC 129: St-Pierre vs Shields - Live on Pay-Per-View and www.UFC.tv this Saturday, April 30th at 6/9PM PT/ET. Video
  44. Affliction's GSP vs Shields Promo Video (HD)
    perty cool video
  45. Randy Couture predicts UFC 129 Diaz VS McDonald
    check it out! I guess there posting the rest of the fights this week
  46. Dana white video blog UFC 129 day 1
    Dana white video blog UFC 129 day 1 If you still didn't see this... The guy is something else. I mean, you can love him or hate him but everyone has an opinion on him.
  47. UFC Primetime: GSP vs Shields - EPISODE 3
    UFC Primetime: GSP vs Shields - EPISODE 3 If you like this type of stuff, here you go. I like it so I thought I should share. :)
  48. My 3 picks for Parlay UFC 129
    Shields, Bocek, Diaz... Let go and let God deal with it...
  49. 2011 Welterweight Classic
    Here is my new idea for the 2011 UFC Welterweight Classic. 3 Separate Rounds with new match ups for every round. Round one has 6 set matches 2 TBA. Round 1 George St. Pierre vs Jake Shields - DONE...
  50. Jake Shields Head Kick KO???
    I haven't seen all of Jake fights, but I know he has slightly underrated kicks. People are always saying he has ZERO stand up. My question is, does he throw head kicks often and/or effectively. I...
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