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  1. Who would win a Rampage and Rashad2?
    I think rampage would win because he almost had rashad beat the first time
  2. Rampage vs Hamill
    I personally think rampage is going to win, because i dont think hamill is as good as rashad at wrestling so he might not be able to take rampage down as easily and standing rampage has a great chin...
  3. JENS PULVER: Driven (watch for FREE today only!)
    JENS PULVER: Driven Available for FREE for 24 hours only!
  4. Fantasy Ultimate Fighter Season 14 The Comeback
    I've been rewatching TUF 4, and just wondered (not saying its going to happen) But if they were to redo it, who would be the: 8 Middleweights 8 Welterweights Preferably people whom have been cut from...
  5. BJ Penn's Training.
    i just learned that Matt Hughes is helping BJ Penn train. i just find this pretty cool/weird because Bj kinda knocked Matt the F**K Out and he is still helping him train. So yea I just thought that...
  6. Diego Sanchez Injured Rashad Evans.
    So Rashad obviously won't say who it is.... LINK
  7. Ask The Cage Counsel: What's UFC's End Goal with Justin.tv Lawsuit?
    Junkie's legal consultant, David Nelmark, did a really good write-up on this topic today. It offers some better insight to the story and perhaps some new details into the suit, at least from a legal...
  8. The Spida Almost gave up MMA for washing Cars?
    I was browsing the internetz and came across this. A blog thingy written by Trent Reinsmith. Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira has been writing a mixed martial arts column for Journal Extra in Brazil....
  9. UFC Fight Night 24: Anthony Johnson Talks Dan Hardy (Video)
    Anthony Johnson on: - 0:28 Knocking out Dan Hardy - 1:03 Where he's training - 1:28 Training mostly jiu-jitsu, but not liking it - 1:56 Staying at 170 - 2:31 "Nothing" impressing him about Dan Hardy...
  10. Big Nog:Anderson will KO GSP.
    LINK!!! Personally i think GSP is being looked past in this fight. IMO i think GSP has better stand-up then sonnen and sonnen tagged silva a few times (but by no means do I think GSP has better...
  11. If You Could Change the Outcome of One Fight
    If you could re-write history and change the winner of won fight what would it be
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  12. Matt Serra changed GSP TRUE or FALSE
    alot of people have been saying Serra changed the way GSP fights tell me what you think TRUE or FALSE
  13. Which 4 UFC fighters are the best coaches? Any fighters
    Out of all the fighter on the UFC Roster, in your opinion, which 4 are the best coaches? Only fighters, no Greg Jacksons. In other words, if you were going to fight, which 4 fighters would you pick...
  14. Phil Davis to replace Tito Ortiz against Lil Nog at UFC Fight Night 24
  15. Who will be the Champs next year
    In each division who do you think will be holding the title after the new years eve card this year? Heavyweight: Cain Velasquez - I think Lesnar will beat Dos Santos and get the fight with Cain but I...
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  16. p4p do the HW's matter?
    no doubt the heavy weights are a sight to see and very entertaining, but do their fights mean anything? I dont believe so. To me, the heavy weights are great to watch but there isnt a single fighter...
  17. Tito
    Anyone know who pulled out of a fight the most times. Im thinking it might b Tito
  18. ufc 127 predictions fotn? sotn? kotn?
    Another card is here On paper. This may be one of the worst And with condit out. Honestly this should be a free spike card Knock out of the night. Will go with noke. Ko camozzi Sub of the night. Will...
  19. Odds makers have gone crazy Shogun 2-1 underdog vs Jones
    I mean in my opinion shogun will KO this guy but what do I know right? I know enough to know that pretty much the only advantage jones has over Rua is that f**king reach and for those of you who say...
  20. Dream Bouts
    This is to anyone who would like to see a bout in the makes, or a bout that we think we will never see or maybe a rematch. Here are some for me, I'd love to see what you guys have in mind. Feel free...
  21. Jorge Rivera's At It Again: Formal Apology To Bisping
    This particular video might be the greatest one yet. It's tough, the Monty Python video was pretty damn amazing, but this one is hilarious....at least to me. Rivera's Formal Apology
  22. Vemola Out Of Bout With Cane At UFC 128.
    Karlos Vemola has been forced to pull out of his scheduled UFC 128 bout following a health issue, MMA Fighting has learned. The withdrawal leaves Luiz Cane temporarily without an opponent. Article
  23. Shogun vs Jones odds are....
    I want to know what you guys think about the Shogun vs. Jones bout. Odds say Jones, but Shogun is not one to be doubted. I'm sticking with Jones on this fight though. WAR JONES WAR SHOGUN
  24. UFC 127 Avatar Bets...Proposal
    I willing to take any avatar bet. I got Penn over Fitch Bisping over Rivera G-Sot over Siver WAR PENN
  25. Rivera appolgizes to Bisping for trash talk....
  26. GSP vs. Shields...the odds (Shields shouldn't be counted out)
    Am I the only one who would like to see GSP lose, but at the same time, see him win? If GSP loses, Shields will be the most hated man in sports history. Oddsmakers have gone bonkers. Shields is in...
  27. Do sanots calls out brock lesnar and his chin smart or dumb?
    Was it smart for for Junior Do santos to call out Brock Lesnar and his chin I think it was since he got knock out by Cain
  28. Cub Swanson out
    As title says, Eric Koch posted on Facebook that cub is out of fight, anyone know what happen.
  29. UFC 127 Danavlog #1: ‘TUF 13' Set Already Destroyed, Everybody Takes Fitch by Decision
    Dana White’s latest UFC video blog is out, and it reveals the following: - Somebody (not saying who) has already punched a hole into one of the walls on the TUF 13 set. Junior Dos Santos predicts...
  30. Ariel interviews Octagon girls on the beach
    This video is epic win. Octagon girls probably have one of best jobs in the world. http://www.mmafighting.com/2011/02/25/ufc-invades-sydneys-bondi-beach/
  31. CagePotato: Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Us About This Anderson Silva Video?
    (Amazing HL video of Anderson Silva. The best I've seen by far. Here's the article from CP.) We considered saying unkind words about Silva’s personality, but we’re convinced he’s a ninja terminator...
  32. UFC 127 Weigh-Ins
    Results: Dennis Siver possibly has missed weight. Jon Fitch (77.2 kg/169.8 lbs.) vs. B.J. Penn (76 kg/167.2 lbs.) Michael Bisping (84.2 kg/185.2 lbs.) vs. Jorge Rivera (84 kg/184.8 lbs.) Dennis Siver...
  33. Jon Bones Jone vs. Shogun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This fight is going to be good I want Jon Jones to win He is my uncles best friend Jon has come along way I hope he wins
  34. What are your guys's final decisions for ufc 127 main 3 fights?
    So yea what r u ur final piks and if u want why? I got BJ Pen by 80% submission and 20% ko/tko cuz jon fitch has a great chin. Also i dnt think grindng is gunna work every time. Jorje Rivera By...
  35. Attended UFC 127 weigh-ins
    I just wanted to share with u guys my first ever UFC weigh-in. I was lining up to get in then I see TRAVIS LUTTER I just shook his hand and said "OMG its TRAVIS LUTTER and I was talking to him for a...
  36. any know where I can watch the fights for free??
    the 2 sights I always used are now gone. Any pm's with links will result in props.
  37. Penn Or Fitch?
    So who do you think won? I honestly agreed with the decision, I think Penn won rounds 1 and 2 then Fitch won the third 10-8.
  38. Do you guys agree with the fight results?
    Even though it sucks i actually agree with the draw. I scored it BJ:10-9 10-9 8-10. So its a draw. I also had Dennis Siver winning by ko/tko but agree with the decision. Also what do you guys think...
  39. tmas has lost his Avatar Bet! I dont know how to change it
    Hey Jorge, How did that Knee taste? WAR BISPING! Now, I am a n00b to this website. And I would like to know how to change his avatar. HELP PLZ.
  40. most shocking from UFC 127
    what was the most shocking? i think Siver.
  41. Draw Discussion
    What are your guys' thoughts on draw's in MMA? I really like draw's. Even though it feels so inconclusive, it is healthy for the sport. If more fights end in a draw it will begin to influence...
  42. UFC 127: The Losers Aftermath
    Now that UFC 127 is in the books it's once again time to predict what happens next to the losers last night, whether they stay or go. Here are my predictions, obviously Penn-Fitch is excluded because...
  43. Fitch Never Gets a Break...
    I am disgusted by the disrespect so many MMA fans have for Fitch. Penn vs. Fitch was not boring, it was a BJJ/wrestling clinic, and a very memorable ground battle. In my opinion, if you thought that...
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  44. I gotta give G-Sot his props.
    He really made this fight entertaining. He was humbled by Siver's takedown defense. He actually had the mind set to create another game plan while in the fight. Some fighters cant do that. What...
  45. UFC 127 Dana White VBlog, Bisping/Rivera weigh in smack talk, UFC 128, and More!
    In this video, we see what Dana saw last night, and 2 nights ago at the UFC 127 weigh ins and more. In this video, I want you guys to take a look at Bisping and Riveras smack talk at the weigh in. I...
  46. Jorge Rivera Says 'Classless' Bisping Hit Him with Intentional Illegal Knee
    There are moments from his UFC 127 bout with Michael Bisping in Sydney, Australia that are still fuzzy to Jorge Rivera, but there is at least one thing he knows for sure. The illegal knee that...
  47. VItor Belfort vs. Michael Bisping In May?
    That's apparently what Belfort hints at via Twitter: Article Other posts on there suggest he's not the only one who wants it.
  48. Giving the devil his due: Jon Fitch deserves better after draw with BJ Penn at UFC 127
    Maybe I'm the only one, but after the decision was announced in the main event of the UFC 127 clash between Jon Fitch and BJ Penn as a majority draw, I felt bad for the former and sorry for the...
  49. Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says UFC?
    So yea like which fighter? Which moment? Which Fight? Fighter:Anderson Silva(even if I hate him.) Moment:When Rampage Knocked out Wandy . Fight:Diego Sanchez vs Clay Guida.
  50. BJ takes a stab at Frankie Edgars fighting style
    BJ doesn't want to be a fighter that "punches and then runs away from his opponent". Was that a jab at Frankie Edgar? Link
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