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1/30/09 9:08:08AM
Might want to read Luke Thomas's take.


Interesting point of view.
1/30/09 10:36:00AM
Pretty much the guy talked out of both sides of his mouth.
1/30/09 10:47:02AM
It's not uncommon for someone within a company to release information. The real question is who it is. Without being able to answer that question, you'll never be able to figure out whether this is being orchestrated by the owners...or just an insider who gets their kicks by sharing privileged information. I think it's irresponsible to make that sort of accusation without any proof.
1/30/09 1:48:40PM
The idea smacks of conspiracy-theory, which IMHO, is usually pretty batty. Sure people leak stuff all the time, it happens at the highest levels of government, why wouldn't it happen with Zuffa or other promotions? But to think that it's an organized effort, or that it could significantly influence the various forums is a giant leap. I for one have much more faith in the idea that the forums are loaded with free thinkers who mostly make up their minds on what they see, and less on what they read.

(don't prove me wrong !

EDIT: I believe there's a rule against being political, but I'll take the risk and say that I think folks in government do it (leak info) becuase it works. However, the stakes are much higher there, I just don't see it as plausible that an MMA promotion would invest the time/effort.
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