Zuffa lowers ticket prices for UFC 170

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1/7/14 2:39:47PM
It appears that the UFC has dropped ticket prices for their first PPV in Las Vegas in 2014.

1/7/14 2:42:37PM
Yeah tickets are 50% lower than the norm in Vegas.
Maybe cause of headliner.
I Do hope ticket priced decrease in Vegas.
It's fucking expensive to go.

I avg 450 a ticket Vegas
Outside Vegas avg is 225-250 per
1/7/14 3:13:53PM
It looks like Rousey isn't the big draw that many people claim her to be.
1/7/14 6:33:26PM
She really isn't. She deserves props for the first pay per view with Carmouche and I knew the UFC would try to make it look like the last PPV was all Ronda but it wasn't it was Weidman vs Silva 2 that was. This cards weak and not all Ronda's fault, co main event of Rashad vs Cormier will definitely be a stinker and nothing else looks intriguing. I will definitely order UFC 169 but probably catch 170 at a bar or download it the next day.
1/7/14 6:42:54PM

Posted by Webbie

It looks like Rousey isn't the big draw that many people claim her to be.

Surprising considering how fan-friendly she has recently been in interviews and towards opponents.
1/7/14 8:37:51PM
UFC raises pay-per-view $5: "the UFC is greedy and sucks a bag of dicks!"

UFC lowers ticket prices: "the UFC can't draw and sucks a bag of dicks!"

Insert token anti-Dana comment here _____.
1/7/14 10:14:46PM
Ticket sales and PPV buys are two totally different animals. A good example would be Lesnar. He could sell the shit out of PPV's, but didn't sell tickets particularly well. Both aren't always in sync. Zuffa does their research, so maybe they know that celebs and money-burners won't pony up the cash in normal Vegas quantities for a female fight. Rousey needs a couple more PPV's before we really know what she brings to the table in that regard. Considering her opponent is essentially a no-name to casual fans though, I'd say they have their work cut out for them. The co-main will help things, but they'll need to rely heavily on the Rousey brand that's been built to pull solid numbers. I guess we'll soon see if it's enough to be a PPV star.
1/8/14 1:57:44AM
and this is why GSP leaving was a huge loss for them; he was willing to play ball with the media and did a lot more than everyone else to build his brand and name…. it just seems to me like the new champs in each divisions just are doing as much as he did media wise (commercials, acting like a professional, traveling for appearances, etc…)
1/8/14 2:19:20AM
They hurt themselves. How are you going to stack 171 without making sure 170 was good first? 171 you cant decide which fights should be on PPV and FS1 because their all so good. 170 wishes it could have a decent main card nevertheless prelims.

Rashad vs Cormier has Rashad vs Rampage/Davis 2 written all over it. McMann is a casual no name. They really should put this free on FS1 or Fight Pass. Its a damn problem when not even the hardcore fans are interested.