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2/10/08 6:26:21PM
Just wanna throw it in there that there was a (for scandinavia) big MMA event last night. The Zone FC with Enson Inoue as announcer and August Wallén (who recently fought Yuki Kondo) vs some russian from the Red Devil team as the main event.
Two team mates of mine competed and both won by TKO in the 1st round. One of them, Alex Gustavsson is gonna be something in MMA for sure. He's only 21 years old, has now an 8-0 record with most of the wins coming by KO in the 1st and a few pro boxing wins. The really impressive part is that he's only been training for almost 2 years.
Of course I'm biased since I know him but I'm telling you, I've seen nothing in scandinavian MMA this far that has lead me think future UFC contender other than this guy.

In this fight he fought a german ripped up BJJ brown belt by the name of Farbod Fadami. Alex has been working with a lot of pro boxers for a while now which showed on his timing. He clocked his opponent every time he tried to close the distance for a takedown but it was actually when Farbod finally got a leg that it turned ugly. Alex used some wicked GSP-like TD defence that he's used a lot in past fight and just blasted Farbod with right hands as he tried to pull Alex to the floor. This went on for almost a full minute and the crowd sounded like they wanted Farbod to just give up out of pity for him but even though he looked like a bloody mess he just continued trying to either go for a 1-punch KO or a takedown. Alex finally sprawled Farbod down in brutal fashion and just punched him into oblivion and the ref stopped the fight.
I hope someone puts up this fight on youtube soon.

Anyway, look out for Alexander Gustavsson.

Oh and in the main event Wallén destroyed the russian guy in minutes and choked him out before the second bell.
2/10/08 10:31:03PM
Cool, sounds like the event you saw was pretty sweet. I'll have to keep my eye out for this guy.
2/11/08 9:18:12AM
Sounds awesome man! I tried youtubing him but the fight isn't on there yet.