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4/26/09 9:39:20AM
The Zone FC put on a 13 fight card in Gothenburg, Sweden last night. Usually, as I write about fights in Japan, there are lots of decisions. On this card, none of the fights went the distance. Of course, there can be many reasons for that, but it usually means that the crowd is entertained.

Martin Svensson Def. Henning Svendsen by Triangle Choke Round 1 1:18
Alexander Prodèr Def. Peter Engdahl by legbar Round 1 4:27
Christoffer Svensson Def. Jens Östling by Peruvian neck tie Round 1 3:59
Anton Mattsson Def. Jeppe Fausing by TKO Round 1 2:45
Åke Bergvall Def. Michael Böbner by rear-naked choke Round 1 3:49
Jakub Bugaj Def. Peter Enbom by TKO Round 1 3:37
Besam Yousef Def. Pavel Nakonieczny by TKO Round 1 0:13
Panikos Kleanthous Def. Marko Gyllenland by TKO Round 2 0:08
Cole Lauritsen Def. Ståle Nyang by TKO Round 2 3:10
Mats Nilsson Def. Magnus Cedenblad by rear-naked Choke Round 1 3:49
Victor Cheng Def. Daniel Engström by Bull dog choke Round 1 2:21
August Wallen Def. Karim Mammar by rear-naked choke Round 1 3:35

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