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5/16/12 12:17:28AM
This is Chang Sung Jung's official war wagon, which ive dubbed "the horde". Post if you got man love for the korean zombie I doubt he would beat Aldo but he has that X factor that makes him the most exciting challenger right now imo. Hell of a performance tonight.

5/16/12 12:19:03AM
Been on this wagon since his WEC debut!!!
5/16/12 12:25:23AM
He messed up my parlay but that dude is exciting! Aldo vs KZ would be a great war for sure. WAR TKZ
5/16/12 12:36:28AM
I've got that t-shirt on right now.

5/16/12 12:49:29AM
I was impressed with his grappling/wrestling. Thought DDP would have the bigger adv there.

Wouldn't mind seeing Hioki vs Zombie sometime down the road.

5/16/12 1:17:45AM
I stopped a conversation midsentence because of this fight. The man is the second coming of Sexyama.
5/16/12 1:31:12AM
Got my zombie shirt on as well
I hope zombie leap frogs Hioki for next title shot
5/16/12 1:32:42AM
Got my early pick for Ufc fight of the year
5/16/12 1:54:38AM
He hit mainstream popularity tonight and what perfect timing! Aldo vs. KZ could be the FW's push toward the casual audience.
5/16/12 2:47:53AM
Supposedly, Dana has said his next fight will be a title shot or something.
5/16/12 4:30:14AM
Rewatching the fight since i missed a little bit of it, That second round is practically a 10-8 round on sheer effective aggression.
5/16/12 9:23:28AM
Count me in - and I definitely thought he was overhyped prior to last night. He was a monster last night.
5/16/12 9:55:56AM

Posted by scoozna

Count me in - and I definitely thought he was overhyped prior to last night. He was a monster last night.

Same. I thought Dustin was going to expose him last night. Boy was I wrong.
5/16/12 11:16:21AM
he lived up to his moniker last night. kept coming forward, walked through tough hits like he was getting hit by a pillow, and when it hit the ground he was a ravenous pretzel. i've loved him since he got robbed in his wec debut against leonard "winner by split decision" garcia. so pumped he's flogging now.
5/16/12 11:50:53AM
I was warming up to the Zombie when he fought Garcia the first time. During his second outing with Garcia, I developed a man-crush for him. When the Zombie fought and destroyed Hominick in mere seconds, my man-crush blossomed into an obsession. And finally, last night - when the Zombie put on the performance of his life and crushed the diamond, he reminded me of the time when He-Man summoned his last bit of strength to defeat his enemies by crushing the diamond which possessed evil powers.

I was so close to leaving my wife and kids last night.
5/16/12 1:12:16PM

Posted by DeadHead988

Been on this wagon since his WEC debut!!!

Me too
5/16/12 6:18:01PM
The Diamond Cutter
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