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11/4/09 9:44:46PM
Zewkey.com is looking for more members once again. if your'e interested in joining a camp that is consistently top three, then this is the right place for you. either PM me or post here if you are interested.
12/20/09 1:36:37PM
Once again, Zewkey.com had an outstanding season. We finished the season in #2 place and are ready to continue our winning streak to a third season, yet.

Unfortunately, we lost a couple of members during this past season and find ourselves looking to replace them. Should you want to join a team that knows how to win and stay as a the top tier team, please drop me or F-Man a note.

Requirements are very strict and we expect you to meet them, they are:

1) Have fun and be ready to make ALL your picks. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2) Leave everything else to us and you'll find yourself in the best team in the Playground.

Be smart... drop us an email.
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