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3/1/07 8:56:44AM
Credit: MMAUniverse.com

Zelg Has Signed On The Line
Date submitted: 28 February 2007
Submitted by: MMA Universe

James "The Colossus" Thompson’s Trojan Gym training partner, Zelg Galesic has been signed by Pride.

Although still very early in his career Galesic’s spectacular destruction of his foes caused such a stir that ripples were sent all over the world, even as far as Japan. Now the Croatian striking specialist has been picked up by Dream Stage Entertainment and will make his Pride debut on April 7th at Pride 34: Kamikaze

This was confirmed by Galesic’s manager, Charlie Joseph, who said he had secured Zelg a four fight Pride contract. Joseph also hinted that Zelg would still be fighting on his home turf at Cage Rage, where an excellent opponent is already in the pipeline for July’s Cage Rage 22.


sounds good to me.. maybe we will see zelg vs cung le like it was supposed to be before
3/1/07 9:20:33AM
Great news. Thanks

Hopefully he'll get an opponent who is willing to stand and trade with him. I think Cung Le would be a little too much for him though.
3/1/07 12:25:47PM
Zelg vs Kung!!! That fight would be awsome...

War "Lil Mirko"
3/1/07 7:52:53PM
Pride's MW division is deep, Zelg vs Cung would be ridiculous, has been rumored to happen but we'll have to wait and see.
3/1/07 8:32:10PM
finally someone replaces crocop.. mark my words! he might be a champion soooon! hopefully we'll see him at pride 34!
3/1/07 8:43:32PM
Ya Nate showed me this guy when I first got on the site. Great standup, They call him mini-Cro-cop so I hope has the takedown defense to go with it. Hope him and Cung do go at it. That would be a standup war, I know he got injured a while back and delayed this. Glad it actually got done.
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