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4/17/07 3:01:15PM
anybody else very impressed with his striking? i just watched pride 34 and his striking really does resemble crocops, heck, i'd say his kicks are a little more crisp. i know he lost, and props on that kimura, but i think in the future galesic will definatly at least be a contender, if not the champ.

he could improve his g&p and punching power though
4/17/07 3:08:58PM
Def... The kid's young (23?) and his striking looks excellent, and very aggressive... It is a litle reminicant of CC technique-wise, but it seems like Zelg has more of that youthful exzuberance(aggresiveness), while CC is like a seasoned panther stalking it's pray, only striking when it counts, sorry that sounds so cheesy but ya know what I mean...

I think by the age of 25-26 he will be a force to be reckoned with... He needs to learn to calm down and not make the easily avoidable mistakes, jumping into a ground-guys's guard, etc., and all that will come with age and experience.
4/17/07 3:10:16PM
Zelg is a kid you gotta keep your eye on. He's earned his stripes in the UK as a top competitor in smaller shows. He has some of the quickest hands I've seen in MMA and from what i've seen the kid just doesn't gas out.

hopefully he ups his ground game so he can hang in with the elite.
4/17/07 3:28:14PM
I think if he should be a little less aggressive, and be more like Cro Cop and only strike when it absolutley counts. Cro Cops selectiveness is one of the things that makes him the best striker in MMA.

Look at Roger Huerta at UFC 69, he was throwing loads of kicks, and his technique was pretty good, he has obviously worked on them a lot on bags, pads and in sparring, but Leonard Garcia was blocking or dodging most of them, and overall didnt take much damage from the high kicks. Imo, the key to effective high kicks is to throw one, at the perfect moment, when you know it will connect and KO the opposition, some good examples of this are loads of CC fights and even Rashad Evans against Sean Salmon.

If you use it, and it doesnt KO the opp. then each time you use it after that its a little less effective. The opponent is ready to block it, and can often make catches or get a single leg takedown.
4/18/07 6:18:41AM
He reminds me alot of Mork, he needs to work on his ground game and takedwon defense a hell of alot, he may of been able to hang with B level competition in /cage Rage, but as we saw last Pride, without sufficient skills, regardless of his stand up abilities he is likely to be taken to the ground and subbed.

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