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11/9/10 3:19:53PM
What a fight, one of the best K1 fights i have ever seen in my life... here's the link.

Absolute War
11/9/10 6:19:04PM
i watched it on HDnet fights when it happened. since then ive come back and watched it like 3 more times including the link you just posted. AWESOME FIGHT!!! everybody at my gym was talking about it. fight of the year as for K-1 goes.
11/9/10 9:54:41PM
I wasn't able to catch the fights, but a buddy posted this one on my facebook wall... I was amazed, chins were seriously tested.
11/10/10 1:26:42PM
Best K1 fight ever!!!!!

11/11/10 3:22:24PM
WOW the greatest K-1 fight i've ever seen!!!!!
11/11/10 8:15:26PM
Yeah yeah, Im really happy that Zambitis v. Chalid was cool... and ima let you finish. But i just have to say, Mark Hunt v. Ray Sefo was the best fight of all time! Of all time!