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10/7/08 9:45:12PM
anyone els excited to see this movie? seth rogen is funny shit, and kevin smith is the man. when i first read about this movie online i thought it would suck, bu then i saw the trailer. this should be good shit.
11/11/08 11:42:05PM
Loved the movie bro. Typical Seth Rogan.
11/12/08 1:29:26AM
real a smith fan, and thought i would enjoy it, but it surprised me how funny it was
11/12/08 1:22:59PM
the pullout scene was pretty gross but funny
11/12/08 1:31:49PM
It's good. Dude from the office kills.
11/12/08 2:44:03PM
This movie was the best movie i have seen in the past year. it actually made seeing role models less funny since i had seen zack and miri two days before.

Posted by nastshabast

It's good. Dude from the office kills.

Darrel made the movie. when he flicked his wife's titties i laughed so hard i went into the isle
11/13/08 11:50:28AM
I have to see this. I've heard reeeeeally good things about it.
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