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10/13/11 12:53:19PM
Zach Makovsky is one of the top bantamweight fighters in the world, yet to most fans he's completely unknown. This is because he's not fighting in the UFC and never spent time in the WEC. Instead, Makovsky cut his teeth in the Bellator bantamweight tournament. I had a chance to speak with Makovsky about being a Bellator fighter and if he ever feels slighted because he hasn't spent time in a Zuffa run organization. He also gave me his thoughts on the current bantamweight field and who really impressed him in the first round of the tournament. He's an exciting fighter and a name that people should definitely become familiar with as he possesses the skill set to be a force in the division for years to come.

Recently there have been a string of Bellator fighters that have been outspoke on the amount of press coverage their fights received compared to the UFC. Bellator heavyweight Neil Grove went as far as publicly tweeting about Bloody Elbow's coverage of his promotion. I asked Makovsky if this was a common feeling on the Bellator roster, the "Us Vs. Them" attitude. He was pretty straight forward in his response saying, "I don't know. I try not to get caught up in any of that. It kind of is what it is. The UFC is by far the biggest name in the game. I would think to most casual fans, they don't know the sport is called Mixed Martial Arts. To them, the sport is Ultimate Fighting. It's frustrating from that kind of stand point. But at the same time you appreciate what the UFC is doing and they're obviously doing good things for their business."

10/13/11 1:49:05PM
awesome interview, good for makovsky man
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