Yves lavigne's wipe out

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5/25/08 6:44:01PM
OMG did anyone else catch this Yves totally trip over his feet and eat shit?, funny as hell. good to see him get up and just laugh it off though. preemo stuff
5/25/08 6:46:41PM

5/25/08 6:48:08PM
Haahaahahha yes, thank you sir. that right there was half of the knock downs in the fight
5/25/08 7:22:22PM
if you watch very closely, you can tell how elusive machida is because he judo trips lavgine in a matter of milliseconds, the camera could only capture a blur.

5/25/08 11:42:06PM
I'd have to say that was one of the highlights of the fight.
5/26/08 1:06:10AM
ya that was great, that was the highlight of the match
5/26/08 2:32:16AM
Highlight of the fight.
5/26/08 2:54:27PM
If only he was as "elusive" as Machida. I would love to watch this fight again just to count how many times joe said it
5/26/08 9:15:02PM
Haha that was a little embarising. Yves just shakes it off, way to play it cool
5/27/08 2:45:40PM
yeah that was awesome...the whole bar i was at was crackin up.
i love how he just laughs at himself. first time i think i've seen that happen.
way to make the highlight reel.

5/27/08 11:06:32PM
Did you hear the crowd response to him taking a header?Probably the loudest of the nite.
5/27/08 11:36:08PM
The Speed of Machida's elusiveness knocked him over.
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