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2/29/08 7:05:56PM
Hate trying to find fights on youtube only to have found them deleted by Zuffa? If so you need to check out It's basically like youtube, but it's all mma videos.
2/29/08 8:04:15PM
Thanks. Props for you.
2/29/08 8:28:32PM
yea i've found about this site recently, also if you want to watch the fights after an event, or look at a fighters fighting history, go to, it basically has a profile of most fighters, and it shows all the fights the have from them, its a good site because they have multiple sources for each video, so if one is taken out, its almost a positive that there will be another that works. its also a good idea to go check fighter out before an event, so say you click on hendo, it will show about 30 videos (some repeadt in dif. sites) and you can check out their fights. thats what i do most of the time, you check out some fights, and make my picks from there.
2/29/08 11:55:30PM
Nice find. Props for you, too.
3/1/08 9:53:47AM
Hmmm it appears you can only watch a a couple videos a day without registering, I might make an account later if its free!
3/1/08 12:33:33PM
This site is pretty amazing. Props to you
3/1/08 1:43:45PM
Yeah it's free, after you sign up you can leave comments and all of that stuff.
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