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1/14/07 1:20:25PM
Does anyone have an idea where I can download or watch MMA, BJJ or Pride FC past events or fights?
1/14/07 2:28:50PM
Google video.
1/14/07 6:06:06PM
1/15/07 9:31:21AM
Are you looking for anything specific?
1/15/07 11:23:12PM
Blockbuster Online has all of the PRIDEFC events since PRIDE 1. they have the first 7 UFC's and from about UFC 40 on (the UFC is slowly releasing all past events. they have almost all of the KOTC events. and they even have dozens of videos from other smaller organizations. You can go to Full Contact Fighter site for event dates to get the chronological order for every organization[L=]
1/17/07 2:40:02AM
If you have HD cable they replay alot of Pride events on the INHD channel from time to time.
1/17/07 11:10:27PM

1/19/07 9:38:05PM
I will look to provide those who want them with details of a tracker service, anybody who wants access to the LARGEST database of MMA on the web, pleae send me a PM and i'll send you an invite as soon as I can.

1/23/07 10:56:44PM
1/25/07 9:32:58PM
FSN replays Pride events, the schedule is on their website.
1/27/07 7:46:37AM
go to the UFC website and select UFC on Demand has a ton of great fights...
1/27/07 11:18:50PM
1/28/07 5:08:35PM
Hey nate22, didn't you get in shyt for that already over there?

and n0xin, careful who you invite
1/28/07 10:25:25PM
Yeah Dailymotion has alot of pride and ufc videos and it a site form france so it takes the ufc longer to take of their material
1/29/07 9:20:18PM
I know it's kindof an oxymoron since I'm using a computer now, but I'm not very computer literate and don't know what 'PM' means.

I am very interested in gaining access to a huge database of MMA fights... Where / How can I sign up...

Wow, no one would see me for months...

Please enlighten me.
1/30/07 2:06:30PM
myspace video usually has a lot of the videos you'd find on youtube that have been taken down. a great source for recent fights, imo.
1/31/07 8:17:06PM
didnt mma-tracker go down or something? it says my user name or pword is invalid. what the f?!!
2/1/07 11:12:13AM
torrents are definitely the way to go
torrentspy isn't bad either
2/1/07 12:02:59PM
If you get them before they get takin down you cqan usually find fights right after they happen
2/1/07 12:07:59PM
trackers will always be the best way forward but for fights from Japan, shooto/deep/pancrease etc etc youtube has a large number of older fights on there which is good.
2/2/07 3:12:00PM

You have to learn to use bittorrent first though.
2/5/07 7:42:39AM
3/1/07 11:50:25PM
Does anyone know what happened to the tracker punisher was referring too?

The tracker page isnt loading
3/2/07 10:05:51AM

Use a portuguese to english translator to register. They do good work.
3/3/07 2:10:16PM
Youtube is the best place for Pride and K1 fights. There are tons of HL reels from those orgs too.
But Zuffa usually gets UFC material taken down every soo often. A event mightr be psoted on Youtube the day after but may only last a few hourse.
NExt UFC event check youtube the next morning im sure some of the fights will be up. UFC 66 and something like 4 diffrent videos.
3/3/07 2:25:14PM
Youtube is the best place for Pride and K1 fights. Man you really are away from reality there places 10000x times better them youtube!
3/3/07 10:49:09PM

Posted by shs1488pt

Youtube is the best place for Pride and K1 fights. Man you really are away from reality there places 10000x times better them youtube!

well if yoyu would name em i would go there.
3/3/07 11:00:11PM
You can start on FCZ
3/3/07 11:06:06PM

Posted by shs1488pt

You can start on FCZ

Thank you that was very helpful.
3/3/07 11:52:39PM had the last Pride event and also has some UFNs. is good.

DirectConnect also has some MMA hubs.

Democracy Player ( is good for downloading and saving videos from Google, YouTube, etc.
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