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7/14/07 3:31:09PM
hey. i just found this website and joined. it seems and sounds pretty gnarly, so porps to who ever came up with it. and the old vets on here (i know how they are being part of one of these types of websites for motocross...but much respect to them!)

anyways. im tyler, im 15 out of richmond virginia.
ive wrestled my whole life, fairly good at that i suppose. and becoming pretty fond of my grapling game. im just starting muay tai. i train out of yamasaki academy in richmond.

so if anyone in here is a part of yamasaki, live in VA..or who ever... idc, wants to give me some info/advice..hit me up!
7/14/07 4:38:44PM
Welcome to the site kid. Hope you enjoy yourself and learn a few things.
7/15/07 2:31:07PM
Welcome and good luck!!
7/16/07 11:07:21AM
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