Yoshihiro Akiyama's entrance song?

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7/13/09 1:05:48AM
Does anyone know the name of the song or artist that Akiyama walked out to at UFC 100?
7/13/09 1:08:41AM
Akiyama came out to "Time to Say Goodbye" from Andrea Bocelli. It was in Step Brothers and that Ice skating movie. I think Will Ferrell likes it haha. That was an awesome song to come out to though.
7/13/09 1:19:51AM
That was a good song to come out to and so different from any other entrance song I've heard.
7/13/09 1:48:45AM
Currently watching thr event from HDNET with Fedor/Choi and Akiyama comes out to that same song on that aswell. This was a couple years ago too so I think it may be "his" song lol.
7/13/09 2:47:16AM
Yeah, it's also Sarah Brightman singing in that song.
7/13/09 3:32:46AM
Con te Partiro

This was my grandpa's favorite song

If you like Andrei's work go check out Pavoratti

Nessun Dorma
7/13/09 10:59:49AM
every time Akiyama fights theres always a thread on his entrance song lol
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