Yoon Off DREAM 8, Replacement Search On

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4/3/09 8:05:34AM
The familiar "nightmare" scenario is returning to haunt DREAM again at the last moment. Dong Sik Yoon, who was to have faced Murilo Rua on Sunday's event, is now off due to injury. They are trying to find a last-minute replacement for Rua, but for now the fight is no longer listed on DREAM's website.

4/3/09 9:59:20AM
There goes my parlay...
4/3/09 11:13:29AM
really a replacement this late?
4/3/09 12:24:47PM
Melvins always down for a fight....bring him in!

well if wouldnt of been ko'd in his last fight...but he may not be cleared yet...
4/3/09 12:26:28PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

really a replacement this late?

DREAM is "notorious" for finding last-minute replacements for whatever reason so it's not out of the question, but as of this moment Rua's off. But stay tuned.
4/3/09 1:05:41PM
bring in Jacare!!!!!!
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