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12/1/08 10:17:06AM
I thought UFC released him? Apparentally he`s scheduled to take on Horn. Who do you think will take this one? Do you guys think we could potentially see a Maia vs Palhares fight? Who do you guys will win between Palhares and Horn?
12/1/08 10:29:47AM
Palhares. Horn is just past his prime. his body is beat up from his 80-18-5 record. sad to say it but it looks like Horn might be done.
12/1/08 10:40:26AM
Classic case of a fighter not knowing whento hang them up.

Now he's going to fight another world class grappler...maybe not with the same track record but I have no doubt Palhares would do well in the mundials. I expect an early knee bar or heel hook for Palhares in the 1st.
12/1/08 11:35:11AM

Posted by Bowen50

Palhares. Horn is just past his prime. his body is beat up from his 80-18-5 record. sad to say it but it looks like Horn might be done.

exactly, horn has lost to marquadt, santiego, and lister all by submission in his last few bouts....palhares is a freak at submissions and arguably better on the ground the nate or jorge....1st/2nd rd submission...the only reason i think he got this fight is to build up palhares record with a respectable name
12/1/08 12:42:10PM
Gumby does not stand a chance. He should just hang up the gloves.
12/1/08 2:42:11PM
TS where did you hear Palhares was released ?

Toquinho will be around for a lot of years
12/1/08 2:50:11PM
Palhares, easy. I hope people bet on Horn because this is a free money fight. Also wondering why this is in the padded room.
12/1/08 4:53:51PM
For now I'm picking Horn, too hard to pick against him with his experience.

I'm wondering why this is in the Padded Room too, nothing that can't be out in the open. I'll move this to the UFC Forum in a little bit.

Edit: Moved.
12/1/08 5:26:07PM
Gumby is my favorite teacher, and a sort of mentor for me. At least when it comes to grappling.

Horn could be one of the best fighters in the world if he still had the desire, but I don't think he does. He doesn't run, drinks a pack of red bull a day, smokes, and just doesn't really seem to care about giving himself any kind of competitive edge. He likes to fight, but I don't think he cares about winning, I mean, when was the last time he even looked like he was trying that hard in the cage?

Long live Horn-Jitsu.
12/1/08 5:54:56PM
Poor Horn. They keep pitting him against these world class jj guys. Palhares will destroy him.
12/1/08 7:26:06PM
I hate to say it but Gumby is going out the hard way. He will have a very tough time dealing with Rousimar on the ground.
12/1/08 7:39:50PM
better than Rory Singer vs Horn. If they brought back Singer, I'll vomit
12/1/08 8:01:13PM
I smell an armbar
12/2/08 12:48:24AM
Palhares by first round submission....of his choice.
12/3/08 3:21:59PM
palhares against maia would be a great fight..since there's alot of talent in palhares..against horn..palhares probably got this one wrapped up..he looked good in his fight with hendo..and all of his other ones too..palhares 2nd round via sub. over horn...
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