Where do you see the UFC in 10 years?

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3/22/10 1:20:01AM
As I watching the Jones/Vera fight I got to thinking mainly because of Jones being 22 I thought where would he be in 10 years could he become one of the greats of all time, and then where would the UFC be in 10 years would it be the power house that it is now?

I mean if you look at some of the other main combat sports boxing was hugely popular from 70-90s, then wrestling sort of took over as I remeber wrestling was a huge crowd draw and in some ways still is, but from 90s-05 now te reason I say 2005 is because thats when MMA took of especially the UFC. now UFC is either already or becoming the most watch combat sport and people every where is influenced by it with countless gyms and such being open.

SO basically with the UFC as huge as it is now and I know that it will continue to draw a huge crowd for some time, but when will all that slow down, will the fighters continue to get better and better or are such fighters as GSP, Silva, Fedor, BJ, Randy and a few others the cream of the crop and have the legendary status that they are attaining now be untouchable in the future?

I know the UFC is going to be around in 10 years and much much longer than that, but wil the UFC be as huge as it is or will it drop or will another company (ex. Dream, Strikefore or a new brand) come in and take over the UFC? Just wondering what some of your opinions were on this.
3/22/10 2:18:16AM
I still think that UFC will be the dominant promotion ten years from now. In fact, I can see the UFC consuming most other promotions (at least the American ones) like Strikeforce and the like. Whether or not that is a good thing will remain to be seen.

I think that it has a great chance of being just as popular as it is now, if not more popular. 10 Years from now, the entire sport of mixed martial arts has the potential to be a bigger draw than all other combat sports(I'm looking at you, Boxing). I'm not saying that something like that will happen for certain, but much stranger things have happened.
3/22/10 2:31:42AM
It depends on how well other promotions bring in talent and develop it. Thankfully the UFC hasn't fallen into the trap of relying on older, more recognized talent and has signed and pushed young stars with great upside, either from The Ultimate Fighter or from occasional signings, like Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos, Phil Davis, Todd Duffee, etc.

That's the problem with a promotion like Strikeforce to me. They seem to stay afloat on the value of names while forgetting that one day the names will become old. The young talent they do acquire, too, will probably only be given a couple Challengers fights before being thrown to the wolves. (Muhammad Lawal could defeat Gegard Mousasi a few years from now.)

I see some hope for Bellator as a rival, in the distant future, to UFC.
3/22/10 9:27:32AM
I see the UFC in ten years in the year 2020...........wacka wacka!

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