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4/10/08 7:14:30PM

NEW YORK - Fight! Black Belt. Fitness RX. FightSport. Status Fitness. Ultimate Grappling.

Those are just some of the magazines slated to feature mixed martial arts fighter Georges St. Pierre on the cover in advance of his April 19 fight against welterweight champion Matt (The Terror) Serra at UFC 83 in Montreal's Bell Centre. St. Pierre's management counts nine potential covers as well as fashion spreads in two other magazines.


4/10/08 7:49:10PM
Serra should change his name to Eeyore because nobody likes him.. boohoo.
Perhaps GSP is getting some magazine covers because he has been active in the octagon, fighting twice in the past year against top 5 competition and Serra hasn't done a damned thing except crack-wise about Matt Hughes. Oh wait, now he's sending out Serra JJ spokesman, Pete Sell, to insult GSP's intelligence. If your going to insult someone's intelligence, you send in an intelligent person, not someone who probably ate paint chips as a child and picks his belly button then sniffs his finger and giggles.
Serra's "Rodney Dangerfield" schtick is getting old. Go eat some damned worms, ya crybaby. It seems to me that without even trying, GSP has gotten into his head big time.

4/10/08 9:33:30PM
maybe if he defended the title he would have some respect.
4/10/08 10:14:08PM
I always read these headlines and it makes me want to tell Serra to just shut up and deal... but then I read what he says and I can't help laughing because he's just this funny little guy talking shit and it always cracks me up!

4/10/08 10:44:30PM
The title of this article should really read

One year after winning UFC title and doing nothing since, Serra is still chirping about not getting any respect.

This whole situation just goes to show that just winning a title does not gain your respect.... and it shouldn't have to. Just ask Tim Sylvia
4/10/08 10:55:29PM
Serra is going down hard in 9 days.
4/10/08 11:27:35PM
Waiting for this fight is like when Cartman was waiting for Nintendo Wii to come out.
It's just to much for me. I keep feeling nervous, until I remember how dope GSP really is, and then my confidence comes back. If he comes out how he should come out, then Serra is in for a long night. I know Serra has as good a chance as anyone, but if we get the real GSP this time, Serra will be overwhelmed much like Matt Hughes was. As for his respect? hard to earn respect with 0 title defences in a year. I know he got hurt, but he still hasn't defended the title. No disrespect, but it's hard to gain some without fighting.
4/10/08 11:28:43PM
Serra is still looking for respect bc he was such an underdog & he has yet to defend his title (not his fault). if he defends it, it will come
4/11/08 1:28:29AM
Serra speaks nothing but the truth!! GSP needs tospeak consistently. He can't be two faced and say "Congrats you were the better man" to his face and then in an interview make excuses and take the credit away were credit is deserved. Serra straight kicked his ass. It wasn't no lucky punch or a submission that GSP moved into and made a mistake. Serra came out and completely destroyed him with flurries. The only excuse GSP shuld have is "I didn't keep my hands up and my chin down" But after that should say he won't do it again.

It's the UFC's fought Serra hasn't fought!!! They risked putting him on a TV show without a single title defense. Fighters get injured too, it's not his fault! I don't see you all shouting at Shogun or Stephan Bonnar for dropping out of fights from injuries.
4/11/08 8:04:06AM
4/11/08 12:00:27PM

Posted by NatedawgThaM

I don't see you all shouting at Shogun or Stephan Bonnar for dropping out of fights from injuries.

1) Neither of them are title holders
2) Shogun did fight with an injury and lost. All he gets is flak over that loss.
3) The whole point of the title of article and the article itself is that Serra is complaining about not getting respect. He says he doesn't care, but if he really didn't care, he wouldn't be saying this in the first place. Whether it is Serra's or the UFC's fault he didn't defend doesn't matter. The point is that he hasn't defended or fought in a year and he is complaining about not getting the kudos HE THINKS he deserves.
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