53 Year Old (takes fight on hour notice) vs 21 Year Old

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5/2/12 2:31:12PM
Some guys never quit
This fight is beyond ugly, but some old guy steps up to challenge a young guy who is clearly in much better shape.
5/2/12 3:01:02PM
I love it! That was sloppy and ugly, but entertaining as hell. I actually yelled "Yeah!" when he dropped the kid.
5/2/12 5:35:00PM
I was surprised when they showed the annoying fan behind the camera was actually Stephan Bonnar.
5/3/12 3:23:19PM
Awesome. What a coincidence! I just had a dream I was fighting for the ufc at age 60.
5/6/12 3:36:36AM
that was fucking awesome!!! Serious
5/18/12 3:05:04PM
Just checked out this video for the first time and it was AWESOME it's one of those I brought you into this world and i'll take you out moments
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