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3/4/09 1:25:16AM
The heavyweight division in the UFC may crown the next top contender on Saturday night as Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga tries to take one more step towards his championship dreams as he faces undefeated prospect, Shane Carwin, in Columbus, OH at UFC 96.

For Gonzaga, the opponent has never mattered as much as the challenge, and he knows that Carwin is the real deal and a very tough opponent.

"Carwin is a big guy with great power and wrestling background. Great fighter, undefeated and (he's) been training in a great camp," Gonzaga said about his opponent in an exclusive interview with

3/4/09 9:06:29AM
good article, thanks

i think 09 will be very good to gonzaga. I have him beating carwin (to be honest, i'm more excited about that fight than jackson/jardine). If he can get past carwin, his chances are good. I don't know who would be a more logical next challenger to the lesnar/mir winner. now, idk about him beating either of them, but he should get a title shot after carwin.

Also, if carwin wins, does he get a shot? or another fight first?
I love how the HW division has become exciting. gonzaga, carwin, kongo, and cain could all make a case for a shot this year.
3/4/09 9:16:04AM
Carwin wins.

KO via watermelon fist.
3/4/09 9:34:41AM
... so bad it will end right there.
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