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11/20/11 11:19:18AM
I really wanted to lessen my ufc trips this year. And yet again I went to 5 ufc events
Spend a lot of money.

Went to edgar vs maynard in vegas
Rampage vs hamill
Jones for rampage in denver
Diaz vs penn in vegas
And hendo vs shogun.

I lost three title fights in the process. Crazy!!
Aldo vs grispi
Edgar vs maynard 3
And Gsp vs condit.

Lost another two in denver and one in may vegas

Best card was by far hendo vs shogun
I saw some epic fights though. Definately top 5 fight of the year candidates in

Edgar vs maynard
Diaz vs penn
And hendo vs shogun

Can't wait for 2012.

San jose was great while denver wasn't
Met some great ufc fans and some crazy newbies!!!
Met a few more fighters, more autographs

Best fighter I met was duane ludwig. Very cool guy!!

If anyone has never gone to a ufc event. You gotta go!!!

May have seen the last of penn and hughes. Said goodbye to crocop
But glad wandy wasn't on that list!!!
11/20/11 1:33:53PM
chit bro. what do u do for money?
i can hardly afford to purchase the pay per views
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