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12/6/12 1:12:46PM
I thought this might be an interesting new event for the end of the year. I know it's a little different because one event is on December 24 and the other is December 31, but there are some great fights on the earlier card. I guess you can think of it as a weeklong Japanese MMA combo card.

Now, they may not want to include the VTJ card because people might not check for a new year's event until after Dec 24. However, some of the other New Year's bouts might not be announced until much closer to the date, making it a short notice card. There also may be fewer MMA bouts than a usual New Year's card because there will be several kickboxing bouts.

Vale Tudo Japan 2012 - December 24, 2012

Hideo Tokoro (Dream star) vs Rumina Sato (Shooto legend)
Kuniyoshi Hironaka (20-8-0, UFC/Dream vet) vs Carlo Prater (30-12-1, UFC vet)
Kyoji Horiguchi (8-1-0, prospect) vs Ian Loveland (16-9-0, UFC vet)
Mamoru Yamaguchi (26-6-3, world ranked flyweight) vs Darrell Montague (11-2-0, TPF mainstay, ranked flyweight)

Dream 18 - December 31, 2012

Yoshiro Maeda vs Bibiano Fernandes
Melvin Manhoef vs Denis Kang
Phil Baroni vs Hayato Sakurai
Shinya Aoki vs Will Brooks (7-0-0)
12/6/12 2:55:34PM
Between Shelter & Budge the L2 is super LEGIT these days
12/7/12 12:41:00AM

Posted by shaneTpain

Between Shelter & Budge the L2 is super LEGIT these days

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