YAMMA Loses Another One

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3/26/08 7:51:12PM
“Big Daddy” Goodridge

If you’re Bob Meyrowitz, at what point do you just throw your hands up and say, “Alright, God didn’t want me to put together a new MMA league; I’m cursed, and my bowl-shaped ring surface is ******* gay.” Because if we were in his shoes, this would be that point.

According to TheFightNetwork, Gary Goodridge’s manager Dave Wallace has announced that Goodridge will not be fighting Eric “Butterbean” Esch in a headlining “Master’s Division” match at YAMMA Pit Fighting’s debut event on April 11th, and has chosen instead to focus on a May 9th fight against Eric Pele at a Maximum Fighting Championship card in Alberta, Canada.

3/26/08 10:23:40PM
3/27/08 12:27:07AM
I actually wanted to see Big daddy fight........

This sucks
3/27/08 7:14:39AM
Maybe we will get to see ButterBean fight Mark Hunt??????

I can wish right?
3/27/08 7:17:43AM
that's some pretty bad luck
3/28/08 10:02:07PM
I asked Gary why he was out of the fight, he said "i wouldn't ever back out" he said the news is wrong. So i guess he is still fighting!!
3/28/08 10:30:10PM
Gary sent this to me 2 minutes ago:

"Just post on it that you talked to me and I told you it was all bogus and I already talk to Bob M Yesterday being Thursday. We got everything straight. I have but one Manger and it is not Dave Wallis"

He had some words for Kimbo too lol
3/29/08 8:44:30AM
I hope Goodridge whoops the shit out of BUTTERBALL
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