Yamamoto Enters DREAM FWGP

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4/10/09 6:52:00AM
DREAM will not have the possible nightmare scenario unfold in the next round of the promotion's Featherweight GP-earlier today the promotion announced the next round's fights and they include the GP's meal ticket-Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto. He received a first-round bye due to injuries but will be able to participate in the quarterfinals and will face Joe Warren.

4/10/09 7:17:25AM
Also, if you missed it, Daiki "DJ Taiki" Hata is out. Eye injury suffered during his fight against Shoji and doctor's won't let him fight. This means the man he beat in round 1, Hideo Tokoro, is back in.
4/10/09 9:49:41AM
Yay for Kid.

Tokoro let me down on DREAM 8, DJ has another eye let him fight haha.
4/10/09 3:13:23PM
I like the second round, although Fernandes and Imanari has semifinals written all over it. Definitely the most solid matchup for the next round of the tournament.

EDIT: Yamamoto is going to crush Joe Warren. It's a #1 seed vs. a #8 seed in that fight.
4/10/09 4:26:46PM
If Kid stays healthy this is his tourney.
4/10/09 4:48:59PM
I think Imanari is going to get knocked out of the tourny this round.
4/10/09 6:21:29PM
For me announcing this pretty much is like announcing the Winner...Kid is just that good.
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