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8/2/08 8:59:35PM
Think you know football? Then it's time to sign up for Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick 'Em. I've made a group for us, here's what you need to know:
The game is free to play. All you need is a free Yahoo ID.
Enter this info when registering and joining a group:
Group ID#: 2822
Password: pickem

All Playground members are welcome to join, but be advised that there is a limit of 50 participants (Yahoo's limit, not mine). I can't make any more groups as I have 2 private groups already but if more than 50 are interested in joining then someone else please make another group.

The rules are very simple: Each week you pick the team that you think will win each NFL game. Pick right, get a point. Pick wrong, nothing. After Week 17, most points wins and gets bragging rights. If there is a tie, no tiebreakers-we'll have co-champions. Note that this game does not include the preseason or postseason. The deadline for making picks is 5 minutes before each game. You can change your picks anytime until the deadline if you wish.
That's pretty much it, so get your Yahoo ID and get in the game!
8/2/08 9:23:05PM
Im game for this
8/2/08 9:43:30PM
Im in!! thanks for posting! are thier any mmaplayground fantasy leagues?
8/2/08 10:24:27PM
im in
8/2/08 10:49:49PM
cool! i'm in. there are four of us joined so far.
8/3/08 12:51:40AM
I will be signing up for this..and not I am biased and will pick the Bengals to win every game..haha
8/3/08 4:20:36AM

Posted by tdietel01

Im in!! thanks for posting! are thier any mmaplayground fantasy leagues?

Im in too. We have had about 5 of em going for 2 years now in baseball and this will be the 2nd straight year or football too.
8/3/08 8:49:51AM
just signed up
8/3/08 9:14:29AM
Just signed up....... Cant wait to see Minnesota smash the Packers......i only hope Favre helps them......
8/3/08 12:33:53PM
I'm in. Watch out for the luck of the Irish.
8/7/08 11:39:52AM
Dang! I didn't realize this group was already started...
8/8/08 1:43:02PM
Survival Football is now open for those up for a challenge:
Group ID#: 708
Password: favre
Survival is a challenging Pick 'Em variation: Each week you pick ONE team you think will win. If you pick right, you stay in the game. If you pick wrong, you're out. Another catch: You can only pick each team ONE TIME the entire season. Pick wisely.
Think you can survive the longest? Sign up and let's find out.
8/8/08 2:10:11PM
sounds good, always up for a challenge
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