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8/22/10 9:37:30PM
Anyone that missed out on any other PG leagues, I have a league with 3 people in it that I'm commissioner of. Feel free to join it before it gets filled the day of as I've opened it up to be a public league.

If it needs a password it's beer, League ID should be 352832. League name is Halftime Beer Run.

PM me if you have any questions getting in. Just a basic, regular scoring league.

Draft is set for this Thursday at 9EST/6PST.

Game on.
8/22/10 10:12:33PM
I'm game
8/22/10 10:23:30PM
Ill join
8/23/10 7:25:53PM
I signed up... bummed out i missed the regular league on here... been doing the leagues on here for 3 years... Kpro is always good competition in these leagues so i am looking forward to the challenge...
8/26/10 10:32:09AM
3 more spots available, get on it quick,draft is tonight at 9pm EST/6pm EST.
8/26/10 10:46:36AM

Posted by Kpro

9pm EST/6pm EST.

Is this Ecuador Standard Time and Eastern Standard Time?
8/26/10 12:08:34PM
are we going to have enough people?
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